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In Depth Review: If you could pick your ultimate dead-rocker band…

In Depth Review: If you could pick your ultimate dead-rocker band…


It’s pretty much every serious music fan’s dream, to be able to pick the ultimate band on the other side. Bowie, Hendrix, Cobain, Freddie Mercury, Whitney; there are so many great musicians that have passed it, such conversations would provide hours of debate down the local pub. But let’s assume the band we want to form would be on the darker side, would it be formed of the predictable metalheads based on their carefully crafted reputations? Or those kings (or queens) of pop about whom we’re learning some disturbing things.

Thankfully the task has been taken out of our hands, the burden lifted from our shoulders. Booongo bring us Hell’s Band and they have done the dirty work, well of sorts, they just made some people up.

Presented over a 5 x 3 setup and with 20 winlines, this slot machine will get you spinning from as little as 0.20 credits. Taking you into an underworld after a makeover, the fires and eternal pain image being swept away and replaced with a fun and immersive world that you might not actually mind ending up in.

Maybe a little at odds with what religion wants us to believe, but makes for a fantastic and entertaining slot -  and come on, we’re gamblers, we’re probably all going to hell anyway. The developer has taken a chance here and it seems to have paid off through hard work, and creative flare, with an offering that breaks the tired stereotypes found in most other hell themed slots.

Times are a-changin’
There is also innovation within the gameplay. Here the two main symbols (scatter and wilds) constantly change in appearance and function with each spin, alternating through the game, thus making the overall outcome pleasantly unpredictable.

This simply serves to give the player something to further engage with, it keeps you hooked and staves off the boredom. It’s enigmatic and a perfect fit for this slot, maybe not suited to every game, but here it seems to work and improve the experience.

What we love about this it that it doesn’t seem to affect the volatility of the game, as one might expect, in fact it goes a little way to bringing an odd sense of order to the chaos. Very hell 2.0.

Difficulty levels overall do seem to raise a little, and that is something we are willing to accept, just simply because of the gains in other areas, in fact seasoned gamers will probably like this new dynamic. The securing of three scatter combinations is particularly affected, but again, not too big an issue to cry over, especially as the wins will be coming from other directions with ease.

Don’t miss out on the good stuff
Let’s take a look at the juicy bits, the stuff that will essentially get you hooked. The bonus feature within this game is of legends, and as we have documented before is a dying breed. Many developers are turning away from the bonus features, enticing people in with interactivity and immersive graphics, but Hell’s Band has both fantastic graphics and the killer bonus.

It’s common knowledge that gamers often leave empty-handed simply because they didn’t know of, or how to play, the bonus. Here the bonus gets activated by getting two matching symbols, rather than the traditional three, four or five of a kind. Now, although you might be smiling at the prospect of such an easy trigger, there is a little more to it than that.

The two matching icons will need to be placed within the wild and scatter boxes either side of the reels. After this, you graduate to a board game type of feature set close to where the band plays, the devil himself throws your dice. You have five attempts at this and need to put on as many many killer tours as you can. That’s rock and roll, baby!

Terrifyingly good wins
Take a closer look at the game and you’ll see the box to the left of the reels that acts as a carousel through a set of images, this is your portfolio of ‘achievements’. Click into it to discover the levels of achievements you must work through, five levels in all to tick off your list. Worthit, as a huge payout sits waiting at the end of this process.

Variance wise it throws the possibilities open but will affect the overall level of difficulty, adin a tarde off we think is worth it. Though get ready for a trying time, as unlocking ten bonus games on top of already having had to activate the ten games is exhausting to say the least. Make sure you have the time and budget the get there, if so sit back and enjoy the hellish ride.

A note on the soundtrack and graphics
What can we say really, if you are drawn to this game by it’s theme you’ll love the music and won’t be agt all offended by the loud and metallic slant. The only issue we might have is that the songs don’t change as much as we’d hoped, but there is a fairly decent balance.

Graphics wise it’s beautiful, and exactly what we’re hoping hell looks like. The reels and the background have a warm quality, no pun intended, and the static -like interactions across the matrix adds a tasteful nod the to the cutting-edge aspirations of the slot.

Bitcasino overview
Hell’s Band is as a real cash slot absolutely nails it, we love it and have been playing it for the last week non-stop. There’s a sweet originality that in such a crowded market is very difficult to capture, but they’ve done it here with ease. Heaps of character and a modern take on the whole devil theme, giving this genre of slot a new audience, even if the hardcore anti-horror types still probably won’t be convinced. We think this is a cult classic in the making, and would like to bet on it.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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