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Myth-buster: seven misconceptions about roulette

Myth-buster: seven misconceptions about roulette


Roulette is a game that is ingrained within the casino world. Whenever anyone thinks of a casino, one of the first games that they think of is roulette. It’s a game that has a great amount of history and has diverged over the years into two very similar versions. With a huge amount of players around the world, there are a large number of misconceptions surrounding the game of roulette. We are going to play myth-buster and make sure that you do not fall prey to these misconceptions.

What are the top seven roulette misconceptions?

Misconception one: roulette is not a random game

This is one of the most prevalent misconceptions around roulette. Roulette is actually one of the most random games there is, especially when compared to the other well-known table games such as blackjack. This is because unlike a card game, each spin is completely independent. There are absolutely no outside influences that can stop the ball landing in a particular slot. In blackjack, if certain cards are gone from the deck, then there are some hands that cannot be got. In addition to this, if a player in front of you gets the last of a particular card, then that will impact on your hand.

With roulette, each spin is totally random – there is nothing to stop the ball landing on the 4 three times in a row, and there is also nothing to stop it being a different number each time. You can, however, change your chances of making a profit. A sensible betting strategy will allow this, but this will still have no impact on where the ball lands. In terms of being a random game, roulette is possibly the most random game there is.

Misconception two: red and black are the only bets on offer

This is a misconception that is created by the movies. How often do you see a character in a movie walk into a casino and say, “Put it all on black.” While the movie cannot be expected to spend a great amount of time explaining all the different bets, it does lead to a great deal of people thinking that this is all there is. This is not the case though.

There are actually 14 or 15 bets available for roulette, depending on whether you play the American or European version, as well as some additional choices that can be made during the spin and after the spin. This means that roulette actually has a huge amount more to offer than just red or black.

Players have a wide range of different bets on offer, which is what makes roulette such an enjoyable game. It is also what helps to create some of the more advanced strategies that help to make walking away with a profit more likely.

Misconception three: if you win, you will get banned

This is quite frankly a ridiculous myth. Unfortunately though, it is still peddled around. It is verifiably untrue at every turn. If you win when playing roulette, then you will be paid your winnings. The only way that you will be banned from playing at a casino is if you cheat or break the terms and conditions.

It is important to remember that if you find a successful system that works for you, you do not have to worry about being banned. As long as you are playing within the rules, you have nothing to worry about, so keep playing to your heart’s content.

Misconception four: roulette software can help you win

While some roulette software can be useful, software that says that it can predict what numbers are going to come up is nothing more than a scam. It is important to state that the physics-based computers that track velocity and angle of drop are very different from the roulette software programs that are available at certain websites.

Most roulette software either just copies a betting strategy, or is based on out-of-date software that cannot track how modern roulette wheels and software work.

Misconception five: the wheel has to hit every number

This is a constant myth that comes up. Many people believe that the roulette wheel has to hit every number over a certain number of spins. While this is statistically true, it is not the case in practice. Each slot on the roulette wheel has the same dimensions. This means that there is exactly the same chance of the ball landing in each slot – so statistically, the ball should land in each slot the same number of times over a large amount of games.

However, the roulette wheel does not care about previous spins. It does not have a memory of what has happened in the past. This means that every spin that takes place is a completely independent event. It is important to remember this when you are placing your wagers. Keeping track of the numbers that have already come up is not going to guarantee you a win.

While statistics can help with some games, or in the case of card games, keeping track of the cards that have already come out, in roulette there is no correlation between each spin.

Misconception six: the dealer’s spin will make it land in a specific slot

Every dealer has a different way of dropping the ball into the wheel. Some will drop it right in with no panache or style. Some will put some backspin on it. Some will do it as fast as they possibly can. While the way that a dealer drops the ball into the wheel does mean that no two dealers will have identical spins, it does not mean that a dealer will be able to influence where the ball will land. The dealer cannot look at the bets that have been taken and then with the way that they drop the ball, ensure that the smallest number of people as possible win.

This is because with the high speed that the wheel is turning, combined with the speed of the ball and with all other influences on where the ball lands, it is just impossible to be able to make the ball land in a specific spot.

This is also true when playing at an online casino. A specific way that the ball falls onto the wheel will not impact how the ball lands. Looking at how the ball falls onto the wheel should certainly not entice you to drift away from your betting strategy, especially if it is one that is bringing you some degree of success.

Misconception seven: the higher your bet, the better your chances

This is one that comes from a level of confusion rather than being a deliberate mistruth. The higher your bet, the bigger your winnings will be. By the same token, if you do not win, then the higher your bet, the bigger your losses will be. However, the size of your bet does not impact on your chances of winning. You have exactly the same chance of the ball landing on your bet if you wager $1 as if you wager $100. This means that you should not be fooled into betting above your limits because you think that it will increase your chances to win.

This misconception could possibly have come about via betting strategies. Some betting strategies include increasing your bet if you have a losing bet. This is done in order to cover your loss from your previous bet. It does not increase your chances of winning – it just means that if you do win, then some of the money you made goes towards covering the wager you made on the previous bet. So, if you go on a losing streak, then your wager will keep increasing, but your chances of winning the bet will stay the same.

Make sure that you always stay within your limits. If you place wagers that go over your limits because you think that your chances of winning will increase, then you will end up getting yourself into trouble. Stick to the bankroll that you set yourself, and remember that no matter how much you wager, the odds remain the same.

Playing roulette online

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Words: Sean McNulty
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