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The complete guide to online slots

The complete guide to online slots


Slots are one of the most popular casino games to have ever been created, starting out from mechanical and electronic machines within land-based establishments and evolving to cater to online gamers. From three-reel to five-reel and onwards to six-reel and seven-reel options, slots have continued to grow and change, ensuring that all players get to have a thrilling experience with them.

Of course, if you’re new to playing slots, online or offline, then they may appear to have a lot going on at first look. While the general gameplay is quite simple, there are certain things that you should know about when accessing an online bitcoin casino to play slots. We’ve put together this complete guide for you so that you’ll know precisely how to proceed with playing online slots. We’ll take you through the process from start to finish, and this way, you can enjoy spinning the reels of whichever games become your favourites.

The history of slot games

Long before bitcoin slots or even online slots, slot machines were developed. This took place back in 1891, and it is thought that Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York were the first to create them. This original slot machine contained five separate drums, holding a total of 50 playing card faces, and it was based on the game of poker. The machine became quite a popular form of entertainment for people, who would only need to insert a nickel and pull a lever to operate it.

Over the years, slot machines became greater in number and more advanced as newer technology became available. It wasn’t until 1963 that the first fully electromechanical slot machine was introduced though. This came from the developer known as Bally, which is still running today, and went by the name of ‘Money Honey’. Then, in 1976, the first true video slot machine began operating in Las Vegas, Nevada and things rapidly advanced from there.

Online slot games became an entity with the introduction of the internet to people’s homes and internet cafés. Various online casinos would then proceed to open and incorporate online slot games into their lobbies, while in more recent years, bitcoin games have also become a possibility, allowing gamers to deposit and play in various cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit and access an online slot

While accessing a land-based slot machine is as simple as walking into a casino and making sure that you have enough money in your wallet to insert into the slot, it’s a bit different in the online world. With so many online casino sites being available today, you’ll first need to select one or two casinos that cater to your own specific needs. If you’re intending to play with a cryptocurrency, then you need to be accessing a bitcoin casino.

There are several of these available now, giving you the opportunity to utilise your bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin or any one of multiple other cryptocurrencies. You’ll need to register for an account at the casino you’ve chosen, which is free to do. Afterwards, in most cases, you’ll need to make a deposit before you’re able to play any real-money games.

To do this, you need to make your way over to the casino’s cashier page and pick your preferred payment method. If you’re participating in crypto gambling, you need to select the cryptocurrency that you’ll be using for playing and then take the wallet address of the casino so that you can make a transfer of those funds into your casino account.

If you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies, then you’ll already know that transfers are usually completed instantly, so you can go about your gaming straight away in this case. It’s then just a case of choosing a slot game and loading it up on your computer or mobile device. Various different developers provide online slot games for users of cryptocurrency, utilising a great choice of themes, including fantasy, space, Egypt, vikings, fruit and many more.

Betting on and playing an online slot game

You’ll need to place a bet on the slot game that you choose before you spin its reels, and most games provide you with a variety of betting options. In some cases, you’ll also have the option of changing the number of paylines that are in operation. These lines run across the slot and are where you’ll form winning combinations. Naturally, the fewer paylines in action, the lower your bet will be in general.

Different slot games will provide you with different options for changing your bet. While some will simply give you a list of different bet amounts to choose from, others will give you the chance to change the value of a single coin and how many of those coins are in operation per payline. Whatever the case may be, you will be able to see the total bet that you’re bringing into play per spin prior to triggering a bet round.

Once you’re satisfied with the total bet that you’ve brought into play, you can go ahead and start playing. Simply press the ‘Spin’ button, which is usually found in the bottom-right corner of the game screen, to set things off. This will force the reels to start spinning and then come to a halt with a new set of symbols in view on the screen. Forming a winning combination of three or more of the same symbol on a payline will provide you with a pay-out that is predetermined by the game you’re playing.

Again, different slot games will provide you with different options for forming wins. While some require you to form winning combinations of three or more of the same symbol, others will allow you to create wins by clustering symbols together, for example. Why not check out a game such as Joker’s Wild from Booming Games to see what a general slot layout looks like and how it’s possible to form winning combinations?

