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Fishing God game review: Reel in treasures worth 888x your bet

Fishing God game review: Reel in treasures worth 888x your bet

Fishing God game review: Reel in treasures worth 888x your bet

Fri Nov 25 2022 07:11:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Maximum Win

888x your stake

Minimum Bet

0.01 USDT

Maximum Bet





Medium volatility

Free Play Available


Ready for the challenge that lies ahead? Embark on a divine fishing expedition in Fishing God slot to the land of the marine gods, wherein you stand to gain up to 888x your stake. Know more about how the game works and what you can win from this fish-shooting gambling game in this Fishing God slot review.

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Here, you'll find an array of marine creatures with payouts ranging from 2x to 888x your wager. What are you waiting for? Find the answers to all your answers about this Spadegaming slot, like what skill games are and how to play them, in this Fishing God game review.

Fishing God review: What is Fishing God fish shooting game?

From Spadegaming, Fishing God is a skill-based fish shooting arcade game where your objective is to shoot sea creatures to earn payouts. You control your gun and decide when to shoot, which costs your chosen bet.

Unlike most slot reels, the Fishing God slot does not feature any paylines and reels. Instead, it has an open space where rewarding marine creatures swim freely. To win their corresponding payouts and bonuses, successfully shoot them down with your gun. 

The game is a mix of luck and skill, meaning there's a way for you to turn the tides in your favour with the right strategies. For one, you can employ tactical shooting strategies to make the most of every bullet. Learn more ways to win the game in this Fishing God slot machine review.


How does the Fishing God crypto game work?

Instead of spinning the reels and landing winning combinations, you'll be targeting schools of fish and other aquatic creatures on the screen to earn payouts in this fish-shooting casino game. Take matters into your own hands and win prizes.

But before you play the Fishing God slot, review the details below on how the game works first:


The Fishing God game RTP available stands at 97%, which is higher than most slot games you’ll find today. So with this Spadegaming skill game, not only will you enjoy a new kind of gaming but also win all sorts of prizes in a different way.

Game levels or tiers

The game has three levels with varying bet and payout ranges. The higher the bet range, the higher the maximum payouts. 

Choose from the following options before playing:

  1. Junior - Bets are between 0.01 USDT to 0.5 USDT
  2. Expert - Bets are between 0.1 USDT to 5 USDT
  3. Godlike - Bets are between 1 USDT to 10 USDT.

Multiplayer mode

Fishing God is a multiplayer skill game, meaning you'll be playing with other casino players on the battlefield. You can team up with them to bring down big creatures and earn a share of the profits. The decision and wagers of the other players won't affect the payouts you earn. 

Fun mode

Unfortunately, the Fishing God demo mode is not supported by Spadegaming. If you want to test the waters first without spending big, you can opt for the Junior tier, the game's lowest level, and spend at least 0.01 USDT.

Fishing War payouts

Every time you successfully take down a symbol, its corresponding payout multiplier will be multiplied by your bet. This will then be your final payout. 

In Fishing God, your payout depends on the fish you shoot and the tier level you choose. The higher the level, the more fishes with bigger payout multipliers appear on the screen.

Aside from this, the payouts depend on how much you have contributed to killing them. Bigger rewards are yours for the taking if you've been firing at the creature longer than the other players.

How to play Fishing God slot

You don't have to be a genius to play the Fishing God skill game. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the game level you want. This depends on the bet amount you want to place. 
  2. After that, your balance and weapon will appear on the screen. Check out first the payouts for the symbols (sea creatures) to know which fishes have the highest payouts.
  3. Place your target on the sea creature you want to take down and shoot it until it reveals a payout. You have control over which creatures to target on the screen to zero in on aquatic animals with the highest payout. 

How to win Fishing God slot

There's no need to acquire the immense skill to win massive payouts on Fishing God. You must target the sea creatures you want to take down and shoot them off to earn sweet payouts to your bankroll. 

However, it's best to strategise which fish symbols to take down on the battlefield so you wouldn't waste your ammunition and wagers. The general rule is the bigger the symbol, the bigger the payout, so it's best to target these with your weapon and ignore smaller fish. 

