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Get Ready for Monster Quest!

Get Ready for Monster Quest!

Get Ready for Monster Quest!


What if you found out that you can battle mythical monsters in a slot game? Will you run away in fear or will you be heading into the battlefield, weapons-ready? Head on to Ganapati’s Monster Quest to find out which of your fight or flight instincts kick in first!

The provider Ganapati is one of the newest suppliers of games in Bitcasino. Some of their games include Cryp Battle, Dragon Hunter and Samurai Girl. You’ll notice that most of Ganapati’s games are audio-visually reminiscent of anime, touching on their Japanese roots.

Casino slot Monster Quest is a battle slot with ancient Chinese mythical creatures that you’ll have to fight in order to reap their rewards. This casino slot also differs fairly well from other slot games, considering that there are no reels, symbols or payouts. 

You’ll begin the battle by clicking the ‘Start’ button. Your attacks can cause random outcomes that can span from fleeing or defeating the monster, to an activation of a feature.

If you don’t cause enough damage to the monster, you’ll have to continue attacking it in the following rounds. Once you beat the monster, you’ll face another randomly chosen one.

Monster Quest has three kinds of battles—the Intrusion, Rare Monster and Boss—as well as a Treasure Chests feature that can give you roaring payouts! 

In the Treasure Chests feature, you’ll have the chance to pick one out of three chests containing prizes. 

In the Intrusion Battle feature, any of the four monsters can appear and disrupt your current battle. If you win, you’ll heighten your chances of activating the Treasure Chests feature. 

The Rare Monster Battle is similar to the earlier feature, only the monster that appears there is Nilan. In the Boss Battle feature, the Chiyou monster appears. You’ll only get 10 attacks to defeat the monster and if you succeed, a great reward awaits you.


There are three battlefields, all of which are played in the base game. You can fight to the death in a primaeval forest, a desolate battlefield or an ominous cave. Casino slot Monster Quest is visually appealing in the sense that it is seeping with carefully designed intricacies. Each monster is frighteningly crafted to incite panic and emanate vigour. 

That aura is only intensified by the anime-like musical score put in place. It’s heroic and dangerous at the same time. The music perfectly matches the impeccable visual array of monsters and battlefields you’ll see in casino slot Monster Quest.

If you find yourself becoming bored with common slot games and in need of an interesting change, try playing Monster Quest. It’s unique, new to the eyes and can offer great payouts!


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