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Why so many players like slots

Why so many players like slots


Despite their reputation as the preferred game for more casual casino-goers, slot machines continue to be one of the most popular choices in both land-based and online casinos. In fact, so popular are slot machines in physical casinos that in 2015, out of a total of $761.6m gambled in Las Vegas, $594.7m was spent on slot machines. Without question, this startling figure puts slot machines as the most popular casino game by a wide margin. The reasons for this are a combination of psychological and practical matters. On the psychological end, slot machines are so popular because they are designed to catch the attention and have a remarkable ability to lure in passersby with a siren song of bright lights and satisfying sounds. On the practical end of the spectrum, the gameplay of slot machines is fast-paced and very approachable, which means that even the least experienced casino-goers can get up and playing in relatively little time. This combination of factors, among others, has worked together to make slot machines and video slots a staple of any casino whether online or brick and mortar.

Physical attraction and human psychology

One of the main reasons why slot machines, particularly in land-based casinos, are so popular is down to a simple quirk of human psychology: distractibility. While card games attract players with the prospect of wining big and the general mystique surrounding the game, games such as roulette and slots draw in players by sheer force of will! Slots are designed with attention grabbing in mind, and it’s hard not to be drawn in by the distinctive sounds, bright lights and seductive graphics of the game. Once you have been drawn in and have a couple of games under the belt, the other side of the mental manipulation kicks in. The actual gameplay of slots is designed to be approachable and highly satisfying, and the bright flashing graphics and satisfying clunk of the level or button as you pull it (or push it in the case of online slots) creates a powerful emotional connection to the game that is hard to pull yourself away from.

Affordability and approachability

Casinos can sometimes get a bad reputation for being somewhat elitist, with novice players often mistakenly assuming that they cater to high rollers only. If you plan on only hanging around the card tables with big pay-outs, then this might certainly be the case. However, not all casino games are created equal, and when it comes to online casinos, there is a game for all skill levels. One of the most appealing things about slots in both online and physical casinos is the approachability of the game. Even blackjack, one of the simplest card games to play, has a significant barrier to entry in terms of the complexity of the ruleset. With slots, however, this is not the case, and novice players can get up and playing at a high level within a matter of minutes. In fact, slot machines are designed to be essentially self-explanatory and you shouldn’t usually need a long instructional about how to get playing and the advanced features. This low barrier to entry adds substantially to its overall popularity as it is the perfect game for first-time casino-goers.

Limitless variety

A further aspect of slots that makes them such an enduring classic in both online and physical casinos relates to the seemingly endless variety of them. Although the actual mechanics of the game are fairly similar across all varieties, the only limit to the design of a slot game are the limits of the human imagination! In fact, it is the simplicity of slots that makes it such a perfectly adaptable game. As such, you will find yourself overloaded with choice when it comes to selecting a game type to play, and no matter what your individual preferences are when it comes to gameplay or aesthetic, there is a version out there for you!

Winning odds

Although it might seem like the gameplay is based purely on chance with individual skill levels having no impact on your chances of winning, when you crunch the numbers, slot machines have surprisingly good odds for players. Slots have become known in land-based casinos for having better-than-average pay-outs. Often, these average pay-out percentages can even best some of the games more often associated with high rollers and big pay-outs, such as poker and blackjack. Typically, physical slot machines will give an 86% pay-out, while online slots will average at around a 90% pay-out rate. These are surprisingly decent, all things considered, and mean that often a slot machine will be a better option if you are looking to win big. Furthermore, slots will often advertise large bonus pay-outs, which makes them an even more attractive option at times. When you consider this, along with the low amount that you usually have to bet per pull – particularly compared to the buy-in rates of card games – slot machines are a solid option in an online or physical casino.


Although you might have previously been tempted to dismiss slots as the game of choice for inexperienced casino-goers, we hope that having read the above article, your opinion will have changed! Slot machines are easily the most popular game played in both online and physical casinos, and for good reason. They offer an easy-to-pick-up style of play that has few barriers to entry and offers satisfying gameplay, giving you that authentic casino experience no matter where you are in the world. Additionally, if you consider the low cost per play and the big potential pay-outs, slots can also potentially be one of the most lucrative options in the casino. If you’ve been swayed by any of the points put forward in the above article, then do not hesitate and get playing today! Bitcasino has one of the biggest ranges of online slots out there, providing users with a play for fun option that lets users “try before they buy”!

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock & Bitcasino


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