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Get Real Lucky on the Classic Lucky Reels

Get Real Lucky on the Classic Lucky Reels

Get Real Lucky on the Classic Lucky Reels


For a while now, the classic Las Vegas casino slot machine formula has been done over and over. It’s honestly a bit difficult to appreciate at this point. It’s left to gather dust in the archives of every casino as new games come in with their own unique gimmicks and features. The standard just... doesn’t ring the same bells like they used to.

However, there are still those who’ve stayed loyal to the tried and tested slot formula. 

Wazdan’s Lucky Reels remasters and perfects the classic slot machine. It gives both old and new players a shiny, new slot game that can compete with even the most popular of new-age slot games. With brand new music and a fresh new look, Lucky Reels has the potential to be the new go-to for any casino-goer. Relive the slot game formula in a brand new light, and spin the reels.

Information: Game and Symbols

Lucky Reels is a 6-reel slot game made by Wazdan with an RTP of 96.60% and 20 paylines. Although Wazdan has always been more experimental with their slot games, they have dabbled with the classics before and redone them a number of times. However, not any of them are as successful in their execution as Lucky Reels. No need for any of those fancy, overcomplicated features. Some of their other games on with similar themes include Juicy Reels, Sizzling 777 Deluxe, and Vegas Reels II

As expected, the symbols used are the same ones from classic slot machines. These are fruits like grapes, pears, cherries, lemons, and plums. Then there are the higher-paying symbols such as the Lucky 7 and diamond. The symbol that acts the game’s wild is all the symbols combined into one. The diamond also acts as a scatter, so you’ll also be getting up to 30 free spins as long as you can get 3 on-screen.

Lucky Reels Features

The game also has variable win multipliers that increase your wins whenever you manage to win while they’re active. You always start out with the x1 multiplier and with enough time, you’ll be getting that juicy x8 multiplier as well. 

There’s also a new Gamble feature where you can double your winnings if you pick the right slot machine. There are only two, so it still manages to stay pretty simple. 

Depending on how you like to play your slot machines, you can pick how volatile you want your game to be. If you want consistent wins with the same pay-outs, go for low. If you want rarer wins with massive pay-outs, go for high.

In terms of visuals, Lucky Reels remade all the little details that made the old formula a comfortable delight. All the fruits have been redone and given a detailed shimmer that most real fruits could never compare to. Not many diamonds can compare to the level of detail within the game. The slot itself has also been framed in elegant purple steel, and atop is a banner displaying a random set of guidelines to help you keep on track. 

A new looping song has also been custom-made just for this game, adapting to the changing times and using a new techno beat that only the Equalizer could compete with. With the elegant lights that shimmer in the background, it almost feels like a surreal trip back to a classic casino.


If you’ve ever needed a break from all the slot games with complicated features, you won’t want to miss this game when it finally comes out on Take a trip on memory lane straight to Las Vegas and experience what made casinos so popular in the first place. There’s a reason game providers continue to reuse the same formula for their slot games—because it works. You can never go wrong with the classics. 


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