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Types of casino players you’ll love or hate

Types of casino players you’ll love or hate

Types of casino players you’ll love or hate

Mon Oct 18 2021 01:20:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Gambling is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. That is one of the charms of coming to a casino, you will never know what kind of people you’ll bump into. You might meet casino players you wish to never see again, or you might find a friend for life in the gambling world.

If the unpredictability of casino games excites you, then you will love to meet other gamblers who are just as diverse as the games themselves. Meeting new people with the same interests is always a good thing, but of course, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns in the world of casinos. You will also meet people in casinos that you wish you never did.

Let us introduce you to the different kinds of casino players you can observe in a gaming house. Whether they are playing online or in brick-and-mortar casinos, they are likely to make an appearance at some point. Which of these gamblers sounds the most like you?

Different types of casino players you’ll meet

The casino is a pool not just of various games but also of different personalities. Come find out the types of players that you would love to meet at the betting table and see which category you belong to:

1. The newbie

Among the types of casino players, the newbies are the ones that stick out the most. There is always at least one player in an online casino that still hasn't found their way yet. Their overfriendliness to every player and casual way of playing it cool when they don’t know what to do in games are their biggest giveaways.

They may ask questions that will make a seasoned player’s eyes roll, but newbies are generally nice people. They just need a little bit of assistance. If you like teaching other players the commandments of casino etiquette, you might enjoy the company of newbies.

2. The old dog

Now, the old dog is the absolute opposite of newbies so while you find newbies easy to hang out with, old dogs might seem intimidating. These are seasoned players who have been around for years. They know all the cool and useful tricks in the casino. Although they might get a little judgy at times, that just comes with learning too many things about the casino and the games.

If you think you can stand a little bit of cockiness, you will certainly learn a lot from the old dogs. They know how to make the most of their visit to a casino.

3. The black cat

If you are guessing that this type of player has something to do with bad luck, you are absolutely right. Black cat players are harbingers of losing bets, the types of gamblers who always lose no matter what. What’s amazing about them, however, is that they never give up. They are the ones who enjoy the thrill of the game rather than the wins themselves.


4. The cheap thrill

Cheap thrill players are so-so in the casino scene. These folks love to keep it safe when it comes to their bets. They are confident in the betting table and charge at every round when in reality, they are betting with less than a pound. There's no harm done in hanging with cheap thrills but if you're looking for thrilling game rounds with mind-blowing bets, then you might want to consider another crowd.

5. The phantom

These players come and go. One time they are there and the next thing they are not. For what reason? No one really knows. These are the kinds of players that don't bet, don't participate in the live conversation and don't play. They just appear whenever they want, observe games, then they are gone again. You can only speculate as to why they like to come to the casino, but we’d bet it’s because they love the thrilling atmosphere of gambling houses. It might be weird for some players, but it’s actually fun to see them once in a while. It’s like a ghost sighting!

6. The angry parrot

The players you’ve met so far are the ones that you will either love or tolerate, but of course, the world of online casinos isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. You will meet players that you might wish never to encounter again and one of those is the angry parrot—the annoying people at every casino.

These players are the absolute drama queens of the betting table. Granted, they can be good players and when they win, they are buzzing with excitement. However, when they lose, you better exit before they start yelling or typing in capital letters. These players will swear like a sailor and repeat over and over again how unfair the games are and how the dealers are not doing their job. You can either avoid this person or try not to be them.

7. The chill pill

Last but not least are the chill pill players. If angry parrots lash out when they lose, chill pill players are the type to stay calm all the time. They ride the high of the moment and accept the downs as well. These are the types of players who know how to have fun since they aren’t too focused on winning. Instead, they centre their attention on simply having fun. With that said, chill pill players are who you should strive to be.

Enjoy an amazing casino experience!

Good company is one of the recipes for enjoying your time at the casino. Learning what type of casino players you hang out with will improve your experience and make every bet worthwhile. You might meet a few that will discourage you, but they don’t have to matter if you don’t want them to. After all, in the world of online casinos, you are the most important player and you can choose which type you want to be.

Words by: Ana Gundran

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Types of casino players you’ll love or hate