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    Get Your Lance and Sword Ready for an Epic Battle! “Age of Dragons” Slot Review

    Get Your Lance and Sword Ready for an Epic Battle! “Age of Dragons” Slot Review


    The terrible fire-breathing drake is ready to fight! Its teeth are swords, its wings are the hurricane, and its treasure is beyond your wildest dreams! This is a review of the "Age of Dragons" video slot by Calamba Games.

    The Wyrm

    Dragons are wonderful legendary creatures. For hundreds of years, they have been an inspiration for multiple tales, poetry, music, films, and, recently, video games.

    In the western culture, dragons became especially popular during the High Middle Ages. The flying, fire-breathing, malicious beast is a traditional adversary of a knight-errant, especially because the dragons are very fond of kidnapping beautiful princesses and hoarding immense amounts of gold. Both the princess and the treasure can be won by a brave and skilled warrior, but the battle with a dragon is not a laughing matter – dragons are not only powerful, but also very intelligent, and often have magic powers.

    The Game

    Age of Dragons” is a 5-reel video slot with a 3-4-3-4-3 line structure, 40 paylines that pay from left to right, and an RTP of 96,76%.

    The lower-paying symbols are the six gems in a golden setting that pay from 0.25 EUR for three in a row to 2.50 EUR for five in a row.

    The higher-paying symbols are the Knight (10 EUR for 5 symbols), the Princess (10 EUR for 5 symbols), the Queen (12.50 EUR for 5 symbols), and the King (12.50 EUR for 5 symbols). The Wild symbol pays 50 EUR for 5 symbols in a row.

    The Wild and Wild Column symbols can substitute for any other symbol except for the Bonus, the Extra Spins Bonus, and the Wild Collection ones. The Wild Collection bonus symbol is a golden emblem with the image of a dragon and a red gem. It can replace any other symbol on the reels except for the Bonus and the Extra Spins ones.

    The maximum jackpot that you can wrestle from the clutches of the mighty beast is 2000x your bet.

    Free Spins Bonus Game

    The Free Spins bonus game is triggered when the three black dragons (Bonus symbols) roar on your reels. You will then be awarded 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier. Look out for the awesome Iron Dragon – this special symbol grants you an extra free spin.

    Wild Column Feature

    This awesome extra feature is triggered when three Wild Collection Icons land in a single column. Once it happens, every other position in the column will be transformed into a Wild symbol. The resulting Wild Column will stay in place until there are no more Wild Collection Icons available.

    Your task is to collect a Wild Collection Icon for every Wild Collection symbol. As you do so, the red gems come off the Wild Collection symbols and are placed in the special golden slots on top of the column.

    Once you have got three Wild Collection Icon for a particular column, this column will turn into a Full Wild Column for the duration of the current spin and all the free spins that still remain.


    Age of Dragons” is certainly an interesting slot to try your hand at. The layout is not that of a traditional video slot, but not too complicated, so that even a beginner player will not be lost. The visuals are of high quality, especially, the awe-inspiring, powerful dragons, and the overall style of the slot brings to mind the armor and emblems shown in the Game of Thrones.

    The best part of this dynamic game is, of course, the Free Spins bonus games. There are two Free Spins game variations, both occurring sufficiently often, both easy to comprehend, and both offering a high chance of reward.

    In Bitcasino, you can play this video slot using BTC, ETH or SOC to bet, both on mobile and desktop devices, in the same excellent quality.

    Words: Jelena Schmidt

    Images: Shutterstock

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