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    Is the Glam Life still a thing in 2019?

    Is the Glam Life still a thing in 2019?


    This slot takes us back to the eighties, when cash was king and the more you could flash the better. Betsoft’s latest offering, Glam Life, shows you what life could be like if you play their game. In reality, hard work is the only thing that will get you these things, or owning an online casino. Oh, what sweet irony.

    Presented over the standard 5 x 3 setup with 25 paylines, this slot is set at the gates of a mansion that only billionaire can afford, it appears it’s private property too, so you can look but you can’t touch - stay classy, Betsoft.

    Gotta get the status symbols right
    High value symbols give this slot a good chance to roll out the tired stereotypes of a luxury lifestyle, including a yacht, a Rolls Royce, a diamond ring, a natty watch, a mobile phone, champagne on ice and wod of credit cards (you see, 1980s).

    You won't find a wild you pleb, but there are some equally tasty bonus icons, including a mansion, a private jet, a case of jewels and a bottle of fine cologne.

    It’s all about the bonuses

    Travel Around The World Bonus
    Triggered when you get three or more mansion symbols on an active payline; you’ll be shown a selection of global landmarks, you just have to pick three. Each one picked will win you a cash prize.

    Free Spins
    Get three or more jet symbols on an active payline to trigger this one and you‘ll get then following prizes: three jets will get you two free spins, four jets will get you three free spins and five jets will get you five free spins.

    Match Bonus
    This bonus is quite decent and is triggered by getting  three or more perfume bottles across an active payline. Red curtains then drape over the reels revealing 15 ring boxes. You now have to select from these boxes until you find three matching rings and the corresponding prize.

    Pick Me Bonus
    Triggered by getting three or more jewellery boxes over an active payline. Simply pick one of these symbols to reveal a cash prize.

    Progressive Jackpot
    Provided you're playing at the maximum bet level, you’ll have the chance to win the progressive jackpot, and to be honest it’s the only thing worth coming here for. Lland five yacht symbols on an active payline to trigger this feature..

    Bitcasino overview
    The multitude of mini-bonus features help keep the seasoned player interested, as they can amount to quite a tidy win. They are easy to trigger and payout with decent frequency. For us though, the tacky visuals in Glam Life really let it down. They supposed to spur you on to win big, but actually have the opposite effect of making the pursuit of wealth feel vulgar and unattractive.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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