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The beginner’s guide to Russian poker

The beginner’s guide to Russian poker


Russian poker is a very easy-to-play version of poker. Instead of the traditional method of play that carries out a number of rounds for each hand, it is a simplified version of the game that is played against the dealer. Up to six players can play against the dealer each time, and a variety of different hands will win different payouts.

At Bitcasino, we have a number of different poker variations on offer. We also offer the ability to play Russian poker in its purest form. While it is not a live dealer game and therefore does not allow for up to six players to play at once, it does still offer the standard player against dealer variation of the game. In this game, all you need to do is compare hands with the dealer.

How to play

When you first start to play the game, the first thing you have to do is choose your wager. Once you have chosen your wager, you have the opportunity to decide if you would like to also place a bonus stake. The bonus stake works on a separate pay table that can give an additional payout depending on the hand that you manage to get.

Once you have chosen your wager, the dealer will deal you five cards first, and then they will deal themselves five cards. After this, the idea is to try to create the best poker hand possible. If you cannot create a hand that you are happy with, then you will have three choices. You can choose to buy another card, you can choose to fold, or you can choose to carry on with the bet regardless.

If you choose to buy another card, then you will place your wager again and be given another card. From your new hand of six cards, you will attempt to make the best hand of five cards that is possible. After this, you can either fold or bet, at which point you and the dealer will then show each other your hands.

Once both hands have been shown, you will either lose or receive a payout depending on who has the best hand. The payout that you receive will depend on the quality of your hand.


The payouts work in a slightly different way from regular poker. Because players are not building up a pot by placing wagers over the course of a hand, each hand of cards is assigned a value in terms of odds. These are as follows:

Ace-King                                  1/1

One pair                                  1/1

Two pair                                  1/1

Three of a kind                       3/1

Straight                                    4/1

Flush                                         5/1

Full house                                7/1

Four of a kind                         20/1

Straight flush                          50/1

Royal flush                             100/1

This list is just the payouts for the standard wager – we will cover the bonus wager afterwards. When a player wins a hand, their bet is returned as well as their ante. Once this has been returned, their winnings will then be calculated based on just the bet and not the ante. For example, if they placed a £1 ante and a £5 bet and won with a royal flush, then they would receive £6 back for their bet and ante and then £500 for the bet at the 100/1 odds for a royal flush.

The bonus wager only pays out from hands that win and are three of a kind or better. It also pays out improved odds when compared to the regular pay table, though the bonus wager limit is lower than the regular wager limit. The pay table for the bonus wager is as follows:

Three of a kind                         5/1

Straight                                     50/1

Flush                                        100/1

Full house                               150/1

Four of a kind                         250/1

Straight flush                          800/1

Royal flush                             1,500/1

This means that in addition to your regular win, if you had placed a bonus wager of £1 and won the game with a royal flush, then you would receive your £1 back as well as a bonus win of £1,500. This bet is not compulsory – if you do not want to place a bonus bet, then you do not have to.

The Russian poker that we have on offer at Bitcasino works to this formula, and as you can see, it is very simple to play once you know what each poker hand is worth. Why not jump in using our play for fun feature now, while this guide is fresh in your mind?

Similar games

There are a number of different video poker games available to play at Bitcasino. While most of them do offer a different experience from Russian poker, they do provide some similarities. The video poker offerings do not tend to include other players. This means that they are also games in which you play against the dealer. They do follow the traditional poker rules more closely though, which is where the similarities diverge from each other.

As there are a significant amount of different poker variations available at Bitcasino, there are likely to be some other games that share a similar play style to Russian poker. However, the only game that is truly Russian poker is the Russian poker game that is on offer. Sometimes, Chinese poker is also referred to as Russian poker, but these are two very different games. To avoid confusion, we do not offer a Chinese poker variant at Bitcasino.

Where to play

The best place to play Russian poker anywhere on the internet is right here at Bitcasino. We offer the most enjoyable and easiest-to-play version of Russian poker anywhere around. All you need to do is be signed in and you can start playing right away.

If you are hungry to try out this intriguing variation on the iconic casino game, then sign up right away. Before you know it, you will be playing some of the best casino games around. Whether you want to play Russian poker or something a little more traditional, we have it available at Bitcasino, and with generous new player benefits, we even skew the long-term odds further in your favour.

Words: Sean Mcnulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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The beginner’s guide to Russian poker
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