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    Extra Wild, extra wins?

    Extra Wild, extra wins?


    Extra Wild slot is the nuts and bolts of the slot game packaged into a generic, template-like offering, with a generic template-like name. And it’s not a criticism, really it’s not. Too many slots are just padded out rubbish, a weak game built around a theme for the sake of pulling in sentimental crowds. Blueprint Gaming are onto something here, because after all, what does anyone play a slot for other than to win money?

    Presented over a classic 5 x 3 setup with a limited 10 paylines, this slot keeps things very simple. Get three matching symbols on a payline and win; simple. It’s a no-holds-barred, basic working slot, but it can surprise too.

    The look and feel of the slot
    Reels are trimmed with gold, to hint at the treasures to be found within, but as you might expect the opulence ends abruptly there. High value symbols are pretty generic, we suspect the result of a Google Image search for ‘high value slot symbols’. You’ll find a range of coloured gems - blue, light blue and red, a bag of diamonds, a ruby ring, a gold locket, a tower of gold coins and a gold timepiece.

    The wild comes in the form of a gold safe (surprise, surprise) and will act as a substitute for all other symbols to form wins across the reels, no exceptions here as there are no actual scatters in this game.

    We do love a good wild multiplier
    Despite the name, extra features are few and far between. There is however, a nice little featurette built around a wild multiplier. Every wild symbol in the game comes with a value, this will multiply any wins that a particular wild contributed to.

    Wins can be formed both ways, left to right and right to left, so it goes without saying that there is a great advantage in having a wild able to participate. A wild can also appear on the middle reel separate from the win, when this happens a ‘scatter style’ payout is awarded.

    A nice touch with Extra Wild comes when two adjacent slots on any reels combine to bring extra rewards, often this will be something akin to free spins, but just not called that. This is not typical in the slot world, so proves there is one special thing about this no-frills game.

    Bitcasino overview
    So, ok, let’s be kind here. Extra Wild plays well, it has a nice quirky featurette, some favourable mechanics and a simple clean interface. Those multi-directional paylines keep bringing the wins - no matter how small they might be they still come. In fact, although the wins might not be enough to walk away with, they are often enough to keep you in the game, and in truth, losing has proven to be quite difficult (if not impossible) so far for us. Big wins do seem out of reach at times, but they can happen.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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