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On holiday this summer? Travel with Bitcasino for on-the-go entertainment

On holiday this summer? Travel with Bitcasino for on-the-go entertainment


With the summer holiday season well and truly upon us, mobile games will be more important than ever as we look for ways to make the time pass more quickly over the course of a long, arduous journey to our chosen holiday destination.

Thankfully, the rise of online casino gaming has made this easier than ever, and with the help of online casinos such as Bitcasino, long gone are the days of mindlessly staring out the window of the train or car hoping that the time will pass quicker. In fact, platforms such as Bitcasino offer users so much choice that you might find yourself actually looking forward to a long car journey for the first time in your life!

Gaming on the go – why Bitcasino is perfect for long journeys

As we all know based on how much more enjoyable our daily commutes have become in the last few years, online casino gaming and mobile devices are a match made in heaven. Thanks to advances in mobile technology and, most importantly, mobile internet, travelling has never been more enjoyable. Gone are the days of the long, boring, silent commute with nothing more than a freebie newspaper to keep you occupied.

Nowadays, thanks to the advances in mobile technology, you can have access to a wide array of online casino games delivered to your phone in an instant through a convenient app. Online casino games are perfect for the travel gamers out there, as they strike a perfect balance between being engaging and incredibly fun. They also have the added benefit that you might also end up winning some real cash. This means that if you play your cards right (excuse the pun!), you might end up paying off your holiday before you’ve even arrived at your destination!

The best game for long journeys?

When it comes to choosing the best type of game for long journeys, there are two schools of thought. Firstly, there are those who prefer something a bit more fast paced. The idea here is that choosing something that you can pick up and put down without too much hassle is perfect for a long journey as you can still do other things such as listening to music or podcasts without getting too distracted while you are playing the game. Games such as baccarat, roulette or slots are perfect in this sense because they have relatively few rules and can played without you having to pay too much attention to what’s going on.

The other school of thought is that the perfect game type for long journeys are more complex and strategic games, which grab your attention and unfold over a longer period of time. Games such as poker, video poker or even blackjack would be perfect in this regard, as games typically last quite a while – often going on for hours. Additionally, games such as poker can often be played as a sort of multiplayer experience, and you can rope in everyone around you to help you strategise – the perfect way to make the journey go significantly quicker!

Ultimately, the game type you choose will be entirely down to your own preference. Thankfully, however, Bitcasino gives you plenty of choice, so you’ll never be stuck for something to play!

Getting the most out of your travel gaming

Once you’ve settled on the perfect game to get stuck into on a long journey, there are some things you need to bear in mind to ensure that you get the most out of your gaming session.

Firstly, it’s important to ensure that your device of choice has enough power to last you the journey. There are few things as terrifying as settling into a long journey only to get the ‘low battery’ notification within a few minutes of setting off! To avoid this, make sure that you bring a charger and, if possible, a portable battery pack. This will ensure that you can fully enjoy your mobile gaming experience without having to worry about running out of juice!

Secondly, make sure that you bring headphones. If you’re playing games such as those offered by Bitcasino, a lot of the enjoyment of the game is to be found in the rich audio-visual experience they provide. If you miss out on the various sounds coming your way, that’s half of the fun you’re missing! To avoid this, make sure that you bring headphones. Using headphones also has the added benefit of being good travel companion etiquette. Although you might be enjoying the audio-visual feast unfolding before you, that is not to say that everyone in your car or train carriage will be as well! Keep the volume on low and try not to distract the driver!

Mobile gaming on Bitcasino – the revolution has arrived!

Bitcasino has one of the most extensive mobile gaming offerings out there, and it is clear that it is built from the ground up with mobile gaming in mind. The Bitcasino website offers full functionality on any internet-enabled mobile device, meaning that you can recreate the full casino gaming experience on your tablet or smartphone without any of the slowdown you might have come to expect on other platforms. The use of advanced HTML5 technology means that the casino gaming experience will be perfectly recreated on your device, regardless of whether you prefer Android or iOS. This is great news for any of you planning a big trip this summer, as it means that you have instant access to Bitcasino’s massive back catalogue of games.

If you are facing a lengthy journey this summer, why not head over to Bitcasino to sign up for a free account? Get gaming today!

Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock


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Tips & tricks
On holiday this summer? Travel with Bitcasino for on-the-go entertainment
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