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The roulette wheel handbook

The roulette wheel handbook


It is a familiar sight at any casino – a wheel with black and red numbers that spins while a small ball circles until settling on one of the numbers, determining whether the player is a winner or loser. But how do you actually play and start winning?

What is roulette?

Roulette’s name originates from the French word, which means “little wheel,” and the game has been played in the form that we are familiar with since as early as the 18th century in France. Today, the game is enjoyed by many for the glamour, mystery and excitement that it brings. Here at Bitcasino we offer a huge variety of roulette games for you to choose from, which you can play for free before depositing to find the one you best enjoy.

The basics

As with any casino game, you have the greatest chance of succeeding if you know the fundamentals of the game you’re playing. The basic components of roulette are the wheel, the table, and the ball.

The roulette wheel is composed of 36 numbers, including the number 0, and those numbers are reflected on the game table. In addition to the numbers, the table’s layout includes several other components for game play:

·       19 to 36

·       1 to 12

·       13 to 24

·       25 to 36

·       Odd

·       Even

·       1 to 18

·       Black

·       Red

These components refer to the 36 numbers on the wheel individually as well as the characteristics that a number may have – odd, even, black, or red. It is by using these numbers and their characteristics that a player can place bets.

The bets

The premise of roulette is to anticipate what number the ball will land on in the wheel and bet accordingly. There are two types of bets that a player can make: inside or outside.

Inside bets: These are bets that are made on specific numbers. Because the odds of correctly guessing the number that the ball will land on are not high, the payoff is generally larger with these types of bets. There are many inside bets that can be made, each with its own payoffs, including:

·       Straight: Betting on one number by placing a chip inside the number’s square on the table (35 to 1)

·       Split: Betting on two adjacent numbers by placing a chip on the shared line between them (17 to 1)

·       Street: Betting on three consecutive numbers in one line on the table by placing the chip on the row’s outer edge (11 to 1)

·       Corner: Betting on four numbers by placing a chip on the common corner between the numbers (8 to 1)

·       Six line: Betting on six numbers on two adjacent lines by placing a chip on the common outer corner of the two lines (5 to 1)

·       Trio: Betting on three numbers that include the zero by placing a chip on the line shared by the zero and two other numbers (11 to 1)

·       Basket: Betting on 0, 1, 2, and 3 with a chip on the corner shared by the zero box and first line (6 to 1)

Outside bets: These are bets that don’t involve specific numbers but rather make use of areas on the outside of the game table. Outside bets are more likely to yield a win, so their payoffs are generally lower.  The bets and their payoffs include:

·       Colour: Betting on whether the winning number will be red or black (1 to 1)

·       Type of number: Betting on whether the winning number will be odd or even (1 to 1)

·       1 to 18 or 19 to 36: Betting on whether the number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36) (1 to 1)

·       Dozens: Betting on one of the three groupings of a dozen on the table (2 to 1)

·       Columns: Betting on which of the table’s columns the winning number will come from (2 to 1)

Some other bets, known as announced bets, that may be included in a roulette game are:

·       Voisins du Zero (Neighbours of Zero): A 15-number bet that covers the zero and seven numbers on either side of it (22-25)

·       Le Tier Du Cylindre: A 12-number bet that covers the numbers opposite from the zero on the wheel (27-33)

·       Orphelins: A bet that covers the eight numbers not covered by Voisins du Zero and Le Tier Du Cylindre, which include 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, and 34

·       Jeu Zero: A seven-number bet that covers the zero and its three neighbours on either side of it

·       Neighbours: A five-number bet that covers a certain number and its two neighbours on either side

·       Finales/Finals: A bet where the player bets on what the last digit of the winning number will be

·       Red/Black Splits: A bet on all the combinations of numbers of the same colour that are next to each other on the game table.

How to play

First, find a table to play at and determine what the minimum and maximum bets are, and use this to decide which table you wish to play at. We recommend a live dealer variation, which is as close to a genuine casino experience as you can get online – and saves you the trouble of the expense as well. Remember, inside bets offer bigger payoffs, so don’t be deterred by a low maximum! Tables will also display previous numbers that the ball has landed on, but don’t let this dictate your own bets – there is no pattern to the game.

Once you’ve selected your table, hand your chips to the croupier (dealer) and tell them what denomination you want to assign to your chips. The croupier will place one of your chips on top of a rail with a marker to indicate your selected value.

You and the other players will be given some time to decide on bets, and then the croupier will throw the ball into the wheel and announce: “No more bets!” While there isn’t much strategy to roulette, you may notice habits used by the croupier that could help you anticipate to some extent what might happen. When the ball settles, the croupier will place a marker on the winning number (or chips), while losing bets are cleared off and winners are paid. Then, the game continues.

In a land-based casino, when you’re finished playing, place your remaining chips on the table and tell the croupier that you’d like to cash out and they will replace your chips with regular casino chips. Of course, one of the big benefits of an online casino like ours is that you’re free to walk away at any time by simply stopping play. Equally, if you feel like having a short break – which is especially useful if you’re on a streak, whether winning or losing, to clear your head – you merely need step away from the computer.

Start spinning today

You can create a Bitcasino account today and start spinning your way to victory with one of our more than 30 roulette games, including several that give you the chance to play with a live dealer! Don’t have an account yet? It’s completely free to sign up, and depositing with us allows you to make use of our new player welcome bonuses.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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