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    Get Inside the Wild Elements

    Get Inside the Wild Elements


    Get into the Wild Elements and experience the effects it brings. The Goddesses of each element will release their powers on the reels to give you what you deserve.

    Wild Elements is a video slot that centres around the goddesses of the 4 elements along with the Goddess of Fortune. This is a slot game brought to you by Red Tiger Gaming, the game developer behind titles like Elven Magic, Epic Journey, Masquerade and many more.

    Wild Elements uses 7 reels that provide you with 30 ways to win. The regular paying symbols used are the different card suits while the high paying symbols are the different elements. The Wild uses different goddesses as its symbols and can substitute all the paying symbols. The regular paying symbols can also transform into Wild symbols during Mystic Spins.

    The design of the symbols is unique because it takes the form of vibrant crystal shards that are elongated. These crystal shards are in different vibrant colours that make them look like they are glowing. The elements have depictions that correlate them to the symbols and the goddesses. 

    The air element uses the lavender colour and has a flower in the middle of the symbol. The water element has a bright blue colour with a wave-like pattern in the middle of the symbol. The earth element has the colouring of lively green grass that has an eight-pointed star in the middle of the symbol. The fire element is depicted through the orange colouring of a flame roaring in the middle of its symbol.

    The Wild Elements slot game brings a new kind of experience to how you play slots. The wider reel format means you can land bigger combinations to get substantial wins. It has a design no one has ever seen in a slot game before. Come play Wild Elements now and get a chance to win prizes that can give you up to 5,000x your stake. Hurry and don’t miss this opportunity. You might just be the lucky person to win big.

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