Fishing God game features and payouts

Be on the lookout for aquatic animals that serve as the game's symbols and fight them to the death to earn massive payouts. You can also target special symbols to activate their respective features and earn larger payouts. 

Find out the game's regular symbols and their respective payouts in the table below:

Paying Symbols

The Bronze Dragon is the highest-paying symbol of the game. Shooting it down rewards you with 60x to 888x your wager.

The Gold Whale symbol pays out 60x to 200x your wager.

The Black Whale symbol pays out 50x to 100x your wager.

The Gold Shark symbol pays out 50x to 100x your wager.

The Gold Puffer Fish symbol pays out 40x to 90x your wager.

The Gold Angelfish symbol pays out 40x to 80x your wager.

The Gold Clownfish symbol pays out 40x to 80x your wager. 

The Shark Symbol pays out 30x to 70x your wager.

The Puffed Puffer Fish symbol pays out 50x your wager.

The Large Angelfish symbol pays out 40x your wager.

The Large Clownfish symbol pays out 30x your wager.

The Stingray symbol pays out 25x your wager. 

The Sawfish symbol pays out 20x your wager.

The Turtle symbol pays out 18x your wager.

The Anglerfish symbol pays out 15x your wager.

The Jellyfish symbol pays out 12x your wager.

The Octopus symbol pays out 10x your wager.

The Swordfish symbol pays out 9x your wager.

The Lobster symbol pays out 8x your wager.

The Sunfish symbol pays out 7x your wager.

The Lionfish symbol pays out 6x your wager. 

The Puffer Fish symbol pays out 5x your wager.

The Small Angelfish symbol pays out 4x your wager.

The Small Clownfish symbol pays out 3x your wager.

The Flying Fish symbol pays out 2x your wager.

Acquire bigger wins with special symbols

Reap bigger rewards with the Fishing God crypto game's special symbols. When shot down, these activate bonus features where you can rack up rewards from the battlefield. Check out the table below for the special symbols and their respective payouts:

Paying Symbols

The Dragon King’s Treasure randomly appears on the reels and players can work together to grab the treasures and win the lucky bonus. 

You can receive a grand reward between 10x to 300x your stake from the Dragon King. 

Unveil the Golden Fortune Bag by shooting at it and win a grand prize of up to 200x your wager. Players can choose one bag from the treasure chest to gain rewards.

With the Firestorm, a rapid fire cannon will be armed with 60 to 100 bullets. The mode will end after all the bullets have been fired.

The Flash Jelly Fish can strike fishes randomly across the pool and reward players of up to 120x your wager. 

Catch the Wheel Crab and trigger a wheel spin with multipliers to win up to 300x your wager. 

The Bomb Crab can explode and capture fishes within the explosion area once triggered. It can also reward players of up to 120x your wager.

The Drill Crab and its cannon can capture fishes along the launch trail across the pool before it explodes. It also rewards players with 120x your wager.

The Laser Crab can fire a straight laser across the pool and capture fishes caught by the light. This also rewards players with up to 120x your wager.

Fishing God Spadegaming: Dive deep into the ocean for treasures.

The Fishing War is upon us and it’s time for a champion like you to shine on the battlefield. Play Fishing God game and reap aquatic treasures hidden deep under the ocean floor. Become the ultimate Pirate King and catch the bronze dragon for rewards worth up to 888x your wager.

Fishing God slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Spadegaming’s Fishing God?

Fishing God has an RTP of 97%, which is higher than most slot games.

What is the volatility of casino slot Fishing God?

The volatility of Fishing God is medium. 

What is the max win available for casino slot Fishing God?

The maximum payout is set at 888x your stake. 

What are the minimum and maximum bets of casino slot Fishing God?

For Fishing God, the bets are between the minimum amount of 0.01 USDT and the maximum amount of 10 USDT.

Words by: Sunday Carreon

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Fishing God game review: Reel in treasures worth 888x your bet