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Jackpot Cherries will take you right back to beautiful basics

Jackpot Cherries will take you right back to beautiful basics


Amongst all the modern super video slots, there is still a place for the traditional slot clones. Realistic have a couple of these in their stable, and as a result of giving their time and effort to them, they do a good job. The whole point of these kinds of slots are to replicate the experience of playing the physical slot, but does that make it out of place online?

Jackpot Cherries does have a couple of extras which make it a little more interesting than many of these clones usually are. Presented over the very basic form of three reels and a once standard one payline, this slot gives the player a limited range in which to win, but as we know it’s not about the amount of paylines, but the variance and RTP of the games that count.

Initially it might be confusing for players to find out that the one payline there is appears at the bottom of the three reels, a little odd we thought, as well as being necessary and generally perplexing. Get a line of three across the centre and we challenge you not to have at least a few seconds of disappointment when it doesn’t respond.

Symbols-wise, it’s super simple. There are cherries (surprise, surprise) and jackpots. Cherries pay 5x your stake and the jackpot pays 25x your stake. The reels also have another filler symbol, the ‘O’, which pays out sweet FA (that means nothing, for the non-brits).

The basic bonuses should be oh so familiar

The nudges are the key to this game, as anyone used to classic fruit machines will know. Many a Friday night has been paid for by a well-timed nudge on a cash filled fruity about to pop. Here the nudges will allow you to literally ‘nudge’ the reels after a spin, to form a win - the nudge always (and always has traditionally) moved the reel downwards. As in real-life, nudges are awarded at random, and unlike some slot machines in the flesh, here there are so few symbols that a nudge coming along almost guarantees a win. They always come on non-winning spins only.

The quirk with this game is that they always come in threes, and you must use them all. This takes the tactical play out of your hands a little, and makes the probability a little lower, but there is still a good chance of getting a winning line. There is an auto-nudge feature that can take the stress out of this, it will also assist if it feels you are not coping so well on your own.

Hold After Nudge
The slot may offer you the opportunity to ‘Hold the Nudge’, a feature that is that only in name, as in reality it simply spins the reels once more but guaranteeing a win. In our opinion and odd addition, but welcome.

Hold After Win
Another randomly offered feature that holds the winning positions automatically for another similar win. The great thing about this feature is that it can happen nine times in a row without costing you a single credit.

Bitcasino overview
Yes Jackpot Cherries is basic, yes it’s dated and yeah the soundtrack is non-existent to torturous. But. There is action to be had here, and there is money to win, and win it you will. Along with the wonderful memories it may bring back, this slot will keep you entertained for an evening and may even reward your dedicated bigtime.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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Jackpot Cherries will take you right back to beautiful basics
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