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Gambling in Canada: Why are online casinos on the rise?

Gambling in Canada: Why are online casinos on the rise?

Gambling in Canada: Why are online casinos on the rise?

Thu Jun 09 2022 06:32:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The moment you hear about Canada, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is hockey or maple syrup.  However, what most people don’t know is that the country is also known for its online gambling industry which has been experiencing amazing growth over the past years. 

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According to a report published by Colombo Telegraph last February 2021, Canada held the top online betting country with the highest gambling population of 19,300,000 Canadian citizens. Just a quick Google search will already tell you that Canadians are unstoppable when it comes to placing bets!

However, how did Canada manage to improve its online casino services, given that restrictive laws against gambling are implemented in other countries? What are the factors that made this possible and made every citizen fall in love with blackjack, sports betting and slots made for Canadians? If you’re curious about Canada’s gambling industry, continue reading below.

Why is online gambling in Canada on the rise?

In countries like Singapore, Lebanon and Cambodia, restrictive laws against casinos are implemented to prevent gambling addiction and fraud. If you’re residing in these areas, you might have to install VPN services and find other ways to access online casino sites. Fortunately, the case in Canada is different. You can place your bets knowing you aren’t breaking any laws, which significantly improved the online casino scene altogether. 

This is just one of the many reasons why the country’s gambling scene is evolving by the year. Take a look at the other factors below:

Easy access to the Internet

If there’s one thing that the Great White North takes pride in, it’s the internet reliability and speed that remains unmatched. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), every Canadian who has a fast internet connection comes with download speeds of 50mbs and upload speeds of 10mbs. This is mainly because a huge chunk of the country’s population is working from home. 

In addition, the national government aims to offer better access by improving the data cap along with latency levels. This means that citizens can finally use the internet with decreased downtime and cheaper rates. Modern communication stations have also been installed even in the most remote areas of the country, reaching users who don’t live in the metro. 

Now that almost every Canadian has internet access, online gambling becomes more accessible and widespread. It opens doors for a decent gaming scene where people can play on their gadgets anytime and anywhere. 

Online gambling is legalised at a provincial level

Now that gambling in Canada is largely recognised, it’s hard to imagine that the country considered it a crime. Compared to before, participating in most forms of gambling will have you pay a fine and land in jail if proven guilty. 

However, when the 1970s came, things started to change for the better. What was once considered to be illegal gambling activities became accessible to citizens. Additionally, in 1985, Canadian provinces were given the right to supervise gambling ventures like slots, blackjack and lotteries. 

Today, online casinos are under provincial governance. In 2004, the first province to grant permission to online casinos was British Columbia. Provinces like Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec also did the same thing, which further legalised table games and online slots. Aside from casino games, they currently have the power to regulate sports betting.

Gambling in Canada is also flexible, diverse and less restrictive compared to other nations. For instance, when you visit online casino gambling sites, all you have to do is say it’s for recreational purposes and not business. When you withdraw your winnings, you won’t have to pay taxes. Its relaxed approach and regulations paved the way for more freedom in the sector, allowing players to gamble without a hitch.

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A massive mobile market

Back when smartphones were still not a thing, you might have to wait for hours before you could go home and join a blackjack table on your home computer. Sure, you have the option to bring your laptop and gamble on the train, but it would be an inconvenience. Besides, you don’t want to see the judging look of a fellow commuter just because you want to spend your free time in an online casino.

Thanks to the rise of mobile gaming, accessing casino games is now within your reach wherever you are. This is the same case in Canada, where a massive mobile market has contributed to the development of its gambling industry. Recent cell phone statistics state that the country is one of the most connected countries worldwide when it comes to mobile devices. 

This has led various casino sites to launch mobile casinos, offering optimised games perfect for smartphones. They offer the same excitement, bonuses and promotions that can be found in desktop counterparts. 

Now, Canadian players can use their phones to place wagers, choose different payment methods like ApplePay or PayPal and participate in sports betting. There’s also an option to bet using crypto in Bitcoin casino sites like Bitcasino!

Lucrative casino bonuses

Some gamblers aren’t a fan of bonuses and promotions, especially when online casino operators would use them to scam players. However, due to better transparency and security, bonuses are now a part of a casino’s marketing strategy. 

What’s more, Canadians have access to various bonuses the moment they create an account. For instance, when you join Bitcasino, you’d be rewarded with free spins, free chips or cash rewards if you participate in tournaments and promotions. You also get the chance to become a part of the VIP club and enjoy unique perks you won’t find anywhere else!

