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How Hammer of Fortune has smashed gaming conventions for good

How Hammer of Fortune has smashed gaming conventions for good


Spec Sheet:

Maximum Win: 5,000 coins

Minimum Bet: €0.10

Maximum Bet: €100

Return to Player: 94.99%

Volatility: Medium

Free play available: Yes

What is Hammer of Fortune?

A world trapped in the balance of good and evil. 

A place where fortune unfolds and riches descend like the sands of time! 

Right. Now that we’ve set the mystical mood, here’s what you get: 

Arguably the most interactive slot ever made, Hammer of Fortune is the crown jewel of ‘new kid’ gaming provider, Green Jade Games and a guiding marker to the future possibilities of interactive gameplay.

The story unfolds when Brin, an unlikely hero, teams up with a few colourful sidekicks to vanquish the evil Gunnhild and restore peace back to the kingdom. How does he do this? Why, only with the biggest, meanest, world-shattering Hammer of Fortune, making the mighty Thor Hammer look like a soup spoon. 

In essence, we have a 6x4 reel slot with, 50 pay line combos. On desktop, the screen splits between the main grid and the story. Feel the reels spin, watch the combinations drop and witness the wins rack up. 

But, (and here’s the interesting part), experience an ongoing quest, complete with an interactive storyline, character progressions, and multi-level gameplay all at the same time. 

Why is this game unique?

Enter the age of the SKILL BALANCE POT. It works with an RNG (random number generator) that determines the win amount available for any given round played. 

If you don’t have enough smashes to align the chests, the money that should have been won will instead go into the Skill Balance Pot, this amount accumulates and any other player that cracks the code and throws down the smash will walk away with the payout. 

This interactive element makes the slot anyone’s game and allows you to take home massive payouts by succeeding where others came short. 

How do I beat the game?

The perfect strategy is to always connect loot chests. You shouldn’t ‘save’ your smashes in case the next spin(s) give a greater opportunity to connect more than 3 loot chests. So keep smashing and crashing and see what you come away with

So, How do you play it?

Hit 3 - 6 of the same symbols on a win line and you’re in the money!

It takes between 50-75 spins to complete each chapter, and yes, there are multiple chapters and quests. In fact, Hammer of Fortune is the ‘first of its kind’ slot game that you can actually finish

Most Valuable Symbols

This is the highest value in the game.

3-6x Hammer symbols get you the hands-down biggest payouts.


3-6x identical blacksmith tools are next.

Most to least valuable:

  • Anvil
  • Forge
  • Pliers


Then, you get a set of 3-6x identical metals/gems.

Most to least valuable:

  • Emeralds
  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Bars


After that, wood and coal will stoke fortunes fire. 

3-6x in a row is what you are going for.

Most to least valuable:

  • Coal
  • Wood


Born to be Wild

Of course, any game worth its weight in gold has a Wild Symbol to uncover.

This precious locket substitutes any game symbol, helping you achieve winning combinations. 

It can show up on any reel, at any time. 

So, brace yourself! 

Some of the biggest action can come crashing down when you least expect it.

So, just how does the Hammer work?

Let’s walk this shiny new feature through for just a second.

  1. As you play, the Hammer (to the left of the screen) charges up. 
  2. The more you spin, the more energy collects in the Hammer’s handle. 
  3. As the Hammer’s 5 bars charge up, you can use them, one by one to bring down the fury!

All this power and nothing to break? 

Loot Box Smash Down 


Now that you’re charged up and ready for action, its time to go to war with the ultimate Hammer of Fortune. 

Any 3x Treasure Chests on adjacent reels, (but not directly next to each other) are open game for using the Hammers Smash Feature.

Each of the 5 notches on the hammers handle is good for smashing 1 symbol.

You can smash down at any time and, once you energise the entire handle, the Hammer can break a max 5 symbols in an attempt to get the all-important ‘3x chests in a row’ combination.

This is where your Hammering skills come in handy.

The win is not set in stone. 

You will need to use strategy and technique to ensure the boxes land where you need them to.

So, best of luck to you and remember, 

Fortune Favours the Bold!

Words by: Geoff Kukard


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