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    Storm your way through wins with Storming Flame

    Storm your way through wins with Storming Flame


    Storming Flame is a fruit-themed slot with a silly animated backdrop that sadly does not even live up to its namesake as a flaming hot or storming. That’s not to say that this slot disappoints – merely that it should be renamed.

    Storming Flame has a pair of flickering blue flames on either side of the reels, hot and yet icy at the same time.

    How to play Storming Flame
    Storming Flame boasts all the classic fruit icons players come to know and love and expect in such games including cherries, grapes, bells and lemons.

    With only five paylines, players should not expect to be cranking up wins despite the game's namesake. Newer players or those who are more cautious in their risk-gameplay will enjoy this game. Concerning its low number of paylines and equally low line bet ranges, players cannot bet more than 2.50 per spin.

    Players can use the Autoplay to spin between 10 and 500 spins and given the tedious nature of this casino video slot, combined with the eternally flickering blue flame effect, players are advised to consider doing so.

    There is not a soundtrack in Storming Flame, except for the pitter-patter of clicks of the reels turning, and the wins of players managing to make some wins.

    Symbols in Storming Flame
    The different fruit icons are not worth any more than 100 coins for landing five of a kind; however, the bells are much higher, paying out 500 for five on a payline. At the top of the pay scale is the icy blue Seven's, worth a respectable 2,500 for players who manage to land five of a kind. Interestingly, there is no wild in Storming Flame, which only leaves scatter symbol, in the form of a red star that will pay out when it appears in any position on the spinning reels.

    No bonus features, so pay attention to the fruit
    The only way for players to profit in Storming Flame is by loading the reels with as much of the same fruit as entirely possible. Of course, that’s the intention of the game in all video slots so this may sound obvious, yet when it happens in Storming Flame players will be conferred a multiplier of x3 for nine of a kind, x4 for twelve of the same type and x5 for fifteen of a kind. Storming Flame also has a card gamble round built in that provides players with an opportunity to double their winnings. Players must correctly guess the suit colour of the next card drawn.

    Storming Flame is a classic fruit-themed slot that offers no surprises despite its retro theme. It is a nicely rendered video slot with smooth gameplay and is neatly designed nonetheless, with the multiplier that rewards nine or more of a kind advances players to some modest riches that they will crave.

    The audio’s and soundtrack are non-existent, yet that is not a bad thing although the reels spinning can be annoying so players can mute the volume if needed. Furthermore, the lack of a unique feature symbol like a wild means there is little scope for free spins.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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