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Spribe Games: Next-generation gaming is here

Spribe Games: Next-generation gaming is here

Spribe Games: Next-generation gaming is here

Wed Apr 07 2021 01:36:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Spribe Games kicked the door down when they launched in 2019 and introduced players to a whole new world of 21st-century gaming. Offering unheard-of online casino games such as Aviator and Turbo Games, the Ukraine- and Estonia-based company took the industry by storm by catering to the new generation of gamers—Millennials.

What’s different about this unconventional game provider and how are they revolutionizing the iGaming landscape today? Most importantly, what other games do they offer and why should you play them?

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions, soar high and explore the vast universe of Spribe Games! So hold onto your seats and prepare for an Aviator ride unlike any other. 

What’s so unique about Spribe Games?

Even though Spribe Games only launched in 2019, it has been on an unstoppable rise to popularity because of Aviator, its trademark game. Its dizzying fast rise can be attributed to:

Laser-focused approach

Spribe Games offers more than just your regular casino games. Unlike other gaming providers, they focus on a specific demographic, millennials or those born a decade or so before the turn of the 21st century. This laser focused approach allowed them to develop games that catch the attention and satisfy the hunger of younger players looking for groundbreaking gameplay they’ve never tried before. 

Provably Fair technology

To prove the fairness of their games, Spribe Game’s Turbo Games uses a cryptographic technology called ‘Provably Fair’ that uses hashes to secure the game’s output. This ensures that no third-party can alter the results of every game round so players can only expect great times ahead and no foul play.

Trailblazer games

Spribe Games offer titles that go beyond the traditional ones you can find in casinos. You’ll discover fresh and ingenious games that are easy to play with minimalistic and eye-catching graphics.

There’s a whole new bag of goodies to explore and discover with Spribe Games. Try them all, pick your favourite and start winning!

Diving into the visionary world of Spribe Games

Instead of going with the flow and adding more games to the saturated market, Spribe Games boasts an impressive portfolio of games that spark intrigue and nostalgia in Millennial players. Before Spribe, no other game provider has adapted basic computer games into casino titles. Now, players who grew up playing Minesweeper can bet on the game and earn money from it!

Not only does Spribe offer a modern take on familiar titles such as Dice and Keno, but they also offer skill games like backgammon, domino and Seka.

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Turbo Games

Among their many releases, Spribe Games takes the most pride in their signature Turbo Games. Fast, simple and sleek, these offer a modern spin on traditional games, introducing players to a fresh yet familiar experience they wouldn’t find in other gaming providers. Here are some of our favourites: 

  • Aviator

A ‘crash curve’ game, Aviator is one of the earliest and most advanced games of its kind. Winning in this game is as easy as placing a bet and cashing out before the plane flies away.

  • Plinko

Plinko follows similar mechanics to ‘Price is Right’, the TV game show it’s based on. Once you press any of the three coloured buttons that determine the active payout level, a ball of the corresponding colour drops from the top of the triangular board filled with pins. Whichever number the ball drops in your chosen payout level becomes the winning multiplier.

  • Mines

Originating from Microsoft’s popular Minesweeper game, Spribe Games’ Mines follows the same gameplay where you choose tiles to reveal stars and avoid land mines. For every star you reveal, your payout increases. The goal is to reveal as many stars as you can before cashing out or landing on a mine.

  • Goal

Goal is another game based on Microsoft’s Minesweeper but instead of picking random tiles on the board, you have to proceed from one column to the next while avoiding bombs. If you reach the end of the grid, you receive higher payouts! Moreover, just like in Mines, you can cash out whenever you want.

  • Dice

Winning in Dice is as easy as predicting if the dice will roll under or over specific numbers. If your guess turns out to be correct, you win!

  • HiLo

All you need to do to win in HiLo is pick one card out of three and predict if it’s lower or the same value as the card shown on the screen. If your guess is correct, you get to cash out or pick another card and increase your payout. However, if your guess is wrong, you lose your payout and begin another round.


Casino games

Despite the passage of time and the arrival of newer games, classics will never go out of style. Considering this, Spribe Games came up with their own version of classic table games such as pokerblackjack and roulette

They transformed quintessential casino table games into sophisticated animated games that are easy to play and accessible on any mobile device. Find out more about them below:

  • Mini Roulette

Place your bets on the black and red wheel effortlessly in Spribe Games’ Mini Roulette. Instead of the usual 37 numbers, this game only lets you pick from 12 number bets and 6 outside bets.

  • Keno

All you need to do to win in the lottery-type game Keno is pick 10 lucky numbers from the 36 options and match them with the ones picked in the game. The more numbers you match, the bigger the payout!

Skill Games

Games that require more than just luck to win have more appeal to some players. However, since skill games are not that popular, they are usually not offered in online casinos. 

Luckily, Spribe Games changed all that with their impressive list of skill games including domino, backgammon, the Russian card game Bura and another variation of Texas Hold’em Poker called Seka. 

Compared to the other categories that are played against an AI, Spribe’s skill games allows players to play against one another. They also come with a leaderboard to promote a competitive environment!

The next step for Spribe Games

Bask in an all-new kind of casino gaming experience with Spribe Games and enjoy 21st-century games at their finest! There’s no stopping this up-and-coming game provider from branching out and spreading their influence to the world of online casino gaming. As Spribe continues to grow and develop, players can only look forward to bigger and better things from here on out.

Words by: Leann Padilla

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Spribe Games: Next-generation gaming is here