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    Welcome to the House of Fun

    Welcome to the House of Fun


    The House of Fun is true to its name, this slot from Betsoft is a lot of fun. It’s always nice when a slot has a backstory, and this one definitely has. Paul, Jane and their dog are out and about when their car breaks down. As you do, they go down the spooky driveway to the most haunted looking house on the street - their adventure begins there.

    Presented over the 5 x 3 reel setup with a promising 30 paylines, this inclusive slot drags you into the story from the outset. Watching the short film before the game is a must to get a feel for the story, and really makes the whole experience special.

    The signs of a haunting
    Three characters from within the game, along with a cat, a gargoyle, a candelabra, a portrait and a mirror, make up the nine theme related symbols. Oddly, the three characters don’t include our friends from the intro film, but we’re sure they are around somewhere.

    The reels themselves are set onto a solid stone wall out the front of our scary residence. A couple of winged gargoyles sit either side of the reels to make sure there is no doubt as the the scariness of the situation. They make noises and generally interact well with the spinning of the reels, always a welcome feature within a video slot.

    The game doesn’t have any wilds, instead there are three bonus features starring such characters and items as a jack-in-a-box, a madman with a hat and a door knocker.

    Bonus features galore

    Escape Bonus Round
    Activated by getting three or more door knocker bonus symbols on an active payline, this feature takes you to a room with five doors. The aim is the get out, so you must pick a door until you get lucky and it opens for you to leave. With each failure to leave comes a temptation prize, issued by a sinister looking jack-in-a-box. You can chose the same door twice, if you want to the play the system and get a few more prizes, but it’s a gamble of course as you may run out of goes and get stuck.

    Jack Free Spins
    Get these spins by bagging three or more of the jack-in-a-box symbol across the reels. When the spins are in process the middle reel turns wild and remains that way until the round is finished.

    Mad Click Me Feature
    Trigger this one by getting three of the madman bunus symbols across paylines one, two or three. Known as a ‘Pick Me’ game in the industry, this feature lets you select objects on show to be turned into prizes, when you’re done simply tap ‘collect’.

    Bitcasino overview
    Betsoft have hit on a winner with House of Fun. Gaming companies often fail to see the value in a good stroy, but as we are a narrative species it’s often the best way to get through to us humans. A great effort with some creative and considered bonus features, couple this with the creepy story and cracking graphics and you have yourself a winner.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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