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Preparing for the best poker themed party

Preparing for the best poker themed party

Preparing for the best poker themed party

Mon Jan 10 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

A poker themed party is a great way to have a fun party that is inclusive and creative. Get your invited guests excited to dress-up and enjoy a few card games when you host the best poker themed party, ever.

A poker themed party is a fun-filled event with exciting games, interesting costumes and jaw-dropping party decorations. Learn how you can make a great event like this on your own with these easy-to-follow tips:

Checklist for your poker themed party

Make sure you have everything you need to throw the best poker themed party. Impress your guests with a well organised get-together they’ll talk about for years. If you’re going to organise everything for this gathering, here’s a detailed checklist that can help you plan a great party:

Find the right colour palette

The colour palette for your poker themed party could be anything similar to the most common hues like red, black and white which are the colours often used in poker. Since this game uses a deck of cards, you can base the colour scheme of your event on that. However, you can also experiment with other hues and shades depending on your preferences.

For example, instead of plain red, you can go for a pastel red and pair it with complementary tones like yellow and orange. Think outside the box and enjoy the experience until you find the right one that suits your style.

Use the best poker theme party decorations

Apart from picking a colour palette, you should also consider filling up the entire venue with poker theme party decorations. Come up with various wild ideas with no holds barred. An example of this is painting a wall with the four card suits namely clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades as the design. Some other potential executions include the following:

  • Creating a photo booth area with different poker face cards like the King or Queen
  • Adding a red carpet with a velvet rope
  • Putting up poker-inspired balloons
  • Hanging some poker-designed buntings.

Plan lots of casino-inspired games

Sizzle things up in your poker theme party by adding different casino-inspired games. Although poker can be your main activity, you can also consider putting different casino-related challenges to offer a variety of choices for the guests. Some amazing party game ideas are:

  • Play several casino games like roulette and poker with real or fake money, depending on your preferences
  • Gather everyone for a round of bingo
  • Create a make-shift slot machine that everyone can play
  • Do something different by making a giant version of the dominoes game.

Before you start, maybe practice poker by yourself. It’s a great way to get started before asking others to play with you at your party.

Go for a poker themed menu

Take things to the next level by coming up with poker themed food and drinks to make your party extra delicious. Here are some casino food ideas:


Let your guests get the most out of the experience by having a buffet available for the party. Fill it up with different dishes from all over the world along with a few underrated meals that will make them feel like stumbling on a jackpot of flavourful treats.

To spice things up, you can even decorate your appetisers and desserts into shapes of iconic casino symbols. On your buffet table, stack up round biscuits designed like poker chips to mimic an intense round of poker. Bake cookies and coat them up to look like card faces such as the Ace, King, Queen and Jack which casino players will immediately recognize at a glance. If you’ve got fruits set up, make every bite extra fun by cutting them up into card suite shapes like a spade, club, diamond or heart.

Sushi roulette

If you’re a fan of Japanese food, you should definitely put a sushi roulette in your poker themed party. It’s a delicious plate of goodness to add to the different flavours of the night. But that’s not all, because it’s also a fun game that will entertain your guests!

Gather them around the table in front of the large sushi plate and let them take a pick of their first bite. If you’re the ‘lucky’ guest, you’ll get a taste of the dreaded hollowed out sushi bomb loaded with spicy wasabi! Here’s where your poker skills can come to the test, because if you don’t react to the spice, then the game will push through and someone else can be the next victim of all that wasabi goodness.


Aside from pouring all your efforts into the main dish, you should also consider creating several poker themed desserts. With the number of existing desserts, you have a lot of options to consider. Some examples are cookies that look like poker chips and cupcakes with a small card design on top. Unleash your creative side and make various treats that both you and your guests will enjoy.

Cocktail drinks

Complement your lineup of treats with a great selection of drinks! A great example of this is poker themed cocktails that are inspired by different terms used in the game. Look through some interesting casino themed cocktails below:

  • Jackpot: A margarita cocktail consisting of tequila, lime juice and orange-flavoured liqueur.
  • High roller: A whipped vodka drink mixed with cranberry juice.
  • Low roller: A mimosa cocktail with the lowest alcohol content with only orange juice and sparkling wine on it.
  • All-in: A cocktail called Aunt Roberta which is the strongest kind in the world with 100% alcohol with no unnecessary elements. It blends different ingredients like gin, vodka and absinthe, resulting in an explosion of flavours in your mouth.
  • Wild Card: A kamikaze shot with a mixture of vodka, lime juice and orange liqueur with a big chunk of ice on the glass.

Design an inspiring invitation

Awaken your creativity and entice your guests to come to your event by designing amazing invitations for your poker themed party. Luckily, there’s hundreds of ideas for poker-themed invitation cards you can find online. Some sample looks that you can consider are found below:

  • An invitation with the same size as a face card with the design in front while all the details of the event are at the back.
  • A poker chip-inspired invitation with a circular rather than a rectangular shape.
  • A simple invite with the photo of a poker game on the right side of the invitation while the important information is listed on the left.

