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    Dive in to Seek the Treasure at the Bottom of the Ocean! Mermaids’ Millions Slot Review

    Dive in to Seek the Treasure at the Bottom of the Ocean! Mermaids’ Millions Slot Review


    Beautiful mermaids splash their sparkling tails in the turquoise water of the southern sea! Their underwater realm is full of treasures: pearls, gems, and gold from the sunken ships, all just waiting for a brave adventure seeker such as yourself to dive into the waves and collect the amazing riches! This is a review of the “Mermaids’ Millions” video slot game by Microgaming.

    The Maid

    Mermaids are mythical creatures that are found in the folklore of many countries, from Near East to the British Isles, from Europe to China. As far as we know, they were first described in the Assyrian myths. According to those, Atargatis, the goddess of fertility, accidentally killed her own lover, a human, and was so much ashamed of that she turned herself into a mermaid.

    These charming and dangerous creatures are traditionally depicted as having the upper body of beautiful women and a large fishtail down from the waist. They can be malicious, causing floods, storms, and shipwrecks, luring the sailors with beautiful songs and then drowning them. However, they can also fall in love with humans and give great riches to them.

    The Game

    Mermaids’ Millions” is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game with 15 paylines that pay left to right and an RTP of 96,56%.

    The low-paying symbols are the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols. The higher-paying symbols are the seahorse (paying 250x for 5 symbols), the Pearl Oyster (500x for 5 symbols), and a Casket with Gems (500x for 5 of these).

    The portrait of Neptune, the ruler of the sea, flashing a smile at you, is the Wild symbol that substituted for any other symbol except for the Scatter and bonus game symbols. The portrait of the beautiful, gold-haired mermaid is the Scatter symbol that triggers the Free Spins game.

    Mermaids’ Millions” is available in Bitcasino in any format, desktop, tablet or mobile, and you can use BTC, ETH or SOC to place your bets.

    Free Spins Bonus Game

    This bonus game is triggered by three, four or five Scatter symbols landing on your reels. When this happy event occurs, you get 10 free spins. The bet amount in this bonus game is the bet that you placed last in the base game before the Free Spins game was activated. All your wins achieved during this Free Spins game are tripled, except for those that are gained in the Treasure bonus game.

    The Free Spins bonus game can be reactivated, so keep your eyes open for that pretty mermaid!

    Treasure Bonus Game

    In the Free Spins bonus game, three, four or five Treasure Chest symbols trigger the Treasure Bonus Game. You are then taken to the seat treasury and get to select treasure chests and large shells that contain random bonuses.

    The bonuses that you receive during this game already come multiplied by your total bet amount.


    Mermaids’ Millions” is a bright, shiny, and amusing gem. The visuals are attractive, cartoony and fun, and the gameplay is dynamic, scattering pearls and gold coins every other spin. The two bonus games are very traditional, but interactive and rewarding nonetheless. While the game may not offer an insanely large reward, it is sure to make your pockets a little heavier, and the smile on your face a little wider.

    Words: Jelena Schmidt

    Images: Shutterstock

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