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    Hot Pot slot worth a shot or not?

    Hot Pot slot worth a shot or not?


    There’s no one more grumpy that a chef, and Italian one’s are no different. Get dropped into the middle of a working Italian kitchen, with colourful foods set against a backdrop of a bustling professional kitchen. Drool over pasta, onions, chilli peppers and courgettes, along with the obligatory Italian flags to remind you of where the proper food comes from - or so the Italians say.

    The game features a bonus round that actually allows you to choose the ingredients for your games, sorry dishes, from the chef’s pantry. Use your choices to go on to win cash prizes and free spins. The fantastic My Hot Pot round gives you a kind of cashback facility, allowing you to win back some previously lost bets -  nice touch, and something we think may even catch on.

    Yes, Chef! The fear of the first meeting...
    Anyone who ahs spent any time in a professional kitchen will know how scary the head chefs usually are. Fire up this slot and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with our star chef, with that imposing hat and frankly ridiculous moustache. Positioned at the right of the reels cynically stirring his pot, he’ll also be the first to praise you on your successes, just like IRL.

    Ingredients are key to the final outcome
    The wild symbol is the first special feature in this slot, it can also appear expanded, filling the reel. The wild will also substitute for a range of symbols to contribute to even bigger wins. Play the bonus game and get to choose the ingredients from the chef’s pantry for extra rewards, as mentioned above.

    During the bonus game you can bag cash prizes and a load of free spins too, a great reward feature will allow you to assist the chef’s co-workers for cashback rewards, recouping your previously lost bets. We love this feature.

    The wilds come in the form of lobster claws are wild symbols. The shell on the centre reel will award random prizes, these brings fairly large wins when the stakes are higher. Get more chances to win through up to 20 free spins with expanding symbols throughout the game.

    Bitcasino overview
    If you love you italian food then you’ll love watching the tasty morsels fly around in front of your eyes here in Hot Pot.  A range of quirky and entertaining features. Along with some punchy graphics and sound, make for a good all-rounder capable of paying when needed.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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