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    Keep on rising high

    Keep on rising high


    It’s nine-thirty on a Thursday night, you’re one of the first in the nightclub to avoid the higher entry fee and take advantage of the cheap drinks before eleven. You get a round of four two-for-one VK blue and head to the fruities, setting the drinks down on the top of the gambler as you attempt to cash in on the someone’s drunken losses the night previous. You make a tidy thirty quid that sets you up for the evening. Sweet, and here come your mates.

    High Rise from Realistic Games takes you right back in time before screens took over our lives, when money was paper or metal and when you could put the night of your life on repeat each week for less than a takeaway.

    Retro looks, retro feels
    Presented over three reels with a simple five paylines, this slot is old school in every way. It’s art deco styling is admittedly a little swankier than the classic bar machines of our youth, but if it’s retro feels you’re after then look no further than this. Set against a backdrop of what seems to be an amusement arcade, with a design that emulates a physical late nineties fruity.

    The art deco theme extends to the symbols, which include grapes, strawberries, melons, lemons, oranges and plums, with the most valuable being the bell which is worth a whopping 100x your stake should you get three in any row. Symbols can stack, so may appear on top of one another on the reels. A full house of symbols - although rare - will also pay 100x your stake. This game does not have bonus symbols.

    Features that may appeal to the nostalgic
    There a nice little gamble feature that comes with this slot, and it’s a lot more than just your 50/50 guessing game, but let's be honest, it’s still a guessing game. Every win takes you to an elongated view of the machine, revealing all its functions ‘on the board’ as it was once known.

    The option you’re now faced with is to gamble, so hit the gamble button if you fancy chancing it with your winnings. Placed in the middle of a circle, surrounded by flashing lights, you can but watch as the light comes to a halt on a space between -3 and +3. This will determine how far you move either way up or down the multiplier ladder. The good news is that a loss might not wipe you out like with other slots, but you can gamble your way to zero if you get hooked. On the plus side, you can gamble your way to the jackpot too.

    Also available during autoplay, it can bring some serious wins, but beware as these classic tricks can breaketh the man as easily as they can maketh the man.

    Bitcasino overview
    What do you do when faced with a dream come true? A throwback so yearned for that its very existence is enough to warrant an uncharacteristic investment? The truth is these things are never as good as you remember, and the advancements we have made all but render them as novelties at best.

    Let’s not be mistaken, High Rise is a fun and engaging slot, with a nice simple and crisp interface, alongside that stripped-back gameplay. It pays out regularly and has that addictive gamble feature, but for us it just serves as a painful reminder that life has moved on and we’re not getting any younger.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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