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What does live roulette add to online casino experiences?

What does live roulette add to online casino experiences?


Much of what makes roulette such a popular game is the experience of playing it in real life. In fact, there are few sounds so distinctive on the casino floor as the sound of the roulette wheel spinning and the characteristic clunk as the ball starts to settle on the spinning wheel.

These aspects of live roulette are much of what has made it such a firm favourite in casinos across the world. The moment that any novice players step onto the floor of a land-based casino, you will see them flocking to the roulette table, the iconic clicking and whirring of the wheel acting like a siren’s song luring them over to it.

However, despite much of the appeal of real-life roulette being tied to the physical aspects of the game, online roulette has exploded in popularity over the last number of years. In fact, online casino roulette continues to be one of the most popular games played in the entire online casino industry. Evidently, there is something special about playing roulette online that has given it the edge over its land-based counterpart. What makes online roulette so fun, and why are players across the world continuing to be drawn to it?

Online live roulette: the best of both worlds?

Part of what has made online roulette so popular is the emergence of live dealer roulette. Live dealer roulette offers casino fanatics the best of both worlds as it offers online the convenience of traditional online roulette games without sacrificing the physical appeal of land-based roulette. Although it might vary from provider to provider, the way that it works is that a game of live roulette with a real dealer will be played and streamed to you via a live video feed. Often, these are filmed in state-of-the-art video studios with incredibly high production value. This way, you can get all the thrills of a live game from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing any of what makes live roulette so enjoyable. What are the benefits of live dealer roulette over land-based roulette?

Wide selection of online roulette games to suit all tastes

Surprisingly, the majority of land-based casinos will have only a handful of roulette wheels at once. This is typically because they can be quite expensive to run, which makes it difficult to have a wide range of options that cater for a varied customer base. Online casinos, on the other hand, serve a much wider customer base, so they can afford to offer more options. As the overheads are much lower, the focus can be on offering a wider array of roulette wheel types. This means that no matter what your taste is in terms of aesthetics, game type or stakes, you will be covered!

Live dealer roulette: convenience meets gameplay

One of the best things about live dealer roulette is that it takes all the aspects of land-based roulette tables that we love – the look and feel of the table, the sound of the roulette wheel as it spins, and the interactions with the dealer – and combines it with the convenience of online casino gaming. This means that you don’t sacrifice on the overall experience, but still get to enjoy yourself.

The social side of things

Often, online casino games can be a somewhat solitary affair. Most of the time, you are simply playing against the computer, so there is little scope for social interactions with the dealer or your fellow players. While this might suit certain players, others enjoy the social side of casino gaming, which they do to relax in their spare time. With live dealer roulette, however, this is not the case. Being able to see a live dealer conduct the game and interact with them adds something special to the online casino gaming experience by turning it into a social affair. This is one of the biggest bonuses that live roulette has over traditional online casino gaming.

Live roulette online: a touch of realism

When players begin to play a live roulette game for the first time, they will be immediately struck by the differences over its traditional online counterpart. Not only does the unfolding game look more realistic – as one would expect from a live video feed – but there is also something about seeing the wheel spin and the ball bounce in real time that makes the stakes seem all the more “real”. This adds a huge amount to the game and will significantly enhance your enjoyment of it. Seeing the game unfold in real time is a completely different experience compared to traditional graphics-based online roulette games.

Better odds and pay-outs

An overlooked aspect when it comes to live dealer roulette versus traditional online roulette is the difference in odds and overall pay-outs. Surprisingly, live roulette has noticeably higher pay-outs than the regular version of the game. Generally, the stakes will be higher and the pay-outs slightly more lucrative. Furthermore, because you aren’t relying on a piece of software to generate the odds of the ball landing through some very complex algorithms, the true randomness of the odds in live play might just tilt things in your favour. This means that with each spin of a live wheel, you have a slightly higher chance of seeing a pay-out eventually.


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Words: Sean McNulty

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What does live roulette add to online casino experiences?
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