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Hi-Lo Gambler, here come’ the lone ranger!

Hi-Lo Gambler, here come’ the lone ranger!


This game is so different that we’ve decided to rip up the rulebook that we follow when writing these reviews. How do you force a square peg into a round hole, or teach an old dog new tricks? You don’t, you adapt, and that’s what most seasoned gamblers are going to have to do when they approach this slot.

Based around the concept often found buried within a slot game, in the form of the gamble feature. Many slots have it, often tempting hard earned wins away from eager or tried players. Hi-Lo Gambler is about guessing the value of the next card to be drawn, it’s actually a lot more fun that it seems on paper.

Keep it simple, stupid
The interface is made up of eleven panels and a deck of cards spread across the bottom of the board. You’ll find one card already waiting for you when you arrive, with the stake panel active and waiting for your next move. Increase your wager by clicking the stake button, this action will also activate a button to its left that you may use to decrease your stake.

When you’re all sorted with the betting amount that feels right, you can start with the nuts and bolts of the game. You'll need to determine what card will come up next, so can choose between nine possible wagers or outcomes using the active panels that sit either side of the board.

The choices you have include: higher or lower to the left, or a snap (equal card), and a range of wagers to the right including an ace, an ace and a king, ace jack queen and king, blacks, reds or a numbered card. Clearly to choose the odds of just an ace is a lot more valuable than the 50/50 choice of a colour or the higher probability of getting a numbered card.

When your choice is made the cards with shuffle and the random card will be chosen for you, from now on it’s a simple win or lose scenario, if you don’t make the right decision the counter resets your wins, make it right and the appropriate increase relative to odds is incremented.

The fallout
When you win a hand on this game, the wagered amount gets multiplied by the value of your card choice, this in turn determines the final win. The amount gets added to your current stake and can be used incrementally, meaning that unlike the no-mercy gamble features on some video slots, this one allows for some margin of error.

To play the next hand using the increased stake, just choose another card and wait for a new card to be dealt, then simply choose ‘save some’ rather that ‘take all’ to safeguard a certain amount. However, be warned that this is still your winnings, and if you don’t do so well you could still end up leaving the game with nothing.

Bitcasino overview
If you ever need a reality check with regards to the random nature of slots, this bad boy will provide. For some reason Hi-Lo Gamblers honesty and brutality feels crude, but it is no more brutal that the most saccharine of slots, with all of their bells and whistles. There really is nothing like a gamble feature to make you feel alive, and this one is cold, hard gambling at its finest.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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Hi-Lo Gambler, here come’ the lone ranger!
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