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    Crazy Lab: It’s Alive!

    Crazy Lab: It’s Alive!


    Raise payouts along with some dead bodies by mixing vials of your crazy bonuses now in casino slot Crazy Lab! 

    Crazy Lab: Horrors Inside the Mad Scientist‘s Lair

    Every mad scientist needs the proper lair for his crazy experiments and the Doctor of casino slot Crazy Lab knows this. Inside the lab, you will see bottles of boiling chemicals and evil machines that will send chills down your spine in a fun way. 

    If you’ll roam around the lair, you will also meet the Doctor’s creepy but adorkable companions such as the loyal lab assistant, Frankenstein’s Monster, Bride of Frankenstein, cute robot and a tiny mouse. These charming freaks move every time you form a set giving them a sense of individuality that makes them more alive or in this case—more undead. 

    The scary monsters of Crazy Lab slot is backed by ominous sounds of bubbling chemicals and wire sparks that will electrify you. These sound effects are accompanied by a mysterious musical score provided by accordions, trumpets and bass drums. 

    Crazy Lab: Mix it Up! 

    Casino slot Crazy Lab is a 5-reel slot with 20 paylines. It features a variety of boosts such as free spins, expanding wild symbols, Frank’s Prize bonus and an It’s Alive feature that will certainly raise corpses and payouts. 

    The free spins of Crazy Lab slot can be triggered by hitting at least 3 scatter symbols. You can have a maximum of 20 free spins by scoring 5 scatters. 

    The expanding wild symbol can be triggered by landing a wild symbol on the 2nd or 4th reel. The expanding symbol will fully cover the reels securing easy payouts.

    The Frank’s Prize bonus can be activated by hitting at least 3 Frank’s Prize symbols. Triggering the bonus will let you pick a prize that depends on your bet. 

    The It’s Alive feature of casino slot Crazy Lab can be triggered randomly every spin. This boost lets you pick a prize that can reach up to 12x your total bet.

    Crazy Lab: An Evil Experiment Gone Good 

    You will certainly laugh like a mad scientist with every spin of Crazy Lab slot. The Doctor’s mad mix of free spins, expanding wild symbols, Frank’s Prize bonus and an It’s Alive feature alone will certainly make you visit this lab no matter how creepy it is. 

    Take your latest experiment in the Annual Fright Night Festival. Groom the freak and be the Hallowinner of the Best Monster Creation award.

    Explore genres and worlds of games here at Bitcasino!

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