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    These reels are explosive, so watch out for sparks!

    These reels are explosive, so watch out for sparks!


    If you’re a sucker for action, the odd sticky situation and shit tonne of gold then you’re in the right place. GameArt from Malta have dropped this bomb of a game, Explosive Reels, with a theme that’s centred around the gold rush and a huge scope for wins. It’s great fun, there’s action and winnings are a-plenty.

    The lowdown on a booming slot
    Graphics wise this slot has a distinctly cartoonish feel, which is perfect for such a theme. Set around the entrance of a gold mine, you’ll find the familiar sights associated with the mining industry of old. Wooden trusses, newly blasted rock and wide open landscapes make up the setting for this slot, as well as a selection of themed symbols including carts filled with gold, a donkey, a miner (that looks more like a pirate) and a lantern. Lower value symbols come in the form of the standard alphanumeric offerings.

    Although a potentially noisy game, the devs have kept the sound effects to a minimum, and we appreciate that. There are explosions throughout the game, and although subtle, give a real atmosphere that simply makes the experience for us.

    How to play the game
    Presented over a 5 x 3 setup with a modest 10 paylines, this slot makes light work of what probably was in its time a less than pleasant career option. The controls are standard and simple to use for anyone who has played a slot before, and easy to work out for those that haven’t.

    Post-win you’ll have the chance to double your cash reward with a mini-game. Simply find find the colour of a spinning wheel card, it’s basically a gamble feature so a little bravery is required, and you can keep going as long as you have the bottle (or don’t lose the bet). Be warned, one slip up here can cost you everything.

    The features of the game
    In this slot the dynamite is key, appearing often and in different guises this symbol will become your friend as well as your tormeter. It has several functions within the game, and is firstly a wild.

    As the wild it can replace all other symbols to help you make those winning combinations, as well as triggering cash rewards when it appears in numbers across the reels, despite what position the symbols may take - as if put there by an explosion maybe?

    Three or more of the dynamite symbols will get you ten free spins. During these features you’ll see smaller dynamite symbols, and they will explode to cover the entire reel for nice and long, risk-free winning combinations.

    Bitcasino overview
    The wealth of winning possibilities in Explosive Reels would be enough to tempt anyone to play as far as we’re concerned. But, if you’re the picky type looking for a special something then it’ll have to be the likeable characters and quirky reality that gets you hooked.

    There’s a nice balance of good humour and solid gameplay, although there are too few paylines initially for us, and it shows in how patient you sometimes have to be to get off the base game. However, once you do, you might as well have struck actual gold..

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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