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Biggest poker contests coming in 2019

Biggest poker contests coming in 2019


When it comes to poker tournaments, they have without a doubt grown in popularity over the last decade – by a significant amount. Poker has always been a popular game, but with the advent of the internet, its popularity seems to have exploded! Not only has the popularity exploded, but so also has the exposure of poker tournaments. The prize funds have been rising steadily and this shows no sign of slowing down.

There seems to be a new tournament popping up every week at the moment, but despite the new kids on the block trying to grab their spot, there are still a number of huge tournaments that dominate the landscape. Which are the biggest tournaments that are coming up in 2019?

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest poker tournament in the world. It is not just the biggest poker tournament in the world, but it is also celebrating its 50th year at the 2019 tournament. This means that the Las Vegas tournament is expected to be the biggest ever.

Starting on 28 May and lasting all the way until 16 July, it is going to offer over a month of top-class poker. The main event will run from 3 July. The 2018 tournament had a total prize fund of $266.8m, which set a record, and the 2019 edition is expected to outdo it and become the record holder.

The World Series of Poker will be available to watch in a number of different ways and is sure to showcase some of the best poker players in the world taking part in some intense and high-stakes poker action. If you are a fan of poker, then the World Series of Poker has to be the tournament that you watch over all others.

Poker King Cup Macau

The Poker King Cup Macau is an event that is growing year on year. This year, it will include a high roller and super high roller event with huge buy-ins. The high roller event will have a buy-in of $10,000 and the super high roller event will have a buy-in of $26,000. This is definitely an event for the big-time players.

Running across six days, from 15 March until 21 March, it will offer plenty of high-stakes action for poker fans. It will also include a $130,000 prize fund warm-up event with a buy-in of $900 plus a $96 entry fee.

As well as the warm-up event, high roller and super high roller events, there will also be a $650,000 prize fund for the Poker King Cup itself. It promises to be the biggest poker event ever hosted in Macau and all players will be aiming to walk away with a huge win in their pockets. Each year, the Poker King Cup Macau grows bigger, and this could be one of the biggest poker tournaments on the calendar this year.

World Poker Tour Aria Summer Championship

World Poker Tour puts on a number of huge events throughout the year. World Poker Tour has some of the biggest-name players entering its tournaments, and these tournaments get a vast amount of viewers. The Aria Summer Championship is World Poker Tour’s biggest tournament of the summer. With everyone from celebrity players to top poker players expected to enter, it promises to be a seriously entertaining event.

Of course, the buy-in of $10,000, including the entrance fee, means that it will be a high-rolling tournament. This always bring out the more adventurous players and guarantees some serious tension in the games. While the prize pool has not been announced yet, it is sure to be impressive, especially with the large buy-in.

This tournament will be one of the challengers to the World Series of Poker, especially as it runs from 27 May until 31 May, which overlaps the World Series of Poker. Can it compete? The only way to find out is to watch.

European Poker Tour: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Located within Monaco, it is both beautiful and a hotbed for fantastic events. The Monte Carlo leg of the European Poker Tour is without a doubt the most prestigious, and it shows this with both the higher-than-usual buy-ins and its location at the Monte Carlo Casino.

With a buy-in of $6,000, it is definitely for the higher-rolling players. The tournament runs from 25 April until 4 May. The main event itself runs from 29 May onwards, and before that it runs the French National Championships.

It is a prestigious event that holds a huge amount of sway within Europe. It may never compete with the truly global players such as the World Series of Poker, but it still attracts big-name players and has superb prize pools available. This guarantees incredible games and enjoyable poker action.

If that tickles your fancy…

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Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock & PA


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