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Isn’t roulette just all about luck?

Isn’t roulette just all about luck?



Whether roulette is primarily a game of luck or skill is a matter frequently open to hot debate. In the main, it is true that in the case of roulette there is very little skill involved, which is also true in a game such as Bitcoin slots. It is no secret that working out where that roulette ball is about to land is not a matter for the pocket calculator to determine, although some people do undeniably tend to be lucky.

What skill is involved in the game of roulette comes not in predicting where the ball is going to land so much as in money management and a logical and non-emotive approach to the gameplay. This is equally true of stock market trading.

Extreme opinions

Experts, players and critics alike have argued over the years about the relative merits of a wide range of different casino games, from Bitcoin slots and Bitcoin poker to all other forms of Bitcoin gambling in a casino environment. The arguments have tended naturally to focus on whether the outcomes of such games rely in the main on skill or pure chance. Many are adamant that they are determined entirely by the hands dealt to players or the spin of the wheel, although others are equally convinced that the course of a tournament or session can be significantly influenced by a combination of attitude, experience and skill.

Where the truth lies

Both these extremes of opinion are probably wide of the mark, of course, and the truth of the matter most likely lies somewhere between them. It is in the nature of the beast that chance is always involved to some extent, sometimes less so as in Bitcoin poker and sometimes more so as in Bitcoin slots and Bitcoin roulette. Players can also have some influence on the outcome of the game by bringing to Bitcoin roulette skill, experience and money management techniques.

The key to approaching roulette with more than an even chance of increasing your bankroll is to establish a balance when approaching the game. It is possible with experience to begin to tailor the way you play a particular game by understanding how much influence you can exert on play and how much is beyond your control. This approach varies, of course, depending on the rules of the particular Bitcoin roulette game you’re playing.

Practical points

It is clear that a game of Bitcoin roulette, whichever version of it is involved, is essentially random, with a spin of the wheel determining where the ball will fall. It is perfectly impossible therefore to predict the outcome, so what then is it possible for the player to control in the game?

For starters, you can certainly weight your bets, concentrating more on the lower risk ones that will have more of the table covered. This approach becomes increasingly important and necessary when your bankroll is a small one, because it won’t be sufficient to keep you in play over lean periods of the game.

Another decision within your control when playing Bitcoin roulette is to choose the European version of the game rather than the American version. If possible, opt for the French version that allows for En Prison and La Partage, as these will increase the odds in your favour by minimising the house edge. The five number bet should also be avoided for the same reason.

There operates in the minds of many Bitcoin casino players, be they devotees of Bitcoin roulette, Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin poker or any other of the Ethereum games or Bitcoin games, the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. This usually lurks in the back of every player’s mind to some extent, and it suggests that it is possible to predict the future outcomes of games like these from past results. It whispers, for example, that as the ball has landed on black the last 10 times it is more likely to land on red next time. This is not at all the case, and it’s wise therefore to remember that every time the wheel spins that it is a mutually exclusive event. Seasoned players know this and have taken it on board, which reduces the variables against winning by a small but significant amount.

One of the most useful tips to offer any player of Bitcoin roulette in a crypto casino is to have a clear idea – in fact a target – of the amount of winnings you have decided to make before you’re ready to leave the table. Even if this amount is zero and you simply want to have some fun, keep that figure in mind throughout the game, as it’s easy to forget your priorities once the action starts and scenarios shift during play. As well as this target figure, also have in mind the exact amount you’re willing or can afford to lose. Once these limits have been reached, walk away from the table whatever your state of mind.

The skill involved in playing Bitcoin roulette at a Bitcasino, Ethereum casino or a regular casino in the high street, is to manage your emotions and your money when you’re at the table. Don’t allow your heart to dictate to you, only your head. Self-control is all important when playing any form of Bitcoin casino game and remember that high rollers leave the table the minute they win big, even if that payoff happens very early on in the game. They don’t, in a word, tempt their luck.

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Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Isn’t roulette just all about luck?
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