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    Early-era gaming with Bully4U

    Early-era gaming with Bully4U


    Bully4U is a super easy three-reel, five-line archery-themed slot powered by Realistic Games. Similar all three-reelers, Bully4U awards wins for matching combinations of three sequential symbols, from left to right, on any active payline.

    How to play Bully4U
    Bully4U is ideal for both rookies and established players. By pressing the up and down arrows, players can amend the coin values, with debts as low as 0.25 or more higher towards 25. in the retro style machine housing at the bottom of the screen.

    Should players not want to have any interruptions they can hit the AutoPlay button where they can set the number of uninterrupted spins to either ten, twenty-five, fifty, one hundred or as many as five-hundred! Alternatively, players can set their AutoPlay mode settings when they reach credit wins of 125, 250, 500, 1,250 or 2,500.

    The three x three reel grid is set against an archery board backdrop, with archery board concentric circles in multiple colours and three arrows inserted into the board.

    Players don’t need to be archery experts to operate Bully4U; The title, which takes place on a standard three x three grid, is a throwback to an earlier era of the first ever casino slots, distinguished by bells, BARs and various fruit from cherries to lemons and so on.

    To keep in line with the game's retro theme, it doesn't even have any music - the only audios are the clicking of the reels as they come to a halt. Nevertheless, Bully4U has enough gameplay for both beginners and hardcore gamers to benefit from both fan and prizes.

    As mentioned the old-fashioned game has retro icons similar to the very first casino slot games. Symbols include grapes, watermelons, plums, lemons, cherries, oranges, some bars, double red sevens and of course bells. The red sevens are the most valuable and earn players one hundred times their betting stake should players land three on any active payline.

    In Bully4U, players will notice that unlike modern video slot games, there are no bonus or wild icons within the game.

    Bonus Features of Bully4U
    Despite the game's straightforwardness, there is a small bonus round that players can take advantage of. For players to play the Full House Bonus, they will need the symbol lands in the centre position on the second reel and are surrounded by either matching icons. All those surrounding the central symbol will now transform into that centre icon, and players will receive a handsome payout with a screen full of matching symbols.

    Bully4U isn’t for all. Concerning how congested the online gaming market is these days, with newer and more intricate video game slots appearing each day, it’s challenging for retro games to really stand a chance of success.

    Bully4U is a stable three-reeler with a tidy little bonus feature, but it’s tough to ignore the lack of wild and scatter symbols (and the plethora of free spins they both usually provide). If players are particularly fond of three-reelers and are impressed by the retro symbols of an earlier era, then they should definitely give this game a punt.

    Words: David Bailey-Lauring
    Images: Bitcasino

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