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The standard deviation slots strategy

The standard deviation slots strategy


Slot machines have long been the brightest and loudest residents of any casino, and this is as true of an online site like Bitcasino as it is of the traditional high street establishment. These games have a magical and often irresistible allure, and it often seems that winning at them must be easy, but it is not. As with any other Bitcoin casino game, be it Bitcoin poker or Bitcoin roulette, it’s wise to approach Bitcoin slots with some sort of strategy in mind.

From the purely manual perspective, Bitcoin slots are one of the simplest types of gambling available, but you can bring a certain amount of strategic thinking to bear when playing even these simple machines, to increase your chances of keeping your bankroll healthy.

Winning at slots

Most players in an Ethereum casino or Bitcoin casino such as Bitcasino don’t have much of an idea when it comes to playing slots, let alone winning them. They bring with them a pack of essentially negative assumptions, such as that there’s a good chance of winning, that the game is a simple one and that a strategy is not needed anyway.

In order to maximise your chances of winning at slots, it’s necessary to bear in mind that winning is not easy, that luck is important and that you need at least a basic idea of how the machine actually works.

Slot machine principles

Slot machines operate on completely random spins. The program in a Bitcoin slots machine chooses a completely random symbol on all three wheels if it’s a 3-wheel slot. The payback is determined by the probability of the winning symbols being lined up. It’s important to remember that the sequence of these symbols can never be influenced and that therefore the previous spin can never influence the next one. This is a reference to the ‘gambler’s fallacy’, which holds that if, for example, in a game of Bitcoin roulette the ball has landed on black 10 times then on the next spin it is more likely to land on red. Each spin of the roulette wheel, and each spin of a slot machine, in fact, carries precisely the same chance of winning as the previous one.

Probability of slots wins

The chances of winning big on slots machines is practically zero. The odds on slot machines, be they physical machines in a high street casino or Bitcoin slots in a crypto casino, are usually not divulged by the operators, although in the UK this has recently changed. As a general rule, the simpler the slots game is, the worse the odds against winning will be. Also, because games of slots are played far faster than other Bitcoin casino games, your money will diminish more quickly. Whatever game of slots you happen to be paying, it’s worth remembering also that the odds will be worse than when playing a game such as Bitcoin roulette or Bitcoin poker in the online Bitcoin casino.

Slots strategies

Always take note of bonus offers on slots machines, as casinos are frequently generous in that respect, and choose games that carry bonuses. Take advantage of any of the offers you can, because after all, someone has to win the advertised amount and it could be you.

As in all gambling, it’s important to approach online slots knowing how much you can afford to lose and having a target amount to play for. When you’re on a winning streak and when you’re nose-diving, you are equally likely to stay put to either increase your wins or cover your losses, and it’s important to set limits for both and then walk away when these have been reached.

Related to this, it’s important not to chase your losses, but to stay somewhat detached and emotionally uninvolved. It takes great discipline to know when it’s time to leave the table or the machine and resist the temptation to go for that one last spin.

Quit while you’re ahead rather than gambling your winnings is another sound piece of advice. Every crypto casino has a house edge and in the long-term, it will win. If you play for long enough, you’ll be run down by the probabilities catching up with you. Walk away while you’re up.

Standard deviation

Apart from the basic slots strategies outlined above, there are a few advanced strategies that can be employed by players to increase their chances of winning. One of these is the Standard Deviation Strategy, based on a mathematical equation which can be applied to the game to help the player work out the best odds when it comes to hitting the winning combination of symbols. The precise formula involved is a complex one, but fortunately, there are a few much simpler calculations that any player can take on board when applying it in the real world of a crypto casino.

The first step when implementing the standard deviation strategy is to look for a machine in the casino that offers ‘Equal Ratio’ payouts. The payouts on these machines, or multiplier straight slots, increase the more coins you bet on them. For example, you bet a coin, get a winning combination of three identical symbols on the spin and receive in payout 10 coins. On equal ratio payout machines, you would then expect to get a 50 coin payout for matching three symbols on a five coin bet.

The next step in this strategy is for the player to determine how many spins occur between the winning combinations for that particular machine. For this, the minimum-value coins allowed should be used, as you keep a note of the number of spins between the last win and the next one. Every time you make a winning combination, you’ll need to take note of the number of subsequent losing spins until the next winning one. You should go through about 10 cycles in this manner to allow you to calculate what the standard deviation is. If for example if you make 7 spins and then on the eighth spin you make the winning combination, write down the number ‘8’.

When you’ve made about 10 wins you can then calculate the standard deviation as being the average of all of these numbers that have been noted down. For the sake of example, if you have achieved a winning combination on 10 to 20 spins, it’s easy to work out the standard deviation as being 15. Armed with that knowledge, you then know that to increase your chances of winning you should make 14 spins in a row with the smallest coinage and put a relatively large sum in for the 15th spin.

Of course, it is quite true to say that this is no rigid and reliable formula, and that when you approach a slots machine with a standard variation strategy in mind it will not work infallibly every time. What is the case, however, is that standard variation can certainly increase your chances of winning at slots and maximising your credits.

Go for small jackpots

Progressive Bitcoin slots, where the jackpot is increased on every non-payout spin, are best avoided in favour of those offering a fixed maximum payout. This is because although the payouts on progressives can be huge, the machines in a typical crypto casino are linked up and so there are more people playing for that jackpot and therefore the odds against winning are huge too.

To optimise the chances of winning at slots, games that offer the smallest jackpots should be chosen. It’s easier to win these, whereas much bigger jackpots are much harder to achieve and you’ll be more likely to run your funds down in the short term.

Video reels always look very attractive and offer lots of fun, but you should also bear in mind that these games typically carry a 5% lower return due to the cost of running them. The effects basically take longer to download and run, and the casino is losing money while this delay is going on and wants to recoup it.


Approaching Bitcoin slots in an online casino intelligently and bearing these simple basic strategies in mind can significantly increase your chances of winning a game that can really suck up your money without paying much, if anything, out, and all in double-quick time.

Armed with the principles of the standard deviation strategy and taking on board these other often common-sense pieces of advice, your experience will be greatly enhanced as you play this perennial favourite of the gambling world.

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Words: Sean McNulty
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The standard deviation slots strategy
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