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The Bitcasino affiliate program: What is it and why you need it

The Bitcasino affiliate program: What is it and why you need it


Becoming an affiliate of a company means that you become one of its marketing partners. As a partner, you get the benefit of earning commissions, but you get this benefit without incurring a lot of negatives. That means you are not liable for any costs other than your marketing expenses, and you have very few legal obligations. So, what do you do as an affiliate?

Being an affiliate for Bitcasino

Being an affiliate for Bitcasino means that you will act as a marketing ambassador for us. All you need to do is promote Bitcasino in whatever online area you operate in, and we will give you a link that is specific to you that allows you to do so.

You can promote Bitcasino in any way that you wish. So, if you have a blog that has a lot of traffic, you can use that to promote Bitcasino. This activity will allow you to make money from your blog without having to pay for placing ads on it or without having to charge your visitors to view your site.

You can also use a large social media following to promote Bitcasino. If you have many people interacting with your posts on social media, Bitcasino can help you monetise this interaction. By being a Bitcasino affiliate, you can take advantage of your many social media posts and make some money from them if someone clicks on your affiliate link and becomes a Bitcasino customer.

It is not just blogs and social media that you can use – you can use literally anything. Maybe you have a highly successful YouTube channel or a podcast. No matter how you bring people to view your content, you can make money by becoming a Bitcasino affiliate. This means that almost anyone with an online following can make money using Bitcasino.

Benefits of being an affiliate for Bitcasino

One of the most obvious benefits of being an affiliate for Bitcasino is that you can make money. We offer up to a 45% revenue share to our affiliates at Bitcasino. This means that you will be eligible to earn up to 45% of the money we earn from every person who signs up using your affiliate link. The more people you persuade to sign up, the more money you will make. However, that is not the only benefit.

We also have a highly advanced stats dashboard on offer. This means that not only can you track your earnings, but you can also track how many people are signing up using your affiliate link. Using this information, you will be able to see which methods you use to market work the best, and from there, you can streamline your method of obtaining new signups.

We also offer plenty of help from our marketing team. They will work hard to make sure that you have a chance to be as successful as possible. This will help both of us earn revenue together in the long term. As the leading Bitcoin casino in the world, it really is easy for us to stand out from the crowd. That makes it easier for you to persuade people to sign up using your affiliate link.

As with most things on the internet, the more traffic that you get, the better your chances of earning larger sums of money. If you can get your affiliate link out to a large audience, you have a better chance of people signing up. The more people that you persuade to sign up, the more money you will make in the long term.

Finally, because we use Bitcoin, all payments from our platform as fast and easy. You will literally be able to withdraw your earnings within minutes using our platform. This ensures that you will not only gain access to potentially large amounts of Bitcoin, but you will also be able to withdraw it faster than any job would pay you.

Bitcoin also allows for anonymous payments, so it means that you do not need to have a casino appear on your bank statement. While it is not a bad thing to have this on your bank statement, some people do treat their bank statements with tight control. By avoiding this issue, it means that even people who use tight bank statement control will be able to sign up as an affiliate at Bitcasino.

How to take sign up to be an affiliate for Bitcasino

If you have read enough and want to become part of the affiliate program we offer here at Bitcasino, it is an easy task of clicking on this link. Once you have followed the link, just click on the sign-up-now button and enter all the relevant details. Once you have followed all the instructions, you will have your affiliate link and will be able to start earning money with us here at Bitcasino.

Playing games at Bitcasino

If you are not planning on becoming an affiliate and prefer to only play casino games, there is no need to worry. Here at Bitcasino, we have a huge range of games on offer to players. With well over 1,800 games on offer, it does not matter which types of games you prefer, as we are sure to have something for you.

Of course, if you do want to be an affiliate, our huge game selection is the main thing that you should point out to your followers. Our game selection is hard to beat, and it makes us one of the most appealing casinos around. If you know that your followers will love our choice of games, let us work together with you to bring our games to them.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock


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The Bitcasino affiliate program: What is it and why you need it
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