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Mental slot game biggest win: Player wins ¥1,333,320 jackpot!

Mental slot game biggest win: Player wins ¥1,333,320 jackpot!

Mental slot game biggest win: Player wins ¥1,333,320 jackpot!

Fri May 12 2023 03:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Who knew a mere ¥20 bet can turn into ¥1,333,320 in just a few minutes? One Bitcasino player sure didn't but now know it's possible in Nolimit City's Mental slot. All they did was trigger the Mental free spins feature and the next thing they knew, their wins got bigger and bigger until they reached the game's maximum win of 300,00x your bet.

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See the unbelievable win for yourself in the video below:

[WATCH] Lucky player wins ¥1,333,320 with a ¥2 bet

Our lucky player’s winning round began when the Mental free spins feature was triggered, rewarding them with 10 free spins. In those rounds, they activated loads of other bonuses like the Enhancer Cells feature that rewards new symbols, Dead Patient which increases bet multipliers and Mental Transform which turns the Spider into rewarding symbols.

After the 10 free spins, the player’s 20-yen bet yielded a ¥1,332,320 payout, the highest payout in the Bitcasino Mental slot game. This just shows anyone can win the jackpot worth 66,666x your bet as long as luck is by your side.

Bet on Nolimit City's casino slot Mental at Bitcasino and enter a world of thrilling rewards and big prizes. Play the max bet slot and you just might win more than our lucky player. 


If you want to practice first, try it out for free with the Mental free-play option first. Simply toggle the Mental demo game button in the lower right corner. In our slot guide below, we review the game, its bonus features and paying symbols. Find out more about Mental slot game:

Mental slot review: A game not for the faint of heart

Maximum Win

66,666x your bet

Minimum Bet

0.20 USDT

Maximum Bet








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Ready for a thrilling and hair-raising slot game set in an asylum? Take courage and spin the reels of casino slot Mental by Nolimit City. This game is not for the faint of heart, as it features eerie graphics and spooky yet exciting gameplay. Luckily, you'll have 108 paylines and an RTP of 96.06% to guide you to the jackpot worth 66,666x your bet.

Start playing with a minimum bet of 0.20 USDT and a maximum bet of 28 USDT. With an RTP of 96.06% and high volatility, you have many chances to win across the 108 win lines of this 5-reel slot game.

Paying symbols in Mental slot game

Start placing your bets today to see if you can get as lucky as the previous winners. Look at the tables below for more information on the game's regular paying symbols, special symbols and features: 

High-paying symbols

Patient 1 is the highest-paying symbol in the game.

Landing a set of 3 to 5 symbols rewards you with 21 USDT to 140 USDT.

Patient 2 is one of the high-paying symbols on the reels.

Landing 3 to 5 winning symbols rewards you with 16.80 USDT to 105 USDT.

Patient 3 is also one of the high-paying symbols in the game.

Landing 3 to 5 matching symbols rewards you with 14 USDT to 70 USDT.

Patient 4 is another high-paying symbol.

Land 3 to 5 matching symbols to get 12.60 USDT to 56 USDT.

Patient 5 is the last high-paying symbol of the game.

Landing 3 to 5 symbols rewards 11.20 USDT to 42 USDT.

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Low-paying symbols

The eye is a low-paying symbol on the reels.

Landing 3 to 5 winning symbols rewards 8.40 USDT to 35 USDT.

The brain is another low-paying symbol on the reels.

Land 3 to 5 matching symbols to get 7 USDT to 32.20 USDT.

The heart is one of the low-paying symbols. 

It rewards 5.60 USDT to 30.80 USDT when you land 3 to 5 winning symbols.

The kidneys are low-paying symbols on the reels.

Land 3 to 5 matching symbols to win 4.20 USDT to 29.40 USDT.

The skeletal hands are the last low-paying symbols of the game.

Landing 3 to 5 winning symbols rewards 2.80 USDT to 28 USDT.

