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Sports betting with 3ICE: The ultimate Ice Hockey betting guide

Sports betting with 3ICE: The ultimate Ice Hockey betting guide

Sports betting with 3ICE: The ultimate Ice Hockey betting guide

Tue May 17 2022 10:10:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Ice Hockey might just be the perfect choice for you to start betting on. With its fun and rewarding nature, you are given a convenient and thrilling way to enjoy your favourite sport. 

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To spice things up for fans, Bitcasino has partnered with the 3ICE league to elevate the betting experience even more. This new format brings ice hockey to a different level by introducing a 3-on-3 league that can fill up the gap in between seasons.

Instead of your normal format, seasoned hockey players from different teams will join forces for the coveted cup of the league. Moreover, this will strip the game down to the best parts of the sport so you would have more chances of betting for your favourite players and outcomes.

What makes Bitcasino different from other sites is that it offers news and statistical information about the upcoming games of the 3ICE format. This way, you’ll have better odds to win large payouts when you start betting on the platform. 

What are you waiting for? Start your ice hockey experience here with us at Bitcasino and ready your wagers for the upcoming season that everybody’s excited about!

Betting in Ice Hockey explained

Whether you’re new to this or have been betting at ice hockey games for a while, you’d still need to freshen up your memory of the ins and outs of the sport. Here’s a breakdown of the concepts you need to know about 3ICE. 

The league format in 3ICE

Something new in the ice hockey industry is brewing here at Bitcasino with the 3ICE format. This will turn the game into a 3-on-3 hockey league with players coming from different teams playing in various competitions of the sport. 

The league changes how things run in the ice hockey scene because instead of rooting for your home teams, you’ll be zeroing in on the players and their team-ups in the upcoming matches this June 2022! 

They will consist of eight groups with six players and one goalie. No player will remain in their home cities. Instead, they will team up with other players from different teams depending on what the playoffs and coaches will come up with. 

To conclude the event, the season will end with a final league championship. This will be played by teams who won the 3-on-3 format matches. 

Ice hockey stats 

Since the format of the league will change the mechanics of ice hockey, it's important to know about each player’s statistics. That means you need to be aware of how they might fare in their respective games when paired against each other on the 3ICE format. 

This is possible by perusing the performance records and playing history of the players you are rooting for. You can find this information on plenty of independent ice hockey statistics databases or right here at Bitcasino. 

Ice hockey odds

Before you start to learn about the ice hockey bets for 3ICE, understanding the differences between the odds for your bets is vital. This can help you win massive payouts because you have an idea of what wagers will work on you and the players and teams you’re rooting for. 

Here are the different types of hockey odds that you can encounter:


Moneyline simply means the odds for a team to win. It’s just betting on the winning team that you think would win the match or the league, depending on what type of bet you’re wagering for. 

It also has two categories such as the underdog and the favourite. The underdog is denoted with a minus sign (-) while the favourite has a positive sign (+) right next to it. 


For decimal odds, this tells you the amount of profit you can gain for every unit wagered. This represents the total payout you can get with your wagers instead of just showing you the profits you gain. 

For example, you wager €1 for a team, when they win you get €2.50 winnings for 2.50 odds. This all depends on the number that’s present on the statistical board of the team or player you are betting on. 


Many bookmakers use this kind of betting odds for their sportsbooks due to its straightforward format. You just have to take note of how much you bet (the denominator) and the amount you stand to gain with every wager (the numerator). 

For example, an odds of 15/5 gives you a winning of €15 for every €5 you have wagered for. 

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The types of Ice Hockey bets for 3ICE

Now that you know about the betting odds, you can start to master the types that you can opt for when wagering here at Bitcasino. These are as follows:

League bets

For high-risk wagers, league bets are the favourite among sports betting enthusiasts. This just means that you’re going to bet on the result of the entire league or season. In 3ICE, you have to wager for the team that you think would covet the cup for the whole league. 

Although it can be a risky bet, the yields for this are high. Not only can you wager for the outcome of the game but you can also wager for the season’s most valuable player (MVP) and other outcomes determined by a series of matches. 

Moneyline bets

This is the most straightforward bet you can make since all you have to do is predict who you think will win in a match or the entire league. No other conditions are needed, once the team you are rooting for wins, you gain profitable payouts depending on the odds presented with each round. 

Puck line bets

The puck line bets are similar to point spread bets in other sports. You have to determine the margin of points by which your team will win against the opponent. To win, the score margin should be greater than the odds presented.

Total bets

In this betting type, the winner of the match is not relevant. You only have to keep your eyes on the total score for each team. For this, you have to predict the total number of goals for each team and whether it’ll be over or under the odds given by the bookies. 

It’s more complicated than determining who wins the match. You have to correctly guess whether the teams would score a specific amount of goals related to the odds offered by the sportsbook. 

