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Is it safer to bet on the banker in baccarat?

Is it safer to bet on the banker in baccarat?



Baccarat is one of the most popular and successful card games in the world, both online and offline, and over the years, three variations of it have evolved. The modus operandi of the game is basically that there is a player and a banker in the game, and you place a bet on either the player winning, the banker winning or the game ending in a tie.

The conventional wisdom says that it is to your advantage to bet on the banker because of the rule of the third-card draw, with the winning odds being slightly higher if you place your bet on the banker. However, there are a few disadvantages to doing this that you need to consider.

The advantages of betting on the banker here at Bitcasino include the obvious one that there will be more wins on that hand, so there are fewer losses and fewer chances of you placing your bet on the banker and coming away consistently empty-handed. Equally, a clear disadvantage of betting on the banker is that when you win, you pay a 5% commission straight to the house. That means that although you get your money back, you will win a relatively small amount. If you bet on the player instead of the banker, you get back not only the money you bet but also a larger winning amount. Betting on the tie will pay out an even bigger jackpot, so from this perspective, betting on the banker is not such a great idea if you’re looking for substantial winnings.

Weighing the betting odds in baccarat

There are obviously disadvantages and advantages involved when placing any type of bet, but the bets involved in baccarat do tend to present a clear choice in terms of what your ultimate gameplay goal is.

A bet on the banker has the virtue of yielding regular wins, but when you do win, a house commission of 5% will apply.

A bet on the player guarantees that when you win, you’ll not only get all your bet money back but also an additional amount. You need to balance this against the fact that your returns will be less when you bet on the banker.

A bet on the tie wins the biggest jackpot, but the chances of your bet winning are comparatively small.

Baccarat is essentially a simple game with simple rules, which is why it is often recommended as the ideal introduction to online gaming for novice players. Like chess, it may be basically simple, but it can be tricky to master, and therein lies its universal appeal. There is not a large number of betting options to choose from when you play baccarat like there are in most other popular Bitcoin gambling games, such as Bitcoin roulette. Betting on the player, the banker and the tie are your only options, although there is always room for side bets. However, these tend to vary between casinos and do not concern you here.

It is true that in terms of the odds, betting on the banker is the safest bet because the house has the lowest advantage on bets on the banker. Wins are comparatively regular and pay off at 1:1, but as mentioned above, there is that 5% commission you must pay.

The odds at Bitcasino and other crypto gambling sites become less in your favour if you choose to bet on the player instead. This bet also pays off at 1:1 when you win but doesn’t have a commission payment.

Betting on the tie means that you’re betting that the next hand between the player and the banker is going to be a tie, and the odds against that happening are certainly not advantageous from your point of view. Therefore, the tie bet is commonly known as a sucker bet, as the advantage for the house is a whopping 14.36%. Tie bets do not normally win, although they typically pay off at 8:1 or 9:1. This, of course, is the attraction of the tie bet for some experienced players, as the payback is relatively large.

Other considerations and variants

Betting on the player and the banker in Litecoin casino and Bitcoin casino games are, therefore, both considered to be relatively good bets. However, although the house advantage for the player bet is a low 1.24%, the house advantage for the banker bet is just 1.06%. Therefore, these two bets stand in stark contrast to the tie bet with its big payoff but with slim chances of winning.

There is also the more recent appearance of Lucky Pairs Baccarat to consider, in which the payout is much higher than in the classic game but where the house advantage is also much higher. There is more risk associated with his variant of the game, and players tend to be more aggressive when placing their bets. Therefore, it’s recommended that the novice player sticks with the standard version of baccarat, at least to begin with.

If you want to bet on the safer banker’s hand, the first step when playing Bitcasino baccarat is to put your chips into the banker’s area, which is opposite to you at the table. When the cards are dealt, you’ll win if the banker’s hand is higher. The payout will be 1:1 as with betting on the player, but you’ll pay a 5% commission on your win. The dealer will make a note of the payable commission rather than interrupt play to collect it, and you’ll settle when the game ends or you bail out.


Baccarat was formerly the preserve of the rich and famous, but now through sites like Bitcasino, everyone can enjoy it. The rules of the game are simple, and on our website, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or a virtual currency of your choice to make bets and collect your winnings. Discover for yourself why baccarat is so popular as you hone your skills and make educated choices about how to place your bets. Betting on the banker is considered the safer option, but as your skills grow, you can start branching out and developing new strategies.

We have a comprehensive range of gaming options to offer to both new and experienced players, from classic Bitcoin slots to Bitcoin roulette, live baccarat, sportsbook betting and many others.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Is it safer to bet on the banker in baccarat?
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