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Do big bet slots carry better winning odds?

Do big bet slots carry better winning odds?


The more you stake on slots, the more you will win if you can reveal a combination of matching symbols on an active payline.

That much is true, though the randomness and unpredictability of slots does not mean that you can accurately predict how your gaming will go. That’s the excitement and anticipation that these games bring!

There is a theory that by playing so-called “big bet” slots – i.e. those where the coin denominations are typically higher than penny or traditional slots – you can also win more.

Believe it or not, there is an element of truth to that, though players need to understand how this differentiation is calculated.

All slot games have a Return to Player (RTP) percentage, and this essentially guides players in understanding how frequently a slot pays out a win. For example, if you played one game with a 96% RTP an infinite number of times, and a 90% RTP game until the end of time, you would win more often with the former than the latter.

However, this does not mean that in any given session of gaming the same will be true.

There is nothing that you can do to change this RTP, or your odds of winning, but there are ways that you can identify slots that will suit your needs – and we’ve got a huge selection to suit everyone right here at Bitcasino if you want to find the one for you.

No money-back guarantee

Before we can get into the mechanics of the odds that standard and big bet slots offer, we must first understand more about the RTP of each title.

Think about it: if an RTP is 90%, then theoretically we know what we will win. If we wager £100, then we will return an average of £90. If we wager £1,000, then we will win £900.

Of course, we know that’s not true in reality as all slot sessions are different – sometimes we will win more, sometimes we will lose more.

However, as you can see from the maths, with a flat-paying RTP, there is no advantage to staking big bets as the win percentage remains the same.

Every single slot game has an RTP, and it does pay to do your research on these before deciding which one you want to play.

However, remember that these numbers are only a guide as to how productive you can expect your gaming to be.

What are the chances?

All slot software developers, including the likes of Evolution, Betsoft and Booming Games that we have partnered with here at Bitcasino, set the odds in place using a Random Number Generator, a handy tool that ensures that all slots are fair and completely random at all times.

How are these odds calculated? Well, it all depends on the unique setup of the game. From the number of reels and symbols that are active to the number of paylines that you choose to use, your probability of winning will differ from slot to slot.

If we think about it logically, more paylines means more opportunities to win, while more reels will also mean that more symbols are in play.

Of course, the payoff is that the more paylines that are in play, the higher your “bet per line” will be.

These associated odds are what feed into the term “variance”, which explains how often a slot pays out. Slots of low variance tend to pay out smaller amounts more frequently, while high variance games may serve up lengthy losing spells for the lure of a big jackpot prize somewhere down the line.

Are the odds greater in big bet slots?

There is a grain of truth to that question. Higher denomination games – i.e. those where you have to stake more per line – tend to serve up greater payback rates than lower denomination versions.

Simply put, games that require a £1 basic bet pay more in prizes than their £0.25 counterparts, and so on. This isn’t always the case, but as a general rule, it holds water.

However, one thing that punters shouldn’t be tempted to do is plough more of their bankroll into big bet games. Losses are still losses, and these can mount up in big bet games even when conditions are more in your favour.

Here’s some more maths: if you bet £5 per spin on a 90% RTP game, then you are essentially losing £0.50 per turn, if we look at it from a theoretical perspective. Bet £20 per spin at the same terms, and you lose £2 per turn.

Keep things in perspective

That said, there are slot games here at Bitcasino where the payouts are disproportionate based on the stake size. In this case, the more you bet, the more you will be paid out if you do land a winning combination of symbols.

You can see this information listed in the paytable, which all slots have somewhere on the gamescreen. For example, a one-coin bet may yield a 500-coin jackpot, which then becomes 1,000 coins based on a two-coin stake, and so on.

The key here is that the jackpot will rise disproportionately, so a five-coin stake, for instance, might yield a jackpot of 5,000 coins, rather than the “doubling up” proportions of lower bets.

In this instance, big bets yield greater returns at the top level, but your odds of scooping the jackpot prize do not change regardless of how much you wager.

If you enjoy playing progressive jackpot slots, then this is an important point to keep in mind. There may be a minimum stake required to qualify for the jackpot, but this does not necessarily mean that you have any better chance of winning the jackpot if you choose to bet above and beyond this minimum requirement.

A question of randomness

Remember, all slots are governed by their built-in Random Number Generator, and so there is nothing you can do to change your odds of winning.

These are fixed in place based on parameters such as the number of reels, symbols and paylines – for the layperson, they are represented by the RTP rate.

As far as payouts go, you can maximise your chances of winning bigger payouts by playing slots with prize ladders that don’t ascend on an even scale – e.g. the bigger your bet, the more you win.

However, remember that the more you stake, the more expensive each losing turn will be.

The secret for those seeking big bets is to find the right balance between wagering the amount you want to without demolishing your bankroll in a single session.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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