Why not compare that with the game Booming Bars from the same developer to see what a difference there is? The latter is a classic slot game, featuring three reels rather than five, with more traditional symbols and graphics. Those are just two examples of different online slot games, but you’ll find that these differ from game to game, developer to developer, and so on.

Slot game features

Spinning the reels of a slot machine at a casino will provide you with some entertainment, but it’s not until inbuilt features of a slot come into effect that you will really get the full experience. Many players access online slot games to try to trigger these specialities, potentially giving themselves the chance of receiving higher wins.

Perhaps the most oft-seen feature of such games is the fact that they frequently contain wild symbols. These appear alongside the basic symbols, but they usually have the ability of being able to substitute for all of them, thereby helping you to create wins more easily. Wild symbols can sometimes provide a multiplier to your pay-out if they feature in a win. It’s also possible that an online slot has more than one wild included in its reels. Check out Sumo Showdown from OneTouch, which has a wild symbol in the form of a traditional Chinese man.

One feature that most players will look out for in an online slot is a free spins round, which provides you with some free spins of the reels. Essentially, you’ll spin the reels with your bet, and then if you manage to trigger a free spins round, you’ll see the reels spin several times over without you needing to make a bet for any of them. This way, you can mount up wins without having to utilise your own deposited cryptocurrency at an ethereum casino, for example. To try a game that features free spins, have a look at Surfin’ Reels from Booming Games, which features three variations of free spins.

You may also find that some online slots contain bonus rounds for you to trigger, which will often be related to the theme that is the basis for the game. These bonus rounds will differ from game to game, and they can come in a variety of formats. However, they will often provide you with the opportunity to boost your win balance, again without needing to use your own funds to do so. These rounds will usually be triggered by the appearance of certain symbols on the reels, though they can also be randomly triggered during base gameplay. To enjoy a game with a bonus round within, play the Lucky Lion slot, which has a Wheel Bonus round.

You may also find that some slot games feature gamble rounds, which will activate automatically following a win in the base game round. Through this, you’re able to play a mini side game, which is often something like guessing the colour of the next playing card to be turned over, or even the suit of that playing card. This way, you’re able to double up or quadruple up your win from the triggering round. This is something that certain developers incorporate into all of their games. If you’d like to try a game with a gamble round incorporated into it, then maybe you should have a go at Minotaur from Endorphina.

These are just some of the features that can most commonly be found within online slots. Others will contain unique features that pertain specifically to the theme in use or the style of slot. The main point to get across about a slot’s special features is that they are there to enhance the overall game. They’re not for everybody, of course, and so there are classic slots that don’t usually incorporate anything major in terms of special features. However, for those players who enjoy something with a bit more kick and entertainment to it, you can’t go far wrong with a video slot that features special bonus rounds and perks.

How to realise if a slot game is fair

One of the biggest queries with regard to slots, not just in terms of bitcoin gambling but slot gambling overall, is whether or not they’re fair. While there are some slot games that have been created with the intent of scamming players, the vast majority of them are fair online slots. The way to realise this is that they have random number generators (RNGs) in play. These determine the outcome of each of your spins on bitcoin slots, so it’s vital that a game utilises one.

RNGs utilise a mathematical formula in order to ensure that each spin of an online slot results in a completely random outcome. There’s no way of being able to predict a slot game’s outcome or indeed change it. While games such as bitcoin poker can be more about utilising a certain strategy, slots aren’t really able to utilise the same sort of scenario.

With an RNG in play, you can rely on your chosen slot to produce a completely random result, thereby offering up a fair game. If a slot doesn’t have one of these, then it’s much more likely that the developer and/or casino related to it are trying to scam you out of your money. Always check to ensure that the developer of the game that you’re playing has a good reputation, uses RNGs, and operates a fair gaming policy. All our slot games here at Bitcasino are powered by RNGs, so you can be guaranteed of a totally fair experience.

How to claim winnings from online slots

Every time you form a win when playing an online slot, you’ll see the resulting pay-out added to your overall balance. As you continue playing and potentially amassing more wins, this process will happen over and over again. But what about when you want to withdraw that money from the bitcoin casino you’re playing at?

