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    Golden Stripe is Majestic!

    Golden Stripe is Majestic!


    Meet the majestic animals of China as they help you win big in this slot game. Play this interestingly unique slot game and get a chance to receive big payouts.

    Golden Stripe is a remarkable slot game that has very unique gameplay. This game is the definition of simplicity. What takes this apart from all the other slot games in the market is the fact that it only has one reel and one payline. That does not mean that it is not a fun game to play.

    What’s surprisingly good about Golden Stripe is that every spin you land on a character is unexpected. It has a progressive win mechanic, so your payout can always increase. You’ll never know what you can get and how much you can win because any of the symbols can appear.

    It’s easy to win in this slot game. You just have to land any of the animals to get a win. Every time you land a golden symbol, you will progress and gain a bigger possible payout. If you don’t win, that is when the paytable is automatically reset to 1. 

    You will have a few adorable friends that will help you win big. You can see the tiger, panda, turtle, frog and koi fishes with their possible payouts on the side of the reels. The highest paying one is the Tiger with the potential to give you 15,000 coins at most. 

    Golden Stripe is a unique kind of slot game that is hard to find. The simplicity found on its distinctive reel really make this slot game remarkably memorable. You will keep coming back just because it's rare you see such a surprisingly simple game.

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