There is a wider variety of casino games

Given that the growth of Canada’s online casino scene is unstoppable, online casinos are now offering thousands of games to every player in the country. That way, you will be encouraged to keep placing bets because the choices are diverse in terms of rewards, gameplay and mechanics. 

If you want to relax after facing the computer for eight hours, you can try your luck in online slots with different themes like adventure, horror and Ancient Egypt. There are also several progressive slots found online, rewarding you with bigger payouts in every spin. 

Another option would be table games like blackjack, baccarat and poker. If you’re a Canadian who loves playing with strategies, then these games can quench your thirst for challenges. You can play live dealer titles if you’re ready to win real money or practise using AI-powered games to enhance your knowledge before wagering. 

With this, casino trends will enter the Canadian gaming scene in no time. This includes VR-based gaming to make gambling even more realistic, immersive and interactive. You don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar casino just to experience that sophisticated gambling night.

The pandemic positively impacted the industry

It may seem off for some people to hear that the pandemic has positive effects, given its notorious reputation for negatively changing things. However, in the case of gambling in Canada, the coronavirus helped the casino industry to thrive even more. Since the government needed to get things under control and prevent cases from surging, establishments had to close down. This includes restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theatres, among others. 

Self-isolation and social distancing have also been discouraged to keep everyone safe. Canadians were left with no choice but to stay inside and kill time using the Internet. This led some of them to discover the wonders of online casinos, giving them the chance to win prizes and enjoy them at once.

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Where can Canadians discover great online casino games?

If you’re a citizen in Canada hoping to ride in on the online casino craze, then there’s great news for you. With lots of online casinos to choose from, it wouldn’t be hard for you to start your casino journey and earn big from your preferred games. However, with several options to choose from, which sites are the most reliable, transparent and diverse? Check them out below:

Considered one of the most recognised online casinos in the industry, offers a plethora of popular casino slot games on the platform. It is known for providing the best transparency and security for players since transactions are mainly done using cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP), to name a few. 

Since Canada is known for its unending love for slot games, you can find the most thrilling online slots here. They are created by the most reputable software developers like Caleta, Pragmatic Play, Booming Games and many more. 

You might find it challenging to choose a game to play due to the number of themes you will find. If you’re a fan of horror stories and mythical creatures, then Wicked Witch by Habanero or Vampires vs Wolves by Pragmatic Play can kickstart your slot adventure. Whatever your preference is, our selection of games will never fail you!

For Canadians who love to engage in sports betting, there’s no better choice than It was established in 2016 and has been one of the top betting sites in the market since its launch. Players are allowed to participate in live betting and streaming for different sports such as soccer, American football, tennis and basketball. 

Although it is best known as a reliable betting platform, also has a huge library of casino games every Canadian would enjoy. It features the most popular casino card games in the market, including blackjack, baccarat and poker. The Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution, for example, will let you interact with a live dealer and other players in real-time! 

Lots of live game shows are also available on the site if you’re in the mood for enthusiastic gameplay. Get ready to be kept at the edge of your seat when you play Mega Ball, Monopoly Live and Sweet Bonanza! is undeniably one of the best online casino sites in Canada. Its life-like gambling would attract potential Canadians to be immersed in the growing online casino scene. The platform is also relentless in expanding its selection of games, including lottery, table games and online slots, among many others. 

The platform also makes it its mission to establish a loyal customer base through promotions, rewards and bonuses. The moment you sign up for an account, you have several opportunities to take advantage of so you can bag prizes instantly.

For instance, you can join the Spinomenal Series Tournament happening at the moment. If you’re lucky enough to win, you get the chance to win prizes from the 60,000 USDT prize pool!

The future of online gambling in Canada

There’s no denying that the future of the online casino industry in the Great White North is bright and full of possibilities. Now that more online casinos are on the rise, thousands of casino games are waiting to be launched and make everyone’s gaming experience diverse. The presence of stable internet connectivity, bonus offers and relaxed gambling laws in Canada will also stay and further develop the casino scene at every turn. 

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of online casinos, then Bitcasino is the best place to start online gambling in Canada! All you have to do is sign up, make a deposit and play your preferred games to begin your journey with a bang. 

Words by: Rachelle Bulalacao

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Gambling in Canada: Why are online casinos on the rise?