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Master the big number strategy in roulette

Master the big number strategy in roulette


It’s a common misconception that roulette is purely a game of chance. There is, in fact, a hidden element of skill that only those who have taken the time to study and review the game are aware of. While it is true that players don’t have any control over where the roulette ball lands and can’t influence the outcome of their bets directly in terms of which numbered pocket is more likely to catch a ball, this doesn’t mean that a player is totally subject to the whims of lady luck.

In fact, the mechanics of the roulette ball spinning within the wheel is only half of the game at best. The real element of skill in roulette is recognising that while you don’t have any control over the ball, you have total and complete control over when you bet, where you place your bets, and how much you bet. As strange as it may sound, despite the player having no ability to control the outcome of their bet, money is won and lost in roulette based on the quality of the bets that are made.

Certain betting styles and systematic approaches are superior to others when it comes to roulette. Some betting behaviour can lead to very high pay-offs for the savvy better, while other betting behaviour is a recipe for losing more money than you win.

There are strategies to roulette that have developed as a result of luck’s inconsistent nature and the fact that no roulette wheel is in fact completely and totally random. Despite the fact that each pocket on a roulette table is designed and manufactured to be exactly the same as every other pocket, and therefore have exactly the same chance of catching the ball, there are inconsistencies in any game of roulette. No roulette game has perfectly evenly distributed wins across all numbered pockets – in every game, there are certain pockets that are simply having better luck in that game at catching the ball. There is no clear reason for why certain pockets have better luck in any given game, but the fact remains that certain pockets in certain games are simply more successful at catching the ball.

The fact that there are these luckier numbered pockets allows a skilled and observant player to leverage their observations and insights into making smarter and more likely bets. This is the theory behind the Big Number Strategy: knowing that in any game of roulette, certain numbered pockets are more likely to catch the roulette ball, a player who wants to maximise their chances of winning should make bets only on those pockets and should avoid placing bets on pockets that are not showing any signs of being luckier or more consistent.

What is the Big Number Strategy in roulette?

The Big Number Strategy is deceptively simple. Its most basic formulation is that a player should adjust their betting behaviour so that they place more bets on the numbered pockets that have recently caught the ball. However, it is more nuanced than that and requires a degree of consistency and judgement that many betters will find challenging.

The secret to mastering the Big Number Strategy is to pay close attention to the number of times that the roulette wheel has been spun, and the corresponding number of times that a given pocket has captured a ball. The idea is to keep track of the very recent spins and to notice any pockets that are being more consistent.

This task is aided by the feature that many roulette tables, both those available in traditional casinos and those available in online casinos such as ours, have in the form of a scoreboard that records some of the most recent spins and their outcomes. One iteration of the Big Number Strategy where there is such a recording is to keep a close eye on the scoreboard and use the information it contains to your advantage. Many scoreboards will show the last 20 or so spins and their outcomes. Under the Big Number Strategy, a player should only bet on those pockets that are currently on the scoreboard as having recently won. If a pocket wins more than once within a certain number of spins, it is demonstrating that it is being more consistent than it should, and therefore should be bet on. The underlying theory is that because these pockets have won more recently, they may be more likely to attract the roulette ball than other pockets that are having a streak of bad luck.

The key to the Big Number Strategy is to adjust your betting activity and be highly selective in your betting behaviour. If a numbered pocket has won recently, it is apparent that you should likely bet on it again. The same holds true if multiple numbered pockets have shown themselves to be lucky within a given span – the smart move is to place multiple bets in order to better your chances. When there are no pockets that have proven themselves to be having a lucky streak, the Big Number Strategy holds that a player should not place any bets until the roulette wheel has given them more information to work it. This is the key to the strategy: follow the consistent pockets and nothing else.

One of the challenging features of the Big Number Strategy is that it can be quite tempting to think that because there is one of each numbered pocket, betting on it is a bad idea because it is unlikely to win again so soon. This would be true if the roulette wheel were perfectly random in how it handles the ball with respect to the pockets, but time over time, the exact opposite behaviour has been observed. Roulette wheels are not perfectly created or perfectly balanced – small factors such as a variance in how fast they are turned, the condition of the ball, the spin, and even airflow can have serious impacts on the outcome of the spin. The Big Number Theory doesn’t explain why this happens, but it does allow a strict player to take advantage of it occurring.

Getting started

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Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Master the big number strategy in roulette
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