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Wanted Dead or a Wild: VIP player hits 2,680,341 USDT jackpot

Wanted Dead or a Wild: VIP player hits 2,680,341 USDT jackpot

Wanted Dead or a Wild: VIP player hits 2,680,341 USDT jackpot

Mon Nov 20 2023 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Get ready for an electrifying tale of triumph as Wanted Dead or a Wild lives up to its name! In a turn of events, a daring high roller set the reels on fire at Bitcasino. Boldly placing the maximum bet of 200 USDT, this lucky VIP player claimed an epic jackpot of 2,680,341 USDT. Moreover, our VIP withdrew and received their massive win the same day, thanks to Bitcasino's lightning-fast crypto payouts.

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Watch this incredible moment unfold when this fortunate player struck gold in the next section.


[WATCH]: Bitcasino VIP player’s 200 USDT bet turns into 2,680,341 USDT jackpot!

Wondering how this lucky player claimed such a massive jackpot in this thrilling slot? Watch the winning moment below:

Here’s a quick play-by-play of how this lucky VIP player turned their 200 USDT bet into the 2,680,341 USDT jackpot by triggering the 

Free Spins feature:
  • Our lucky VIP player boldly placed the maximum wager of 200 USDT.
  • In a stroke of luck, three Duel symbols landed on the reels, triggering the highly coveted Free Spins feature, which rewards 10 free spins.
  • During the first free spin, two VS symbols land on the reels, setting the stage for a thrilling Duel at Dawn, where two multipliers face each other at gunpoint. In this turn, our VIP player won a multiplier of 9x and 7x, with a payout of 1,600 USDT.
  • Then, after five consecutive spins with only one winning combination, another stroke of luck occurred when three VS symbols landed, activating multipliers of 7x, 8x, and 6x, resulting in an epic win of 50,400 USDT.
  • Astonishingly, the VIP player landed the coveted five VS symbols within the next two spins, unlocking multipliers of 7x, 20x, 5x, 6x, and 5x. These multipliers are the ultimate winning combination, leading to the life-changing jackpot of 2,680,341 USDT!

Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot review: A shoot-out for big winnings

Could you be the next jackpot winner of Hacksaw Gaming’s Wanted Dead or a Wild slot? Get the chance to live the dream like our lucky jackpot winner when you play today. Read our slot review and guide below to learn all about the game’s features and how they work.

Wanted Dead or a Wild slot features generous multipliers up to 100x, Wild symbols and bonus rounds. It is also one of the top slots with strong Free Spins where you can win up to 12,500x your bet.

Place a bet anywhere from the minimum bet of 0.2 USDT to the maximum of 200 USDT to get a shot at the jackpot. Deposit today and play Wanted Dead or a Wild at Bitcasino. 

Wanted Dead or a Wild Details

Maximum Win

12,500x your bet

Minimum Bet

0.2 USDT

Maximum Bet

200 USDT





Free Play Available 



Wanted Dead or a Wild’s regular and special symbols

On the reels, you’ll find Wanted Dead or a Wild’s low-paying and high-paying symbols. The regular symbols provide instant rewards when they form a winning combination of at least three to five symbols along the game’s 15 paylines.

Special symbols such as Wilds, multipliers, VS, Duel, Dead, and the great train robbery symbols can activate bonus features and give more rewards. These bonus features offer exciting free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds, making each spin more thrilling.

See each symbol and their payouts in the tables below:

Most Valuable Symbols

The lowest-paying symbol is the 10-card value. When 3 to 5 of these symbols form a winning combination, you can expect a payout of 20 USDT, 100 USDT, and 200 USDT at maximum bet.

The Jack (J) symbol, when landed in sets of 3 to 5, also rewards payouts between 20 USDT and 200 USDT.

Another card symbol with a higher rank is the Queen (Q), which pays a range of 20 USDT to 200 USDT when it appears in winning combinations of 3 to 5 symbols.

Similarly, the King (K) symbol, when appearing in sets of 3 to 5, rewards you with payouts ranging from 20 USDT to 200 USDT.

The Ace (A) symbol also rewards  between 20 USDT and 200 USDT when it forms winning combinations of 3 to 5 symbols.

At the top of the list of high-paying symbols is the Texas Longhorn. This symbol pays out 100 USDT, 500 USDT, and 1,000 USDT at maximum bet when it appears in sets of 3, 4, or 5, respectively.

The Bandit symbol, another high-paying symbol, offers payouts ranging from 100 USDT to 1,000 USDT when it lands in sets of 3 to 5.

The Bag of Cash symbol rewards payouts of 200 USDT to 2,000 USDT when it forms winning combinations of 3 to 5 symbols, respectively.

Landing 3 to 5 winning combinations of the Rum Bottle rewards 200 USDT to 2,000 USDT.

The highest-paying symbol on the reels is the Ammunition chamber symbol. When this symbol lands in sets of 3 to 5, you can receive payouts of 400 USDT, 2,000 USDT, and a whopping 4,000 USDT.

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Special Symbols

Wild Symbol

The Wild badge serves as the wild symbol that replaces all other symbols on the reels, except for the 'VS' and bonus game symbols. 

VS symbol

Whenever a 'VS' symbol lands on the reel, it has a remarkable ability to expand. If at least one expanded 'VS' symbol contributes to a winning combination, it triggers a fascinating event. The symbol expands to cover the entire reel, revealing two outlaws with multipliers. A thrilling duel takes place, and the multiplier of the surviving outlaw is applied to the entire reel, boosting your potential rewards.

Wanted Dead or a Wild’s bonus features

Engage in an intense showdown on the reels when you trigger the game’s bonus features. Find out how they work and how to trigger them below: 

Duel at Dawn

By landing three or more Duel symbols on the reels, you can activate the Duel at Dawn feature. This grants you ten free spins. 

Duel at Dawn is packed with more VS symbols, increasing your chances of getting big wins.

Dean Man’s Hand

When you land three or more of the Dead Man's Hand symbol, an exciting bonus feature triggers, adding an extra layer of excitement to your spins.

During the three ‘Showdown’ free spins in this two-stage bonus feature, you'll encounter many Wild symbols and multipliers that appear randomly. 

The Great Train Robbery

If you capture three or more Train Robbery symbols in the base game, the Great Train Robbery feature is activated. This feature rewards you with ten free spins where Wild symbols that land on the reels remain sticky for the duration of the feature. 

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Saddle up and aim for epic winnings in Wanted Dead or a Wild slot

In Wanted Dead or a Wild slot’s action-packed adventure, Hacksaw Gaming creates an immersive casino slot that takes you into the untamed world of the Wild West. Hunt for the most notorious bonuses and jaw-dropping jackpots like what our VIP player has won!

Will you emerge victorious and bring home the ultimate jackpot? There's only one way to find out—play Wanted Dead or a Wild at Bitcasino today and seize the biggest jackpot win yet!


Wanted Dead or a Wild: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the RTP of Wanted Dead or a Wild?

Wanted Dead or a Wild has a solid RTP of 96.38%

What is the volatility of Wanted Dead or a Wild?

The volatility of Wanted Dead or a Wild is high.

What is the maximum win available for Wanted Dead or a Wild?

The maximum win is set at 12,500x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Wanted Dead or a Wild?

The minimum bet is 0.2 USDT, and the maximum bet is 200 USDT.

Words by: Cathrene Joseph

Wanted Dead or a Wild: VIP player hits 2,680,341 USDT jackpot

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