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Is live online roulette rigged?

Is live online roulette rigged?

Is live online roulette rigged?

Mon Nov 22 2021 06:45:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Online roulette is one of the most fun and widely played table games not only in Canada but in other countries as well. This is because of its straightforward gameplay mechanics and high rewards. However, some speculations claim that roulette games are rigged to let players intentionally lose.

In this blog, we will debunk those myths and speculations and disprove them by explaining how the game works. If you’re eager to learn more, here’s everything you need to know about online roulette:

Where the speculations started

Before discussing how online roulette ensures fair play with every game, you must first go back to what started the speculations in the first place.

Throughout the years, there have been talks that claim online roulette games are rigged. These incidents have either been posted online or spread by word of mouth among players. Here are some of the claims that online roulette games are rigged to let players lose:

Theories and discussions in forums

Online forums, such as Reddit, are a great way to open a topic and discuss it with other people on the internet. Anyone can join in and comment on the thread where they can express their opinions about the topic.

Because of the freedom this platform gives to its users, there are hundreds of threads you can find that discuss their dismay with some online casinos.

One post in Reddit claims that he experienced an online roulette rigged by the casino. The user expressed his annoyance with a particular roulette game where he used the Martingale system, a strategy where you double your stake each time you lose. Long story short, the ball didn’t go his way for 14 straight spins which led him to lose all of his money.

Although his irritation towards the game is understandable, the online roulette isn’t at fault. Firstly, the Martingale betting system is discouraged because the losses you’ll potentially make will outweigh your winnings in the long run.

Secondly, that’s just how the game works. The ball won’t always go your way while sometimes you can win big. A streak of bad luck doesn’t automatically mean that a game is rigged. It’s completely random thanks to its use of advanced techs such as the provably fair algorithm.

Scepticism towards online casinos

While online casinos have been around for a long time, there are still sceptics who doubt their legitimacy because it’s accessed through the internet. This leaves them wondering if online casinos are safe, and leads them to think that the website itself is a scam and their games are rigged.

People are comfortable playing at their local land-based casinos because they know that they’re permitted to operate by the law. What they don’t know is that online casinos, like Bitcasino Canada, are just as licensed and authorised by the government as any of their brick and mortar counterparts. They have a licence from legitimate gambling operators to ensure their safety.

Aside from that, online casinos are constantly audited by government authorities to ensure fair play in each game.

Documented rigging examples

Several videos have been posted on the internet by users who claim that they have evidence of an online roulette rigged by the casino. The biggest problem with these is that they can’t be considered as solid evidence as they can easily be manipulated by various editing software.

One video, in particular, posted on YouTube shows in-game footage of a live roulette session.

The user insists that the ball was about to land on the pocket but he thinks that the dealer pushes a button underneath the table to vibrate the ball and land somewhere else. Theories such as using a magnet or an airball have been thrown out there but until today, no one has come forward and brought this issue to court with solid evidence.

Usually, these videos are posted by players who have lost huge amounts of money and have taken their anger out by providing ‘evidence’ that shows rigged online roulette. There’s even one user who claims that every time he tries to take a video of the game he wins but once he turns the camera off, he always loses.

If the game is indeed rigged, then the online casino they’re using may not be certified by any gaming license.

Additionally, the ones who post videos like this can be ‘internet trolls’. These are people who upload inaccurate and provocative information to various platforms with the sole intent of provoking random readers.

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Land-based vs. Live online roulette

People tend to compare land-based and live online roulettes with each other in terms of their fairness. Those who are unfamiliar with the legitimacy of online roulette lean towards their land-based counterpart because they feel more secure playing the actual game. However, we’re here to tell you that both online and land-based roulette are equally safe to play and it’s impossible to rig them.

With land-based casinos, you will be there in the flesh with other players and the dealer. Everything is played out normally in front of your eyes where you can observe everything being done by the dealer.

The same experience goes for live online roulette. Except for this time, the game will be live-streamed from a remote studio instead of being at an actual casino. However, the game will still be played the same way as everything will be laid out in front of you from the roulette table down to the wheel itself.

Also, a huge reason why live online roulette games are the same as their land-based counterparts is because of the live dealers themselves. Seeing the ball get spun on the wheels by an actual person and not a computer gives a feeling of security to players.

But, some people still think that even with all the features that live roulette has, it can still be rigged. Some of the most common accusations that players point out at these games include:

Using a brake under the table

Some players speculate on the legitimacy of live online roulette and think that the secret lies underneath the table. They claim that because they only see the upper half of the live dealer, he/she is hiding a brake under the table that can change the outcome of the game.

Spinning the wheels at different speeds

Another theory of roulette rigging is that the dealer spins the wheels at a different speed to increase the chances of the ball landing on a specific pocket.

Using magnetic balls

Lastly, one of the most famous theories is that the casino uses a special magnetic ball. Not only that but people also insist that the way the dealer flicks and drops the ball has something to do with the outcome.

These speculations could be done by shady casinos but, if you’re playing at a reputable online casino like Bitcasino Canada, you can rest assured that they won’t experience anything unscrupulous.

How online roulette ensures fair play

A great way to answer the speculations regarding the fair play of this classic table game is to ask another question. Can online roulette be rigged? Here are some of the things that disprove any evidence of online roulette rigged by the casino.

