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The all-time biggest slots jackpots

The all-time biggest slots jackpots


Slots are a timeless part of the casino experience. Whether you are visiting a traditional casino and see the dozens of lines of slots in-person or scrolling through our site to visit the hundreds of games available at your fingertips, there is no doubt about it: slots are incredibly fun.

However, as some have come to know, slots offer the opportunity to win big and turn one’s life around. It only takes one moment of things falling into place (literally) for the slot machine to change the trajectory of your life - and we have some seriously big winners available right here at Bitcasino.

A brief history

Slots have been popular since the first successful machine, composed of physical reels and levers, was created by a mechanic in the 19th century.

Gambling bans early in the 20th century couldn’t stop manufacturers from finding ways to get slot machines out into the world. Where players once hoped for playing cards to line up for a monetary win, they now hoped for a line of matching fruit so that they might win a pack of gum in the corresponding fruit’s flavour. Clearly, money wasn’t the only factor for the slot machine’s success.

Pulling a lever to make the gears and reels turn was an exciting way to play and led to the machines becoming so popular and successful. Advances in technology did not reduce the games’ popularity, and from mechanical machines came electromechanical machines, and from those came fully electronic machines. It is these electronic slots that would pave the path for the online slots that so many enjoy today, where companies such as Bitcasino can offer games that use cryptocurrency.

With the popularity of slot machines remaining strong over time, casinos have been able to offer bigger and bigger prizes to those who win a jackpot. Here, we explore the all-time biggest wins that slots have awarded.

Biggest online slots wins

Online casinos such as ours have come to rival the winnings offered by traditional casinos due to the power of progressive jackpots and the sheer reach they have.

In 2015, the Guinness World Record for the biggest online slot win was a jackpot of £13.2m awarded to Jon Heywood in 2015. The British soldier received his award at the annual ICE Totally Gaming conference in London while playing the Mega Moolah slot. The same game has made others big winners, including Georgios M. from Greece, who won €6.3m in 2009.

You can try your luck on Mega Moolah on our site today!

The Hall of Gods slot was spun by a Swedish player in 2012, resulting in her huge win of €7.6m, which she put toward loans and a new car.

One late night in 2011, a Norwegian player won €11,736,375 on the Mega Fortune slot – the shock was so immense that he couldn’t get to sleep that night!

Another woman broke a record at the time for the largest jackpot when she won $35m (USD) on Megabucks in 2000.

A 25-cent bet in 2013 resulted in a payout of €17,861,800 for one extremely lucky player. They said that they couldn’t believe it and that they laughed and cried all at once. This person had previously been an avid poker player, but the slots might have his heart now.

Another player from Australia, who remained anonymous, was the lucky winner of $10.4m (AUS) on the Dark Knight slot.

Las Vegas Megabucks

The traditional casinos of Las Vegas reign supreme when it comes to big wins on the slot machines. Some of the biggest slot wins ever recorded come from the 700+ Megabucks machines in the state of Nevada. In 1998, the Megabucks jackpot exceeded $20m (USD) for the first time when a retired flight attendant wagered $300 and won $27.5m! Just one year later, a $10 bet led to $21m for another lucky player.

Elmer Sherwin won a whopping $4.6m on the Megabucks slot for the first time in 1989 – in 2005, at the age of 92, he won again, but this time rung up $21.1m! He passed away two years later, but only after distributing his winnings to family and charitable causes.

Start winning today

Clearly, slots have the potential to change lives and give life-changing winnings for people from all walks of life – both on the online and offline machines. We bet that you’re ready to get started on testing your luck and skills and breaking some records of your own!

Bitcasino offers hundreds of slots for you to play from the comfort of your home or wherever you have access to a reliable internet connection on a smart device. You can make an account right away and discover if you are going to be the next big winner on the slots.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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The all-time biggest slots jackpots
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