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Flaws of the Martingale system in blackjack

Flaws of the Martingale system in blackjack


How Martingale works

The Martingale is blackjack’s most alluring system, whether you’re playing the game in an online casino such as Bitcasino or in a more traditional establishment. It seems on first acquaintance to be flawless and that you couldn’t fail if you used it, but take a closer look and you’ll find that this is a risky system to adopt and it could wipe out your bankroll pretty quickly. To understand how this is so, it’s necessary to take a closer look at how the system works in a crypto casino game of bitcoin roulette. You’ll then be in a better and more informed position to decide whether this is the right strategy for you to adopt.

Originating in 18th-century France, the Martingale system in blackjack is what is known as a “negative progression” system. The MO of such systems is that when you are losing, you increase your bets. The Martingale system is in fact the mother of all negative progressions because after each of your losses, you double your stakes. For example, if you bet £50 and lost, then your next bet would be for £100 and then £400 if you lost that one too. If at some point, you win one of your bets, then the stake will return to your original amount plus a small profit.

The odds

The idea behind this system, and the reason why it is so popular with seasoned players and novices alike, is that it immediately wipes out losses that have been suffered on a losing streak, and then you can concentrate once more on making positive gains and working to break even again after a loss. To return to the same scenario, if you have lost two bets on blackjack at a crypto casino with an original stake of £50 and have had to make the next wager of £400, then if you won this bet, you would be breaking even again and restarting the betting cycle with your original £50.

According to the mathematics of the Martingale system, once you have won a hand at blackjack, you’ll show one unit of profit, where one unit is the same size as the stake with which you started. If your initial bet is £5 and you have lost three bets in a row, then you’d have to stake £40 on the fourth bet, taking the level of exposure to £75. However, on winning this fourth hand, you’d receive £80, leaving you £5 in profit. 

Martingale in the real world

The great attraction of the Martingale system at Bitcasino and other bitcoin gambling sites is that in a purely mathematical sense, it is unassailable and essentially bulletproof. The problem is that the gaming world is not one of pure mathematics and in fact has its own variables and practical characteristics. For you to be able to rely on Martingale working at all in your favour, the first requisite is an enormous bankroll.

Consider, for example, if you stake an opening bet of £10 on a bitcoin gambling site blackjack game. After losing only your first six bets, you’d need to place £640 on the next one in the hope of winning that hand. This is in itself far in excess of what regular players are willing to stake, so in the real world, Martingale is unpractical from the typical player’s viewpoint.

Now, consider an ideal scenario in which you do in fact possess such an enormous bankroll. The Martingale system would under such circumstances definitely work in theory, but the rules of the casino would at that point step in to make sure that it actually failed. That is because every casino, whether it’s online or in the real world, has an upper limit for betting, so even if you have limitless resources, you’ll find it impossible to implement the Martingale system correctly in any casino environment.  

The only way to make the Martingale system work in your favour at bitcoin roulette is to keep doubling your stakes until you are able to win. If external factors intrude at any point, or bear any influence on the game, then the whole system collapses. It’s all or nothing, like the spin of a coin. The lesson from this is that any player looking for decent profits, which presumably means everyone, should be looking beyond Martingale.

On the other hand, and in common with most forms of bitcoin gambling, using the system in small doses does have its merits. However, to rely on it as your only strategy for winning would be simply asking for trouble.


On the plus side, you have a decent chance of winning if you play for a short while, but only if you’re okay with suffering big losses if things go wrong. It is also a very simple system to use, and your bet can be for any amount you like.

The main disadvantage is that you can lose heavily after just a few hands, and this is a characteristic of negative progression systems in general. You can run out of cash frighteningly quickly unless you have a huge bankroll, and bitcoin casino rules may step in to prevent you from betting the amount needed to recoup your losses and make the system work. It’s also hard to know when you should stop, as you can easily find yourself chasing your losses and betting more than you wanted to.

Whether or not you want to give the Martingale system a spin, at Bitcasino you’ll find every type of traditional casino game as well as a great choice of others. We have everything from bitcoin slots and bitcoin roulette to bitcoin poker and many other types of online gambling with bitcoin. Download the free software and get started playing your favourite bitcoin games today.

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Words: Sean McNulty
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Flaws of the Martingale system in blackjack
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