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Maximise your slot bonuses with these strategies

Maximise your slot bonuses with these strategies


There are now literally thousands of different kinds of bitcoin slot machines in crypto casino environments such as Bitcasino. Many of these have just the basic payout line, and with these, there’s very little chance of winning a decent-size jackpot. With three wheels, one payline and two coins, your options are somewhat restricted, so it certainly pays to be selective if you’re serious about winning real money with bitcoin slots rather than whiling away some spare time.

The good news is that crypto casino software programs for games such as bitcoin roulette, bitcoin poker and bitcoin slots are now so sophisticated and powerful that if you take the trouble to find them, there are online video slots games that deliver great bonuses, and justify your investment in both time and money.

Free spin rounds

First off, look for free spin bonus rounds, which involve the application of a multiplier when you achieve certain numbers on a spin, at no extra cost. You are awarded no-cost extra spins as well as all subsequent wins being multiplied by the bonus multiplier, which has the potential to give you enormous wins. It is not at all difficult to win such free spin games, with most of them being initiated simply by a certain combination of scatter symbols on any of the paylines.

Slots payout probabilities

It’s important to understand that on a bitcoin slot machine, every spin is completely random and is not affected by the result of the previous spin. The simplest type is the 3-reel slot machine, with the computer program running it selecting a random symbol for each reel and stopping each of them when this is hit. There’s a probability determined for each of the possible line-ups, and this in turn influences the amount of the payout.

Bitcoin slots strategies

It’s a general rule of gambling, whether in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment or in a crypto casino such as Bitcasino, that the simpler and easier the game is to play, the worse the odds against winning will be. Slots are, of course, also played a lot faster than other games on offer in a Litecoin casino, so players usually lose their cash faster. Despite these disadvantages, however, there are several useful basic strategies that can be applied to bitcoin slots that will increase your chances of maximising bonuses, and here we’ll take a look at a few of them. Although not as complex and elegant as some of the strategies applicable to more sophisticated crypto casino games such as bitcoin poker, they’ll be useful to bear in mind if you’re serious about getting decent bonuses out of your slots gaming.

Go for smaller jackpot slots

In the shorter term at least, to make sure that you have a decent chance of winning bonuses, it’s wise to begin by choosing the bitcoin slot machines in a crypto gambling casino that offer the smallest jackpots, which will in turn mean that bonuses appear more regularly during the course of the game. The bigger the jackpots available, the less likely you are to win at Ethereum slots or bitcoin slots, and in the short term, you’ll be more or less guaranteed not to recover your initial outlay. With smaller jackpots, on the other hand, you’ll win more frequently and be awarded more bonus spins as a result.      

Keep clear of progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots on slots games in a bitcoin casino such as Bitcasino are best avoided if you have limited funds and want to concentrate on minimising your losses and maximising your bonuses. These virtual slot machines feature a built-in meter that increments the amount of the jackpot for every non-paying spin, and as many players may be linked up through these networked machines, the payout becomes bigger and bigger quite quickly. With many players frequently coming online and effectively competing for the same jackpot, it becomes increasingly more difficult to win. Despite the seduction of the advertised possible win, in reality it is relatively difficult to win the jackpot and maximise your bonuses with progressive slots.

Adopt a One Play strategy

One Play is one of the best and simplest strategies to adopt for maximising bonuses and overall winnings when you’re playing Ethereum slots or bitcoin slots in a crypto casino such as Bitcasino. With this deceptively simple but effective strategy, you start by playing with the highest allowable stake just the one time. Assuming that you’re fortunate enough to win on that spin, you play with the same stake again, but if you lose, you transfer to a different slot machine in the Ethereum casino or bitcoin casino.

Hunt out the special bonuses

Special bonuses vary in their frequency and amount across the various crypto gambling establishments, so be sure to check out as many different machines as you can while you’re playing bitcoin slots on a site such as Bitcasino. These special bonus spins are often seasonal or specially designed to be more attractive, especially if you happen to have been away from the crypto casino for a prolonged period. Do not hesitate to take advantage of them when they’re offered, as they are frequently time-sensitive, and the payouts – for bitcoin slots – are generally impressive.    


If you’re serious about winning and maximising your bonuses on bitcoin slots or Ethereum slots in Bitcasino or any other crypto casino, it pays to have some basic strategies clear in your mind rather than simply picking a machine at random and shovelling money into it until it pays out. Bitcasino offers a great choice of all the traditional Ethereum games and bitcoin games, and being aware of how you can increase the odds in your own favour will make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Strategies for approaching bitcoin slots are much simpler than those used by players to beat the odds on games such as bitcoin poker or bitcoin roulette, but they can and do deliver real results in terms of game satisfaction and maximising your payouts and bonuses.

Log on to Bitcasino now and enjoy online gambling with bitcoin at its very best on an award-winning crypto casino site that uses state-of-the-art software to deliver an outstanding gaming experience.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock


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