House edge

One of the reasons why people think that roulette or any other casino game is rigged is because of the house edge. This mathematical advantage guarantees that the establishment will gain profit in the long run. However, it’s still not cheating to the point where it will rig the game on the casino’s side. It still depends on luck and randomness.

In roulette, the house edge may differ depending on the variant you’re playing. Because of the double zero in American roulette, the house edge is higher which means your chances of winning are slimmer. To see your chance of winning, take a look at the RTP and house edge percentage.

Random Number Generator

Online roulettes make use of an algorithm called the Random Number Generator or RNG for short. This ensures that every outcome of every single game will be completely random which means that all colours and numbers in the roulette wheel have equal chances of being landed on.

If you’re still having second thoughts about this algorithm, you should know that it’s capable of computing millions of numbers per second to produce a specific outcome. This explains how you get different outcomes with each spin because it all depends on a randomly computed number from this algorithm.

Independent testing

No matter how many times an online casino says that their games are not rigged, some people still can’t rely on their word because they think that it’s what the casino is supposed to say.

That’s why these establishments hire third-party independent companies to test their games to see if the outcomes are indeed fair and random. This way, players will have another source that guarantees the fairness of the game aside from the casino itself.

Some of the independent testing companies in the industry today include:

  • eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCORGA)
  • iTechLabs
  • Technical Systems Testing (TST)
  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
  • Gaming Associates (GA).

Provably Fair

Provably Fair is one of the newest features that online casinos use to reinforce the fairness of their games like roulette and to remove doubts from players’ minds. Just like RNG, Provably Fair is an algorithm that verifies if the game is fair and no manipulation is being done with the outcome.

This algorithm is commonly used by crypto casinos and they share some similarities with how they work. For example, instead of letting third-party independent companies check the legitimacy of the game, the task is given to the players themselves. This takes transparency to a whole new level because everyone will know everything that’s going on in the game.

Additionally, it also runs on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies. In this case, it serves as a public ledger where players can check all of their transactions if they want to. Also, thanks to this technology, every record is unchangeable and irreversible.

Gaming licenses

The legitimacy of a game is 100% guaranteed if the gaming provider and the casino itself are licensed to operate. This means that every game and how the overall casino was being run has been reviewed, tested, and approved by professionals before letting them be available for public use.

Bitcasino Canada is licensed by two corporations; Curacao Gaming and the United Kingdom Gambling Association.


Most trusted game providers of Bitcasino

Here at Bitcasino Canada, we’re lucky enough to be associated with world-class game providers who ensure fair play in each of our titles. These talented developers are granted licenses to create casino games which only adds to their legitimacy.

Additionally, these game providers have a good reputation for their name over the years by creating high-quality and fair titles one after the other. We don’t see them breaking the trust of millions of players around the world just to create rigged games.

Here are some of the most trusted game providers of Bitcasino:


If you’re an avid mobile casino game player, chances are you’ve played one of OneTouch's games. Their main goal is to provide players with premium mobile games and it’s safe to say that they’ve achieved this spectacularly.

Their games are fully optimised for both mobile and desktop devices which means that you can play them anywhere and anytime. Whether it be themed slots or table games such as roulette, you can expect a fun and exciting experience thanks to the advanced graphics coupled with the sophisticated software that they use in each of their titles.

Here are some of OneTouch’s best roulette games on the site:


Founded in 2006, Evolution is one of the most successful casino game providers today with tons of high-quality titles under their name. Their catalogue consists of various types of casino games such as slots and other tabletops but what they make best is live casino games.

Their titles under this category are some of the best that you’ll see in every live casino. The realistic casino experience that each of their games offers is thanks to a variety of factors with one of the most important ones being the live dealers themselves.

These charming game hosts are what completes the overall package that their games have to offer. Add to that the built-in live chat feature, you’ll truly feel like you’re at an actual table among real players and dealers.

Here are some of the best roulette games that Evolutiong has to offer here on the site:


Despite being a newcomer in the casino scene, Ezugi has produced some of the most notable games we know today. They’re also one of the most trusted and reputable game providers in the industry with certifications from the likes of the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement, Malta Gaming Authority and Coljuegos.

Just like Evolution, live casino games are Ezugi’s bread and butter. With their 20 titles under this category being played in over 100 online casinos, it’s no surprise that this developer is one of the most successful ones today.

Their high-quality streams are all streamed from different studios from Costa Rica, Belgium and Cambodia. The studios themselves look and feel like an actual casino with its premium decor consisting of columns, velvet walls and other elements.

Two of the most famous Ezugi roulette games on the site include:

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games claims to be a unique B2B live dealer game provider. With its use of cutting edge technology to develop their games, you’ll easily notice the quality during your gameplay experience. Whether you’re playing Blackjack, Andar Bahar, Poker or any live dealer games, you can expect it to be of high quality.

Their world-class quality made them one of the best live dealer game developers in the industry today. All of the games under their name are made better thanks to the inclusion of their charming live dealers. 

Here are some of Super Spade Games’ best roulette titles on the site:

Live online casino games are impossible to rig thanks to their use of cutting-edge technology that ensures randomness and fair play. They are also regularly tested to make sure that nothing shady happens behind the scenes that manipulate the game’s outcome.

However, while there are organisations that ensure fair play, make sure that you do your research before you play games to avoid huge losses you can’t afford.

Words by: Jericho Paradeza

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Is live online roulette rigged?