Parlay bets

If you want to spice things up for your bets, you can opt for a parlay. This often includes several types of bets including the Moneyline, totals and puck line. 

It can be riskier than just simply betting on the Moneyline but the rewards are massive once you win. However, to win this, you have to make sure that all your bets will have favourable outcomes. 

Future bets

It’s possible to bet on future outcomes in 3ICE hockey such as season champions, the MVP, the highest-scoring team and so on. The outcome isn’t just determined by one game, it is dependent on a series of matches that will be played in the league. 

Proposition bets

To make your betting more exciting, proposition bets are offered by bookies. This type of bet does not rely on the outcome of the game or series. Often, it includes bets like who will score first, which player will score for their team first, the total shots taken in the game and so on. 

The profits aren’t as rewarding and you won’t get to rely on the odds that the bookkeeper provides. Your bets will be determined purely by your hunch on how the game progresses. However, it does add excitement for when you watch the 3ICE tournament league. 

Live bets

You can opt for in-play bets as the game is progressing in real-time. These are called live bets and can be similar to outright bets and Moneyline bets. However, the odds change as the game progresses. 

Live bets often change depending on the course of the matches. Often, players do significantly different things on the rink that can change the outcome. 

The grand salami

This type of bet is specific for ice hockey only. You’re given the chance to predict the total scores of all the games that are played within the day. The bookkeeper will give you the odds and you have to bet on each game whether the total score will be over or under. 

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Strategies to win your bets in 3ICE hockey

It can be confusing at first to bet on your first 3ICE hockey game but that shouldn’t hinder you from gaining good profits. Fortunately, there are strategies you can try to steer the odds in your favour.

Here are some techniques that might help you maximise your betting at Bitcasino:

Understanding the laws of probability

You have to keep an eye out for the odds of each game you wager. Although this doesn’t dictate the outcome of the game, the results can still turn out to be as such. Each of the odds linked to the event represents the result of it happening. That's why you need to be vigilant. 

Don’t rely on the regular season stats

Knowing the game history and statistics of players can help you make an educated decision about your wagers but this does not mean that you have to rely solely on that. A lot can happen within the game and it depends on the performance of the team and each player.

It’s better that you evaluate how the team is doing in their current game than exclusively relying on statistics of previous games. 

Your favourites don’t always win

Most of the time, the fan favourite wins the odds of a certain game but that doesn’t mean it happens all the time. Going all-in with your favourites isn’t the smartest move. Your favourite team or player might have had a good match in previous games but that won’t mean it’ll happen again in the succeeding events. 

Bet on what you know

It’s easy to understand the bets you can make at 3ICE hockey but that doesn’t mean you’ll know everything right away. This takes time to master with many wins and losses that you will encounter as you go along.

The best way to profit from your wagers is by betting on what you know. This way, you have control over your bankroll without having to lose money right off the bat. 

Know when you should bet on the puck line

Bookies often offer the puck line bet to even out the wagers placed on the game. After all, this bet allows you to wager for both sides of the team. However, it’s not all the time that you have to wager for this, especially when you’re new to ice hockey. 

Shop for the best odds

One bookmaker is not enough for you to win profits. You have to shop around different sites to see which ones offer the best odds. Worry not at Bitcasino because you’ll be handed good odds that will give you a bang for your buck.

Never trust the miracle betting system

Some bookkeepers often have a miracle betting system. This is an algorithm that is supposed to dictate the winning bet based on various factors that the program has put into consideration. Although this type of bet offers a statistical advantage for you, it isn’t always right. 

It’s still best that you trust the odds and the events that transpire in the playoffs instead of letting an algorithm dictate what you will wager on. 

Think like a coach

Coaches know what they are doing for their players on the rink. They adjust the lineup, offence and defence to take advantage of the opponent’s weakness to win. That’s an important aspect to consider when you’re placing your wagers. 

It’s time that you think like a coach before placing your bets. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they’re going to do once the match starts. 

Don’t overextend and increase your wagers too much

The longer the season plays, the larger the limits are raised when it comes to betting. This does not mean that you have to also increase your wagers. This is often a mistake that many bettors make because they are blinded by the profits that large wagers have to offer. 

Always stick to the limits you set on your bankroll so your money doesn’t deplete. You can still make a considerable profit even with smaller wagers. 

Feel the 3ICE experience when you bet here at Bitcasino!

Start your 3ICE journey here at Bitcasino with the array of wagers that you can place. There are also plenty of promotions that are being created to make your experience all the more memorable. 

An action-packed adventure awaits you on the rink so learn all the wagers you might need to know about sports betting so you’re ready when the official match starts!

Words by: Ryah Sunday Carreon

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Sports betting with 3ICE: The ultimate Ice Hockey betting guide