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    Get ready for a splash of fast cash

    Get ready for a splash of fast cash


    Here the action takes place in the depths of the ocean. An array of friendly little colourful fish has banded together to assist you with your quest to win a shit-tonne of cash. Splashtastic! From Realistic Games brings a host of quirky features to the table, all wrapped up in a cute and attractive underwater theme. 

    Presented over just three reels with a retro amount of five paylines, this slot is a classic look at video slot gaming, and how it can be just as lucrative as the bells and whistles of the cutting-edge games. The graphics, however, don’t necessarily give away its retro format. Our fishy friends hang out in shallow waters, chilling on the seabed; shells, glass objects and lifebuoys set the marine scene.

    A basic yet bright theme
    Looking at the symbols that appear in the game include a lifebuoy and six fish of various hues. You’ll find purple, striped orange, striped yellow, blue, yellow and green tiddlers on the reels. You won’t find a wild though, as in this game there isn’t one. 

    Seasoned gamers won’t be surprised due to the retro format, but those brought up on a diet of modern video slots may be disappointed. The wild is replaced in part by a special pearl bonus. 

    What the bonuses bring

    Free Spins
    Trigger free spins getting a combination across an active payline, with the pearl on reel two and fish in white boxes on reels one and three. For some reason they present the fish on white backgrounds, making them look more like food than alive and kicking. Weird.

    Once into the free spins feature, you’ll get 10 free spins and a multiplier of 2x your stake. The most attractive rewards during this round will come from getting the pearl anywhere on reel two, this will double your current pot of cash in an instant. Free spins can’t be retrigger whist the round play like on most games, but the overall wins can push higher than usual, balancing it out.

    Bitcasino overview
    There’s no doubt that Splashtastic is limited in its appeal. Basic slots often are, but most of the time they make up for it with a decent RTP and variance. The RTP here is 95.25%, and that’s quite a hefty house advantage, even if the game pays quite regularly things will always even out. Maybe one for the newbies.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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