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Give the Trickster a Spin in Loki Wild-Tiles

Give the Trickster a Spin in Loki Wild-Tiles

Give the Trickster a Spin in Loki Wild-Tiles

Mon Mar 02 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Cross the rainbow-coloured bridge that leads to Asgard where the gods and goddesses of Norse Mythology reside. Their famous trickster waits at the end of the Bifrost Bridge to present you with a plethora of chances to win huge prizes. Give casino slot Loki Wild-Tiles a spin and watch the Norse God display his power on the reels! 

2by2 Gaming and their long-time partner Microgaming welcomes 2020 with a rewarding wild slot game! Set in the majestic world of Asgard, casino slot Loki Wild-Tiles presents glorious gameplay with a 5x5 reel that grants payouts by clusters of 3 or more matching symbols in vertical or horizontal positions. 

Whenever you land winning symbols on the reels, they are wiped off of the grid and new symbols cascade to replace them. This gives you the chance to land multiple wins at the price of one stake. With every cascade that occurs on the reels, the progressive multiplier climbs higher, granting you bigger wins each time!

Loki Wild Tiles Game Review

Loki has prepared a wide array of surprises for you on the cascading reels of casino slot Loki Wild-Tiles. Anticipate his appearance when you land winning combinations made up of 3 symbols. The middle symbol turns into a Wild that sticks in the next cascade. 

A progressive multiplier climbs higher with every continuous cascade you land. Clear the whole matrix by landing one win after another and receive a prize worth 2,500x your bet.  To sweeten the deal, you also unlock the Bonus Round with a cleared matrix! 

Featuring new gameplay that pays for every 5 or more matching symbols on adjacent positions, the Bonus Round presents an exciting gaming experience that will leave you wanting more. The symbols also change in this special feature, with a different paytable that applies only in the Bonus Round. Landing 5 or more Loki symbols grants you 5 extra plays.

Cross the rainbow-coloured Bifrost Bridge and find yourself stepping inside the world of mighty Norse Gods in casino slot Loki Wild-Tiles! Asgard stands mighty in the background with its ancient halls having withstood the test of time and countless battles. Feel the power of Odin, Thor, and Loki as you gaze through amber mist shrouding the land and listen to bellowing trumpets announcing every mighty win.

With cascading reels and shape-shifting gameplay that takes after its namesake, casino slot Loki Wild-Tiles presents a magnificent gaming experience that will take you to mythological lands filled with rewarding symbols and astounding wins. Keep spinning its reels to earn Odin’s favour and have higher odds of landing the jackpot worth 3,000 credits!

Prepare for the Vikings Winter to dawn upon the land followed by the Spell of Odin that brings life to all.

Words by: Leann Padilla

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Give the Trickster a Spin in Loki Wild-Tiles