Prepare endearing party favours

Make your poker night memorable for everyone by preparing different party favours. You can either design this by yourself or ask a professional for help, whichever makes you more comfortable. With these, your guests will have something to remind them of the fun poker night. Scroll through some innovative ideas here:

  • Dicebox: A square-shaped box designed like a dice with a white base colour and black spots. It also has goodies inside, making it a good party favour for your guests.
  • Stack of cards: Inspired by the concept of a stack of cards, allow your guests to take polaroid photos and collate them inside a small box.
  • Money pouches: A drawstring pouch made of canvas cloth with a big dollar sign as its main logo. However, you can also consider changing it to different card suits like hearts or clubs.
  • Poker silicone bracelets: A simple black and white bracelet with different poker-related patterns embellished on it like chips and card suits.

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Different poker theme party outfits to try out

Put on your best attire when you go to a poker themed party! Whether you’re the host or a guest, dressing up perfectly for the occasion will always make a good impression. Here are some poker theme party outfits for you to try:

Jack of all trades

Veer away from conventional looks and try a jack of all trades inspired look for your next poker themed party. As its name implies, it’s a fusion of different styles and colours that still work well together. For example, you can wear a dress but insert some pants underneath. Although it’s an unexpected combination, it’s a great way to challenge yourself and do something outside of your comfort zone.

Queen of Hearts

Give off a royal vibe by going for a Queen of Hearts outfit that is similar to the appearance of the Red Queen in the hit movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She was known to wear a ball gown with a bright red hue, making herself stand out from the rest. It’s an iconic look that is perfect for a poker themed party.

King of Spades

As the male counterpart of Queen of Hearts, the King of Spades is a great outfit idea for men who are going to the party with their significant other. It’s a black suit with the spades design as the logo all over the topcoat and pants.

Joker and Aces

Deviate from the norm and try a villain-inspired look called the Joker and Aces outfit. From its name, this attire is based on the Joker who is dubbed as one of the most intriguing felons in DC Comics. He has green-coloured hair and wears a multi-coloured suit with make-up inspired by a party clown. Opt to dress like him and apply different tattoos of the Ace symbol all over your body. This is a suitable choice for dark poker themed parties, especially for Halloween.

Examples of other casino inspired parties

Still haven’t had enough of your poker themed party? Uncover several casino-inspired themes that are suitable for both small and large scale gatherings:

Masquerade ball

Go for a mysterious yet exciting event by organising a masquerade ball! It’s a formal event that requires everyone to wear suits and gowns while concealing their identity using masks. This is a great theme for those who want to hold a private gathering inside a venue that looks similar to a physical casino.


If you’re a fan of casino movies, try using your favourite film as the basis for the entire design of your party. Some examples include Casino (1995), Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Casino Royale (2006). Dazzle up the entire venue to achieve a movie scene-inspired design that will make you feel like the main character. You can also add some casino-related ornaments and games to make everything more exciting.

The 80s

Go back in time with an 80s casino themed night with your friends and family. Ask everyone to put on their best costumes based on famous stars during this era such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince. Create your best look while playing fun casino games for beginners to amp up the event.

Important tips when hosting your own party

Hosting your own party can be challenging but it’s a great way to improve your event planning skills since it teaches you how to deal with people and handle various situations. This is also a great way to pay homage to the iconic casino game. Make your event successful by taking note of the following tips:

Stick to the theme

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your event, it’s best to stick with it until the end. For example, if you picked a poker themed party, make sure to align everything with that idea including the food menu, games and party decorations. This makes the entire gathering look more cohesive and pleasing to the eyes.

Set a budget

Before preparing everything for your party, you should set a budget for it first. This should be within your means so you won’t experience any lapses or issues along the way. After allocating enough funds for it, make sure to stick with it for the entirety of the planning process. Ideally, you should spend less than your expected budget to consider it a successful gathering.

Ask for help

Even if you will be supervising the event, remember to still seek help whenever necessary. Refrain from handling it all by yourself, especially if it’s a large-scale gathering. It’s best to ask assistance from professionals to lessen your burden or designate people you trust to help prepare for everything.

Pay close attention to the details

When planning for an event, you should keep a close eye on each detail. Although this is not a requirement, it leaves a good impression on your guests if you give your utmost effort to connect every single detail to a central theme. As a result, the entire event will run smoothly and give off a pleasant experience for everyone.

Enjoy the experience

While it can be difficult to organise an event, you should still enjoy every bit of the process. Avoid being too hard on yourself. Instead, celebrate every milestone you’ve achieved towards finishing everything for the party. Have fun and learn from the experience so that you can make everlasting memories.

Talk with your guests

After completing all the necessary preparations for the event, it’s time for the actual party to begin so make sure to put on your best smile. Talk with your guests and ask their thoughts about the experience so far to see the fruits of your efforts.

Make the most of your poker theme party ideas

Use all the poker theme party ideas you’ve learned by applying them to your next casino-inspired event. Organise a fun gathering filled with amazing decorations, delicious food and exciting activities to entertain your guests and have a night to remember.

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Words by: Lourda Lumain

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Preparing for the best poker themed party