Well, it’s usually a simple procedure to go through. Your only task is to request the withdrawal from the casino that you’re playing at and wait for its approval. Using cryptocurrencies allows you to withdraw back to the same wallet that you deposited from. Fortunately, this is also something that is a quick process, because once the casino has approved your request, most cryptocurrency transactions take place instantly. This relates to both deposits and withdrawals, so you can receive your money from the casino almost as swiftly as you deposit it.

You’ll find that the withdrawal process is the same, regardless of the cryptocurrency that you use. Whether you’re a bitcoin user, an ethereum user, a tron user or whatever, withdrawals should always be instant once the casino has approved the request.

What does RTP mean in a slot game?

Anyone who has played online slots before will also potentially have heard the phrase ‘Return to Player’ or ‘RTP’ thrown around. This is something that has a strong relation to online slots, and it’s also something that will potentially determine whether a player opts to access a specific game or not.

The RTP rate of an online slot is the term that is used by casinos or developers to describe the amount of wagered money on a slot that will be paid back to you over a period of time. This is always noted as a percentage, and the best kind of games have a higher percentage RTP rate. Some developers will readily display the RTP rate of their games, and this is also something that can be found at an online casino hosting such games.

What does this mean for you as a player? Well, let’s say that you play a slot with a 95% RTP rate. For every €100 that you bet on this slot game, you might expect to receive about €95 back in winning pay-outs. Now, this is just a basis to go on, because the RTP rate of an online slot is something that is calculated over a long period of time. The likelihood is that if you’ve gone through several €1 bets that equate to €100 in total, you won’t have received €95 back in winnings. You may have won more or less.

Because of this, you shouldn’t use the RTP rate of an online slot as a reason to access a specific game. Instead, it should be used as a hint as to how the game will play out over hundreds of thousands of spins. That’s because this is how RTP is calculated – over many, many spins. Don’t believe that for every €100 that you bet on a game with a 97% RTP rate, you’ll receive €97 back in winnings, because unless you’re someone who has the time and money to spin a slot game 10,000 times over and more, it’s not likely to happen.

However, don’t allow this to be a barrier to you playing a slot. There’s always the potential for you to play a spin and receive a big win from it or even to trigger a jackpot pay-out.

Bitcasino game developers and their slots

There are plenty of developers that provide online slot games to bitcoin casino sites and the like. Some of the companies that we recommend are available to view on our site. These include brands such as Booming Games, OneTouch and more. These games will often feature high-quality graphics and animations, as well as including some impressive special features to keep you entertained. Some of the games that we recommend from these developers include the following.

Colossal Vikings by Booming Games takes you into the harsh winter lands of Scandinavia. With five reels on display and Colossal Symbols also appearing within as well as variable free spins, this game will certainly provide you with a lot of entertainment.

Another game that will provide you with plenty of entertainment is Satoshi’s Secret from Endorphina. This one is based on the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and it really brings the whole theme to life on your screen. You’ll be playing a bitcoin slot at a bitcoin casino and doing so with bitcoin as your currency! This game features six reels, a wild symbol, and a Trading Bonus feature round to play that triggers whenever four scatters come into view.

If Booming Games seems like more of an appealing developer to you, then check out the Baby Bloomers: Easter Edition game from the developer. Utilising a theme based on flowers and spring blooms, the game features a wild symbol, scatter and a free spins round. As with other Booming Games slots, there’s a great selection of graphics and animations involved in it.

You may also want to play the OneTouch slot Juicy 7 because this one brings the fruit theme to life with wonderful graphics. This is a three-reel slot that you can access, but it features symbols of diamonds, which, if they appear at least once on each reel, will pay out the sum of all random values on each one. This means that by playing this slot game, you can receive up to 800 times the total bet in play.

Finally, why not have a look at the Cuckoo slot game from Endorphina? The theme within this one allows you to witness quite the spectacle, with wonderful graphics on display and exciting animations popping out. Form wins from mixtures of ornamental egg symbols or spin three of the cuckoo clock scatters into view to trigger the Clockwork bonus game. There’s also a gamble feature in the slot, so you can try to double up your win balance from the triggering round.

Words: Sean McNulty
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