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    Satisfy your sweet tooth for winnings with Sugar Pop!

    Satisfy your sweet tooth for winnings with Sugar Pop!


    Powered by BetSoft, Sugar Pop has five reels and 243 pay lines. The games sweet and candy-inspired theme appears feminine but is excellent for all players who crave that sugar rush! 

    How to play the Sugar Pop slot game
    Before you begin feasting on all things sweet and sugary, you'll need to adjust your bets within the game.  

    • Using the -/+ buttons under the “Choose Coin” button selects your base denomination. 
    • Under the "Bet Amount" panel you will need to decide how many coins you want to stake within the game. 
    • Hitting the green Circular Arrow begins spinning the reels.  
    • For newer players, pushing the "Max Bet" button will set a maximum bet.
    • "Autoplay" is where players can play interrupted, so they do not have to keep spinning the reels. 

    Sugar Pop gameplay and slot features
    Sugar Pop begins when sweets and candies randomly drop from the top of the screen. 

    Should the sweets cluster together and there are more than three of them then they will "pop" - with even more candies begin to drop from the top. The more sweets that drop, the more "chain reactions" and explosions the game has, and awards more wins to players. 

    There are super color symbols that form when four similarly colored icons cluster together and make a combination. If these combine before your next spin, players are awarded an x2 multiplier.

    A color bomb is where five or more matching colors combine. Again, if the colors match before the next reel spins, every matching color explodes, causing more candies to fall!

    With Sugar Pop there are special candies that randomly fall down the screen, improving players odds of winning bigger and unlocking higher levels. These higher levels contain even more special candies to enhance players winnings. 

    Sugar Pop Bonus Round
    Players have to earn exploding candies indicated by the bonus pattern on the left-hand side of the reels. This then activates the bonus round game. If players can clear the bonus pattern, this will add up to 600 extra points towards their score. 

    Sugar Pop Jackpots
    Earning enough points during the regular gameplay will increase player levels up to 30 and unlocking new features. Winning the jackpot awards players, a whopping 5,000 coins!

    Sugar Pop appears to be the girliest slot ever, yet it is merely sumptuous to play. Yes, the pink colors give the game a distinctive feminine look, but with great audios and an insane amount of sweets and candies falling, Sugar Pop is enough to satisfy any player craving all things sweet!

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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