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Maximal Excitement. Maximal Adventure. Maximal Reward. “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” Slot Review

Maximal Excitement. Maximal Adventure. Maximal Reward. “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” Slot Review

Maximal Excitement. Maximal Adventure. Maximal Reward. “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” Slot Review

Thu Dec 06 2018 14:24:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This action-packed adventure game is not your typical video slot. Betsoft Gaming have created a unique combination of a skilled-based multiplayer video shooter and a video slot that is astonishingly unconventional and impossible to pull away from once you’ve stepped into the perilous world of mythical Ancient Egypt to battle the old gods themselves. This is a review of the “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” video slot by Betsoft Gaming.

The Quest

In Ancient Egypt, Ra was the great sun god, and one of the most important ones in the pantheon. He was the personification of the noon sun, and the sun disk was believed to be the eye of Ra.

In the world of the “Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra” slot game, an immense treasure has been discovered in the lost tombs of Ancient Egypt. The burial grounds where the treasure is located are said to belong to the embodiment of the three Egyptian gods, no less. Then the bold treasure hunters set foot in the underground burial chambers, ancient magic awakens, and the wrath of the gods swells like a dark tide. Only the bravest and the firm-handed ones can survive this epic quest and lay their hands on the riches of the pharaohs.

The Game

This exceptional slot shares the signature traits of the traditional PC shooter games and can be played by several players at once. You begin by selecting your character (5 options available) and customizing their avatar (you can choose from 10 versions of the avatar frame and 10 versions of the background). Next, you will need to buy bullets, and choose which room in the recently uncovered ancient tomb you will start your adventure with.

In this game, instead of spinning, you shoot. The cost per bullet is your bet, and the Game Rooms have a different cost per bullet amounts set for them. Once you find yourself inside the tomb, the gates to the underworld open, and various hellish creatures attack you, from various scarabs to fearsome mummy warriors. Each shot you make is guaranteed to hit an enemy. If there is no enemy in sight, the value of the shot is returned to you, so that you don’t waste money. Every enemy figure contains multiple prizes and, when you kill the supernatural monster, you are awarded one of these prizes randomly.

If there are several players, they will need to come together to kill the Boss.

The Enemy

The lower-level enemies are the following creepy critters: Scarab Hatchling, Shadow Scarab, Golden Tomb Scrabbler, and the Ruby Crypt Watcher. The anthropomorphic abominations that you will have a good time dispatching are the Wrapped Minion, Wrapped Shadowguard, Tahawy Warrior, Crimson Bataanta, and Emerald Bataanta. The pesky mummies can be randomly resurrected after you have already shot them un-undead. By the power of Ra, they can rise from the ashes and become a Risen Fire enemy that is much more difficult to kill again. You will have to spend much more bullets on them than on the regular creatures, but the rewards for that deed of valor will be higher too.

The Weapons

As you shoot, your bullets are spent, no eventually you will need to buy more bullets. The bullets you buy are for the default weapon, but you can also choose to purchase a Special Weapon Loot Chest (or several of them) which contains a random special weapon: Shotgun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Laser or Plasma Rifle. You can also obtain a special weapon when an enemy that you have shot drops one. You do not need to pay for the bullets when you buy a special weapon. At the end of each round, the special weapons that you have left unused are converted to the Surplus Bonus.

The Rising Gods

At the end of each game round, one of the three ancient Wrathful Gods of Egypt may rise. If this calamity occurs, all players need to unite to kill this powerful and malicious being. With each shot you fire at the Risen God, you can win cash prizes, and the more damage you cause, the more valuable the prizes are. Once the God has been defeated, all the collected rewards will be distributed among all the players who took part in the battle, according to their contribution. This means that the more fiercely you fight, the higher is your chance to damage the enemy, and thus the greater your rewards will be.

The Competition

The other features that this groundbreaking video slot has taken from the PC shooter games are the Experience Points (XP), Quests, and Leaderboards.

As you get rid of the scarabs and mummies and complete the Quests, you earn XP points that increase your player level and help you to get to the top of the Leaderboard.

The Quests are randomly given to you, 25 at a time, and bring you more XP points when successfully completed. Sometimes, you will need to kill a particular number of special kind of monsters, and sometimes you will need to find a special Collectible Treasure.

The players’ ranking is displayed on the Leaderboards according to the XP that they have gained during their adventures. The players whose names are the highest on the list will be awarded the Treasure Chests with cash prizes.


Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra” is truly amazing. It has the look and feel of an RPG shooter while preserving the core of a traditional slot game. In the beginning, you get to choose and customize your character, buy the ammo, and select the starting point. After the preparations have been completed, with one click, you are spirited away into the world where desert sand polished the stones of the ancient tombs and their terrible, older-than-the-pyramids occupants stretch their decaying arms to you, animated by the fiery wrath of the old gods.

The game certainly has an unconventional look and might seem baffling to someone encountering it for the first time: there will be no actual reels, no spins, no betlines. However, beneath the fancy interface and the first-person-shooter gameplay, there is the good old video slot mechanics: every shot you make is a bet, and bigger and riskier bets yield larger prizes. Also, every shot is a guaranteed hit, so that the players who do not play shooters regularly will not be at a disadvantage: the wins still depend on luck, just as they always do in slots.

All in all, this is a very interesting combination of genres and one that is worth trying out. The gameplay is interactive and dynamic, the graphics are superb, and once you begin clearing the enchanted tombs of the forces of evil, it is almost impossible to stop.

Words: Jelena Schmidt

Images: Shutterstock

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Maximal Excitement. Maximal Adventure. Maximal Reward. “Max Quest: Wrath of Ra” Slot Review

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