Special symbols

The Skull is the Wild symbol in the game.

This substitutes any other symbol except the Scorpion, Spider and Dead patient symbol to increase your multiplier by 1.

The Dead Patient symbol is one of the special symbols of the game. Landing this icon 2 times triggers random multipliers ranging from x5, x10, x15, x30, x50, x100, x200, x500, x1,000 and x9,999.

A Scorpion and a Spider appear as the game’s Scatter symbols. Landing 3 or 5 of any of these Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins bonus. 

Bonus features in Mental slot game

Fire Frames

One of the bonus features of casino slot Mental is the Fire Frames. As you spin the reels, 1-13 symbols can randomly land surrounded by flames. These symbols divide into two separate icons. 

Enhancer Cells

Find Enhancer Cells on the bottom of reels 2 and 4. Landing 4 and 6 Fire Flames on the respective reels activates this feature. 

Afterwards, the Enhancer Cells will reveal ant of the following symbols:

  • A Wild symbol

  • 1 patient symbol

  • A regular dead patient symbol

  • xWays - Reveals 3 similar symbols on the reel

  • xSplit - Splits a paying symbol into 2; splits its symbol into 2 Wilds

  • xNudge Wild - Nudges to become completely visible on the reel, increasing the multiplier by 1x.

Mental Transform

Land Spider Scatter symbol on reel 2 or 4 to trigger the Mental Transform feature. The Spider symbol will turn into xSplit, xWays, Wild, Dead Patient or Patient premium symbol.

Autopsy Free Spins

Another bonus feature of casino slot Mental is Autopsy Free Spins. Land 3 Scorpion symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger this feature and receive 8 Autopsy Free Spins.

Lobotomy Free Spins

Enjoy more free spins with Lobotomy Free Spins. You can win 1 Free Spin by landing 2 Scorpion symbols and 1 Spider symbol anywhere on the reels while watching a patient get a lobotomy. It also enables Mental Free Spin. 

During this feature, you can get multipliers depending on the patient symbols that will appear. 

Mental Free Spins

Experience how the recent winner felt during the Mental Free Spins when you activate it. Land 3 Scorpion symbols and 2 Spider symbols to trigger this feature and get 10 free spins instantly. You can also trigger this bonus during the Autopsy free spins when you land 2 spider symbols and you get additional 2 spins. 

Moreover, when you land 1 Spider symbol during the Lobotomy free spins, you trigger this feature and get 1 free spin. Spider symbols during this round get Sticky, which triggers the Mental transform feature.

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Collect gory rewards on the reels in casino slot Mental

Nolimit City’s Mental slot game lives up to its name. It immerses you in an experience as insane as the characters you see on the reels. As soon as you open Mental, you enter an abandoned asylum with grimy tiles and flickering lights. Get a heart-pounding experience while spinning the reels with the game’s realistic graphics and eerie soundtrack. 

Aside from its spine-chilling atmosphere, its jackpot prize of 66,666x and rewarding features make it even more worthwhile. Players looking for an exciting, yet thrilling game will love this horror-themed casino slot by Nolimit City. 

So, what are you waiting for? Place your bet and spin the reels. You might just be one of the lucky players to win the jackpot in casino slot Mental.


Mental FAQs

What is the RTP of Mental by Nolimit City?

Mental by Nolimit City has an RTP of 96.06%.

What is the volatility of Mental?

The volatility of Mental by Nolimit City is very high.

What is the max win available for Mental?

The maximum win of Mental by Nolimit City is set at 66,666x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Mental?

The minimum bet is 0.20 USDT and the maximum bet is 28 USDT.

Is Mental by Nolimit City a good slot?

Yes, casino slot Mental is a good slot you should try. It has high volatility and an RTP of 96.06%. It rewards massive free spins and payouts up to 66,666x your bet.

Words by: Barbara Menorias

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Mental slot game biggest win: Player wins ¥1,333,320 jackpot!

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