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The Aussies love Keno, and so will you!

The Aussies love Keno, and so will you!


Depending on where you’re from, Keno will either sound alien to you or bring a wry smile to your face. Beloved by the American and adorned by the Australians, this slot has a place in the hearts of many around the world. Net Entertainment have decided to have a crack at bringing it to a wider audience, and here their version of Keno is put to the test.

Presented over an interesting 10 x 8 grid it’s clear this slot is removed from what one might expect, however, with that progressive jackpot and addictive quality, it really is worth spending some time to get you to know the slot.

Simple, addictive and potentially expensive
Those that know the game of Keno will be aware that it is beautifully simple. As many mobile phone game hits have also shown, simple can mean stupidly addictive -  that’s fine if your credit card isn’t attached! Couple that is the mesmerising quality with the readily available autoplay, and there is a recipe for bankruptcy right there.

On the main screen, you have ten rows, each with eight positions, it is an unusual setup, but can be easily interpreted. The box to the left of the reels shows the stats from recent games, then on the right, you’ll find the paytable displaying the amounts you could win for symbol matches that might occur.

Playing the game like a pro
Feeling a bit lairy? Then take the reigns yourself and ditch the autoplay. Choose ten numbers across the grid by tapping on them, then hit ‘Go’. The game will choose 20 squares at random, marking them with an X. Get three matches between the numbers you chose and those the game selected to win, three matches get you 0.5x your stake, but ten matches get you an astounding 10,000x your stake - yeah, crazy we know!

If the responsibility is all a bit too much for you, simply use the auto pick feature. Let the game select ten random numbers for you, you’ll then get the option to play five or ten automatic games. You can turn to the auto button found in the bottom left corner for up to 1000 automatic games in a row if your bank balance and Lady Luck allow.

The bonuses explained

Joker Bonus
Now and then you’ll find that a joker is revealed when you are unveiling your picks. These get added to the information in the top left corner in the joker bonus section. Fill all of the available spaces in this area and you’ll get a free feature game in which all of the wins - except jackpots actually - are doubled. All jokers are reset after this but can be collected again.

Progressive Jackpot
The jackpot total can be seen in the top right corner of the screen, you can win it provided the game displays the letter J using the symbols it picks. Here are the betting levels and the respective prizes to be won:

Bet level 1 = 20% of the jackpot sown in the top left
Bet level 2 = 40% of the jackpot sown in the top left
Bet level 3 = 60% of the jackpot sown in the top left
Bet level 4 = 80% of the jackpot sown in the top left
Bet level 5 = 100% of the jackpot sown in the top left

Bitcasino overview
Keno fans will love this Keno slot, as it is pretty damn close to what you’d expect it to be. We like the fact you can take control and get a feel for it, but equally, for experienced players who know what they want from a particular gaming session, it’s very nice to set up then sit back as it works for you in auto mode. The best way to enjoy this high-quality game is to play in auto mode; it’s just very comfortable if a little pricey.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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The Aussies love Keno, and so will you!
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